Cara -Two Year Update

Posted By: anniej

Cara -Two Year Update - 05/04/15 08:21 AM

I have just passed the second anniversary of Chama's passing over to Rainbow Bridge. I adopted Cara pretty soon after with the hope that out off the pain off loss , healing for both off us would occur. While not a day goes by when I don't miss my wild child Chansa I feel incredibly blessed to have gentle, loving Cara in my life.

This year has seen more changes in her life - she has left daycare and I have managed to change me timetable so I can give her a morning and lunchtime walk. She has made friends with a lovely new dog walker who adores her - and she takes her out late afternoon. A year ago I don't think she could have copped with the 3-4 hours being left alone. Off lead she has improved 100% and I now trust her to come back in most situations. She has developed a deep and passionate love for chasing tennis balls - I had to teach her not to guard her toys from me and the world but once we cracked that we moved forward really quickly. Daycare was brilliant for teaching her how to behave around other dogs - she will greet all dogs with a polite sniff - not interested in the slightest if her tennis ball is present. The exception is the Ridgeback I look after at work and who comes on a morning walk with us.

So all in all a pretty good second year - watching Cara learning to trust ( its ok to let go off my tennis ball I will get it back) and enjoy life continues to bring great joy into my life - now if only I could get her to stop waking me up at 5.30am on the weekends!
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/04/15 12:16 PM

Sounds like she is doing very well with you. She needed you more than you needed her I think. smile
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/04/15 01:05 PM

Thank you for the update, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm glad things are going well for everyone smile
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/10/15 06:50 PM

Thanks for the update. So good to hear.
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/10/15 08:55 PM

How did I miss this earlier?

So nice to see the pictures, and what a wonderful update. I know what a huge step forward it is for her to be able to be alone for awhile (jazz has not yet made that step), and it sounds like she is making great strides. You have taken such care with her Annie, such a great job, and her progress shows that. I'm glad that she has helped mend that hole that Chasma left.

Daycare has been great for jazz and her interactions with new strange dogs, I've been pleasantly surprised by the benefits. I do hope someday to "evolve" as you guys have smile

Thanks for the update, so glad it got bumped so I was able to read it. Great job you two.
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/11/15 07:58 PM

Thanks everyone - I think its good to post updates - often you read off dogs being rescued and you get a few posts for a while - then nothing - which kind off frustrates my curiosity I guess. Also I thought that it would be good for people who are thinking off rescuing to read a positive story. I know every dog is different but I hope Cara's story will show that there is light at the end of the tunnel - when I think back to how she would do the full on wolf howl when I left ( I would drive around the block and past my house again and she would still be howling:-) for work I realise how far we have come. Daycare was brilliant for her and while I had some issues with them towards the end I am incredibly grateful for the socialisation they provided to Cara, not to mention exhausting her so that she was too tired to stress.

Lisa, I am sure Jazz will be able to be left - it does take time and I think that you just have to trust that you will know when you can start working on it. Also Cara does not have the health issues that Jazz has and I know from Chamsa that effects them greatly.

Well, no doubt the next year will bring its usual changes and challenges - so watch out for the 2016 update :-)
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/12/15 05:25 PM

Originally Posted By: anniej
I think its good to post updates - often you read off dogs being rescued and you get a few posts for a while - then nothing - which kind off frustrates my curiosity I guess.

Maybe we should start a thread for stories about our rescues? Basia just keeps getting better and better... almost four years and my little grumpy pants is starting to turn into a snuggly happy pants :-P
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Re: Cara -Two Year Update - 05/13/15 02:23 PM

That's a good idea - I for one love reading about the ups and downs of the rescue journey - glad Basia has shed his grumpy pants :-)
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