Whining handler blues

Posted By: middleofnowhere

Whining handler blues - 05/02/22 05:16 AM

I am frustrated. Nothing very new I guess. Just the pattern with that bi-color bitch that hangs out here. (that would be Barker the Younger the second). I put her in time-out (Bill Campbell's cure for butt-headedness) for a week. Didn't do the trick. All was sorta OK until we did the retrieve over the hurdle. Picked up the dumbbell and ran off with it. Got put in the house. Is in her room. Likely has snagged someone's smart phone and is hanging out with some buddies. I guess the next step is to bring a crate in and kick her sorry butt into that.

For those of you that don't know, what I'm calling Campbell's "time-out" is hard core NILIF start. The dog gets fed, watered, let out, brought in. No eye contact, nothing else. All I can figure is that she has had the run of the yard and house while being ignored and that taking away that freedom might possibly do something for her crappy attitude (which is very perky inattention, blowing me hoff, etc)

This dog is consistent in her inconsistency. I hate to think that a BH is all I'll get out of her except for some fairly decent tracking (and some crappy tracking). Her send out was great, then it went to hell when we went to a closer club, then it got built back up. She can do the hurdle, she can do the wall, she can do a nice enough retrieve. She can heel with attention, too. Will she? Not consistently.

I'm dealing with other issues which doesn't make me respond with understanding and kindness.... but rather growls and barks (me not the dog).
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Re: Whining handler blues - 05/04/22 02:12 AM

Sounds frustrating. Is she responding to the NILIF?
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Whining handler blues - 05/04/22 11:43 PM

In a word "no" or "not as hoped."

But I only tried one work session.

Running off to put dope in someone's eye...
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