Separation Anxiety Resources

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Separation Anxiety Resources - 04/18/14 01:57 AM

Many of the books and DVDs can be found at dogwise, amazon (please remember the affiliate link!), and Tawzer Dog.


"I'll Be Home Soon", Patricia McConnell

"Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs" Malena DeMartini-Price

"Separation Distress", James OíHeare

"Don't Leave Me - Step-By-Step Help For Your Dog's Separation Anxiety", Nicole Wilde

"Canine Separation Anxiety", WDJ July 2008

"Living With Dogs Who Suffer From Severe Separation Anxiety" WDJ Sept 2012

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DVDS, for a deeper understanding:

"Separation Anxiety: Both Sides Now", Nicole Wilde

"Separation Anxiety & Treatment Protocols", Nicholas Dodman

"Anxiety", Trish King

"From Leashes to Neurons and Psychopharmacology", Karen Overall

Protocols and Training Aids:

Find a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist

Thyroid Testing

Relaxation Protocol (more videos in the side panel on right)

Training Deep Breath Relaxation

"Training a Hyperactive Dog to Calm Down", WDJ May 2011

Dog TV????

Crate Games DVD (caution - many dogs with SA cannot be crated):

Herbals, Drugs, Calming Agents:




Adaptil Collars and Diffusers (formerly known as D.A.P.)

Happy Traveller


"Tranquility Blend" made by Animals Apawthecary

General Supplement thread for anxiety:




Some emotional aspects




The "secure base" phenomenon

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WOW! What a resource list!
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Originally Posted By: Codmaster
WOW! What a resource list!

I've been studying crazy
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New SA article:

In dogs, separation anxiety accounts for 20-40% of the behavior consultantís case load and is one of the most common behavior problems (McCrave, 1991). A recent research study in the UK showed that many dogs that donít even show signs of separation anxiety still experience increased levels of Cortisol, a steroid hormone released in response to stress. Why do so many dogs get anxious when we leave? According to research, certain factors seem to play a role in the chances of a dog to develop this type of anxiety. Dogs living in a house with only one human for instance seem to be twice as likely to have separation anxiety than dogs living amongst several people. Neutered dogs also seem more prone to anxiety as are intact dogs (Flannigan, 2001) but overall, more research is needed to identify the factors involved. When looking at some of the findings in children, we can also add to the list of possible causes the fact that dogs have very little control over the environment they live in, especially over the coming and going of other members of the family or of their own wanderings. Sometimes a traumatic event such as prolonged time at a boarding kennel or shelter, or a change in the family structure may trigger the onset of separation anxiety.
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Very informative, thank you for sharing.
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