Harnesses and Boots

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Harnesses and Boots - 02/21/10 08:24 AM

Help Them Walk, a variety of products
(Boots, harnesses, wheelchairs, etc.);string=harness

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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 02/21/10 03:36 PM

Thank you so much - great idea to post these!

Feli used two of these harnesses, and I have a question:

Feli's neurologist suggested the Hartmann harness to help her with her herniated discs. It's obviously great for a dog like Feli whose back shouldn't have been arched as her disc problems where in the middle of her back.
I was never able to make it work though, and felt and still feel quite stupid. The strap along the back, when fitted well for her to walk comfortably, became confining and too short when she was lying down. But then when it was fitted to give her enough room when she was lying down, it became too loose when she got up as then the back part of the harness slid down her croupe. It MUST be possible to make it work. Was anyone ever able to figure it out?

I ended up carrying her up and down the stairs and lifting her into the car instead. My vet showed me how to do it best for her back, putting my arms like forklifts underneath her, and my hands holding her in place.

And towards the end, I used the Ruff Wear harness (listed on top of Lisa's list) to be able to steady her instantly when she stumbled while walking.

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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 02/22/10 06:54 AM

I don't know of anyone that has used the Hartman Harness, I've always wondered if the straps around the hind legs wouldn't "cut" into the body.

What you are saying about that long strap along the back makes complete sense, that the lengths for laying vs sitting would be different.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 05/11/10 12:39 AM

New harness from Ruffwear. I like this one because it loops around the front legs to provide even more support.

It's made for climbers, so it's engineered so that we can lift the dog up with it, entirely. This would be great after an orthopedic surgery as well.

Check out this video:
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 05/12/10 10:07 PM

thanks for sharing!
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/09/10 11:43 PM

Has anyone used the HelpEmUp? We need the rear support for Star and now need something more than the sling we've been using, since she has very little use of her rear legs. I want something she can wear all the time. I never imagined how difficult it could be to lift the rear of a 70 lb. dog with dead weight. frown
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/10/10 01:47 AM

I used the Help-Em-Up harness for Rica and generally liked it. It was easy for me to give her rear end support with the back strap. The one negative about it was that the straps would loosen a bit over time, but it was easy enough tocorrect that.

I also had one of the slings, but never liked it because the strap was too long and made it harde for me to lift her.

Here's a picture of her in the harness.

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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/10/10 02:50 AM

Cool pic.

The only bad thing I've heard about the harness is that the fit is more difficult on a male, their "parts" seemed to get in the way. I would love to hear if anyone used it successfully with a male dog.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/10/10 03:38 AM

Thank you Johanna for the picture. It helps seeing her wear it. Rica was lovely. Did she have DM also?

We're having the same problem with the sling and the long straps. We end up tripping over each other. Plus, I'm afraid I'm hurting her belly area.

Was the Help Em Up comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time?
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/10/10 04:27 AM

Rica had severe HD and spondylosis that eventually resulted in loss of function of her rear legs. I kept the harness on most of the time, just removing it to clean periodically and for exams at the vet's. She seemed comfortable in it.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/12/10 08:53 PM

I ordered the Help Em Up today. I'll post when we get it.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/12/10 09:32 PM

I hope it works well, good luck!
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/16/10 01:35 AM

The Help Em Up is here, so far so good. Took quite a bit of adjusting and probably still have a little more to do. It's a medium and the top fits fine but the bottom is really big on her so we had to tighten up the straps almost all the way, so we have straps hanging. Have to figure out what to do about that. So glad it arrived quckly because potty time is getting very difficult.

Here it is:

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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/16/10 01:57 AM

She looks good.

Sounds like she has a body type very similar to Rica's. I used the medium for her and had to keep the back adjusted almost all the way down. I think we just let the straps hang and didn't worry about them unless they really got in the way. For me it was a godsend because I couldn't use the sling to help her up stairs, but was able to support her with this. There was no way she would have accepted sleeping downstairs when we went to bed. Going down the stairs in the morning was always an adventure!
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/16/10 02:16 AM

Thanks Johanna. And yes, I can see already how much easier stairs will be. I was having a terrible time lifting her with or without the sling. And even without help she insists on dragging herself up the stairs and I hate to think of what that's doing to her front end. She's the same as Rica about sleeping with us, and I know I would not be able to sleep if we left her downstairs and got that "look" from her.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/16/10 10:08 PM

I got the ruffwear for Max and it really helps. He does not have DM tho, just Spondo so once he is up he can stand and walk on his own. The handle is big enough for me grab with 2 hands if I need to and just pop him up into a stand.

He looks good in his red harness.

I did not think the Help Em Up would work well for a male dog.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 07/17/10 02:16 AM

LJ has both the Ruffwear and the Help Em Up harnesses. She gets the Help Em Up wet when she pees. It was a life saver when she had 2 bouts of Vestibular Disease last year. I was able to get her outside without help.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 11/18/10 03:25 PM

Booties specifically 'for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Arthritis or other clinical problems leading to paralysis of the spine' and who drag their paws:
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 11/28/10 04:08 PM

Not a harness or boot but another device that enabled my senior to keep riding in the car:
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 12/08/10 05:17 PM

Instead of boots:

Vinyl nail caps prevent injury to the nail and prevent wearing down to the quick when the dog drags the paw:

Feli's rehab vet recommended them, and they worked well. Had to replace them ca every 6 weeks. Easy to do, not expensive. When I ordered the wrong size at first, the company exchanged immediately, very helpful. The caps were developed to keep dog nails from scratching and have been re-purposed by rehab vets.

Once they are on, the dog doesn't notice them anymore. Much better than boots for that purpose.

They come in a package of 40, and a senior who drags the hind legs typically needs the two middle toes capped. So one box of 4o nail caps lasts over a year, at a cost of 20 bucks or so. Feli was very happy and comfortable with them. They come in different sizes, you cut the length to fit your dogs nails' length, and glue them. When they are worn, they can be taken off easily, and replacement caps fitted. Of course I used the clear nylon, no pink or blue nail caps on my beautiful dog (or on me)!

The nail caps work as long as the dog's paws don't knuckle over, then the upper side of the paw scrapes. Then boots (see above) are inevitable, but until then I went with the nail caps, and Feli was very happy to not have to wear boots.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 06/18/11 05:45 AM

How to make duct tape booties:
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 11/06/11 05:32 PM

Fleece leggings:
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 11/07/11 03:28 PM

No harnesses, but booties for Canadians - I had a pair for Sandi, they were great.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 11/07/11 07:25 PM

I will second Patti's booties. I used them for Dakota who had DM. Of course, I only used them on his back paws. I "reinforced" the tops with Duct tape so as the tape wore, I'd pull it off and replace it with more tape. I only used them we I would take him outside. They really seemed to help him and definitely saved the tops of his rear paws.
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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 04/18/12 12:56 PM

If your dog has pressure sores, decubital ulcer, hygroma etc on the elbows:

The dogleggs stay on because they bridge the withers, similar to a backpack.

When Feli in her last year developed a pressure sore on one elbow from favoring one side, this was the solution. Worked beautifully, and the pressure sore quickly healed.

The best thing of course to try to prevent the sores. It may not always be possible, or one gets a senior who already has elbow sores. Many dog beds do not cushion adequately at points of high pressure such as elbows. I now try the beds myself by pressuring down the tip of my hand and my elbow. And to frequently apply a nourishing ointment with Vit. E on elbow callus. I applied it before e went for a walk so it would stay on for a while without her licking it off. Feli came to me with severe callus from lying on concrete, and they healed quickly.

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Re: Harnesses and Boots - 04/18/12 01:24 PM

Thank you for posting this Sarah, if my (Vals) invention for Coopies elbows doesn't quite work this will be my next step.
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