Dancin' Woofs

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Dancin' Woofs - 08/26/18 08:26 PM

OK y'all. The before and after photos in this ad are just amazing.
Look at the transformation in the dog!
Look at the handler's costume, especially the shoes.

I am so in awe....

Description: wooo hooo!
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Re: Dancin' Woofs - 08/27/18 12:11 AM

That's funny. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Dancin' Woofs - 08/29/18 03:47 PM

"I don't always walk my dog in Heels........ But when I do I Fall Flat on my Face or Ass.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Dancin' Woofs - 08/29/18 06:05 PM

As has perhaps been noted, I have trouble enough walking without elevation...
Posted By: Sylv

Re: Dancin' Woofs - 08/31/18 01:50 PM

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