Shy Dog Resources and Websites

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Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 04/20/10 03:38 PM


I wanted to get some good links for shy dogs. Not just ones that come up in my google search, but ones that people have looked at and thought sounded appropriate and good for a scaredy dog.

Thanks in advance.

I'll start with the Shyk9 Yahoo group:
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Re: Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 04/20/10 04:28 PM

I'll add a few book suggestions.

The Cautious Canine by Patricia McConnel

Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown

Focus not Fear by... maybe also Ali Brown?

Click to Calm by Emma Parsons

These might possibly all be ordered through vendor's websites that help with the finances for this forum.

When looking for dog classes to help your dog, ask if they have "Reactive Rover" classes, "Feisty Fido" classes, or even some Scaredy Dog seminars may be in your area. Emma Parsons does seminars here in Massachusetts (Click to Calm) as well.
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Re: Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 04/21/10 01:47 AM

Control Unleashed also has some great tips!
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Re: Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 04/24/10 02:52 AM

Fearful Dogs

Also Nicole Wilde's book Help for Your Fearful Dog is excellent!
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Re: Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 05/09/10 04:34 AM

Strong personal recommendation for: BEHAVIOR ADJUSTMENT TRAINING (BAT) FOR FEAR & AGGRESSION DVD by Grisha Stewart

at Dogwise.

(Don't let the "and aggression" part throw you. This is great for fearful/shy dogs).
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Re: Shy Dog Resources and Websites - 12/29/13 07:00 AM

Do any of the above books define and differentiate among fearful, shy, aloof and "not confident" dogs? And maybe how the average owner can tell the difference (I would imagine that the treatment can be quite different?)
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