Pulling a pulk (plastic sled with gear)

Posted By: jarn

Pulling a pulk (plastic sled with gear) - 10/19/21 12:06 AM

Agis and I are gearing up for a busy season of winter camping! He loves winter, and he loves camping, so I'm sure hoping he likes those two together.

We are going away Fri-Sun early December (dunno how much snow), Fri-Sun early January, mid/late February Sat-Mon (Monday is a holiday) and March 12-14 (Sat-Mon).

(We are also going up to the cabins for two weeks at the end of January to the end of February, but won't bring the pulk because we'll already have so much gear (pretty sure we'll have too much).

So ideally he'll get used to the pulk being behind and being weighted on our car camping trips. Early December there may or may not be enough snow to justify its use. The area to get wood is down a road that normally I would drive too, but I was thinking of walking and picking up more wood that way. Maybe not ALL the wood, wood is heavy.

I would not do the wood to start, maybe throw some lighter stuff into the pulk and have Agis get used to pulling it. We do have a proper freight harness from Luc. Lots of treats and cheering.

He definitely didn't like his pack first thing, so I'm not expecting him to love this at first either.
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Re: Pulling a pulk (plastic sled with gear) - 10/19/21 02:16 PM

It sounds like you have a fun and exciting winter in store for Agis and you. Don't forget to take pics of him pulling the pulk.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Pulling a pulk (plastic sled with gear) - 10/19/21 03:19 PM

I will take pics and video SRM!

I hope my plan to get him used to it works. I would love to not have a huge pack! (I'll carry some stuff of course)
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