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Posted By: zyp

introducing puppy - 08/17/17 11:07 PM

We lost our older female GSD, Sofie, a couple of months ago. Heart breaking to us and leaving our 10 year old male alone for the first time. Sofie was a wonderful dog trainer.

Now we have a new puppy. Standard Schnauzer.

Jack, older guy, growls at pup.

I currently have them separated by see through gate.

It's only been a couple of days.

We've made sure our old guy gets lots and lots of attention.

Jack is almost 100 lbs. Pup is only 8.5 lbs..

Any tips for getting him to accept puppy?

Been 10 years since I've had a baby.
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: introducing puppy - 08/18/17 05:35 AM

Hi Anne! My deepest compassion on the loss of your wonderful Sofie. She was a much-loved girl. Congratulations on the new schnauzer puppy! My best advice would be to lavish even more love upon Jack. He would likely really appreciate that now, with all the changes in the pack and his world. I'm wishing smoother relations between Jack and the pup in the future. Best success!
Posted By: Codmaster

Re: introducing puppy - 08/18/17 05:43 AM

how was he with little pups before loss?

Try them in neutral area not in house/yard?

get help from Pro?
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: introducing puppy - 08/18/17 08:25 PM

Here's a thought: Years ago a friend of mine was puzzled by her herd's inacceptance of the new young horse. Turns out the newby was extraordinarily dominant - he didn't need to bite or kick to assert this. He just was.

Perhaps your old guy knows this whipper-snapper is going to be the boss. Perhaps he just thinks the youngster is the wrong gender. I had a male that would not accept male puppies but begrudgingly accommodated an older female.

Yet another thought -- my dogs accept another same sex puppy once the pup is about 12 weeks - as in that is when they concede to play with the pup. This is all bitches.
Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/18/17 11:59 PM

thanks Patti.
Yes, losing Sofie was/is hard.
Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/19/17 12:02 AM

mmm.. the only pro in town came over when we first moved back here.. I called him as I wanted to continue training. Both my guys are about BH level.

When said pro saw what my dogs could do, he commented " you know more than me."

not very impressed.
Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/19/17 12:03 AM

He really hasn't been around puppies.
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: introducing puppy - 08/19/17 11:48 AM

Anne, I imagine that both people and dogs can't help comparing the new life to their lost Sofie. Having said that I know nothing about your particular issue.

I just wanted to say, based on 1 standard Schnauzer and 2 GSD, the breeds are pretty different in character, as I'm sure you know. David had a Schnauzer when we got married-and she was simply not a people dog. She was polite, greeted people, ate, excreted, and watched-but had none of the handler devotion of our GSD. OK, big generalizations from 3 dogs, for whatever good it does.

What is the new pup's name?

Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/19/17 02:32 PM

Yep. they are different.

This is my first Standard Schnauzer (the 3 sizes, unlike poodles,) are separate breeds. The Standard being the one mini's were bred down from and Giant bred us from. The are a working dog breed.

I'm afraid to let Jack with him ( only 8 weeks old) unless I have Jack on leash or put a muzzle on him.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: introducing puppy - 08/19/17 05:25 PM

It's hard to say not being there but your fears may be feeding the situation.

With both sets of Barker Sisters, the youngsters got firmly put in their places a few times - this was regarding the older dogs' feed bowls.

Experiences are different of course but in the first case, BTE1 really really really needed someone to boss around. She was thrilled to have a puppy in the house. In the second, BTE2 was very disappointed not to have Mr. Beefy or his clone but a 10 to 12 week old bitch.
Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/20/17 02:22 PM

Red Baron..
we're calling him Red
Posted By: zyp

Re: introducing puppy - 08/20/17 02:27 PM

here is the Red Baron
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