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Posted By: jarn

Online class - 10/23/20 09:41 PM

Agis knows his core commands pretty well (I like to think; we could improve under distraction).

After not getting him into classes a year ago because he had kennel cough - we did some private lessons to build up his confidence. Then for the spring classes, got cancelled due to COVID (he was registered) and there's been online classes from the place his private trainer came from. But, at $262 before tax, seemed a bit...much. Toby was out of work for months after all.

Toronto moved back to further restrictions. I don't really want to do in-person classes anyways. I was looking at his shelter, and they offer training - right now, it's all online, but what the heck. It was $120 for six sessions, but because he was adopted there, we got $18 off, so $102 all in. We start next Wednesday, I am super excited. He may know most of the stuff already, but it'll be good for me to work with a trainer specifically with him.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Online class - 10/24/20 03:40 AM

How neat - on line dog class! I bet you could supplement these with some of the free stuff from folks like Michael Ellis.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/24/20 02:17 PM

I think so middle! I'm hoping the trainer works on training me smile
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Online class - 10/24/20 03:37 PM

That's a great idea Jenn. There's lot's of free video's on YouTube that might help as well. But it sounds like these training classes will be more structured and complete. Have fun and let us know how it goes.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/25/20 12:38 PM

Thanks Rosa! I find some videos good, but some - I struggle with. I'm hoping they can correct some of my technique.
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 10/25/20 01:28 PM

Hope those classes go well! It's a really good idea, and I'm eager to hear how this goes!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/25/20 06:21 PM

Thanks DE! I will update!

(He had regressed and started jumping on people again. Even jumping on ME, which he never did. Took him to Toby's store today to say hi and he met a ton of people, no jumping. He did give lots of kisses though!)
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 10/29/20 01:24 AM

How many classes have you done already? Maybe the new routine is throwing him off. He might be testing his boundaries.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/29/20 03:02 PM

Last night was our first class. I think he's just acting like a teenage punk! (Wow am I ever old haha)

The class went well - we already knew most of it, but it was good to have some things back to basics, and other stuff he did struggle with (he downs from a hand signal, not the word, and I'd like him to respond to both).
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 10/30/20 01:30 AM

Oh, I've done hand signals with commands before. I plan to train this with the puppy too when he becomes ours. Are you using just a couple hand signal commands to teach him with or hope to have multiple ranges of hand signals to teach him to obey to?

He's probably still figuring out if he wants to listen to you or if he wants to defy you and do his own thing. Those intelligent dogs can pull one over us if we're not careful! Good luck!!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/30/20 01:46 AM

The dogs know hand signals to sit/down/stay. The problem is - they sometimes won't respond to a verbal only command. I've always used them in conjunction, but I can give the hand signal with no spoken command and they do it - give a spoken command with no hand signal and nope.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Online class - 10/30/20 02:14 AM

My guess on this is that you are just abruptly expecting the voice command to carry the day. Go back and fade more gradually. That's what I'd suggest.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 10/30/20 03:13 PM

Absolutely Middle. Back to basics. All the dogs are like that!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 11/05/20 02:28 PM

Last night was another great session - I'm surprised how much I'm learning when it's online, and when we already know a bunch of this stuff. Definitely tightening commands he already knew. I'm really enjoying it!
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Online class - 11/05/20 05:17 PM

That is great news Jenn, glad to hear it is working out for you. A friend of mine is considering teaching online Freestyle classes.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 11/05/20 05:27 PM

Thanks Val! I am interested to do some of their tricks classes maybe, after this one.

It's funny, before we'd train once, maybe twice, a day (I know, not enough) and now we're doing 5-6 sessions daily, and I'm treating regularly (before I did so sporadically). He's so excited to train now I got up from the table where I work to go to the bathroom, he thought we were training, and ran and leapt all around he was so excited. What a goof.

I think your friend should go for it. The only downside I see is the lack of distraction from strange dogs - I mean, Neb and Xerxes help with distraction, but.
Posted By: Woodreb

Re: Online class - 11/05/20 06:29 PM

Do you see other dogs on the computer during the training? I can guarantee that if I did this with Caleb the dogs on the computer screen would be a distraction. To this day he runs up to the TV to greet any dog he sees on screen.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 11/05/20 06:34 PM

I see the trainers dog...but it's not super noticeable to Agis, for whatever reason.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 11/20/20 05:07 PM

Well. Things are going well, except for the leave it/take it with food. We need to keep working on it. It doesn't help that Neb and Xerxes are circling! I think I'll start working on this in a different room while they're elsewhere until he's more proofed. His outside 'leave it' is great (with sticks) but food is a bit different unfortunately.

The only other problem I'm having as he's eating the thin bed that we're using for place. He's been destructive to beds (so is Xerxes) so we don't really use them anymore. We were leaving it down so we could work on place at any point...silly dog!
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Online class - 11/20/20 06:26 PM

Training is difficult with the audience competing like that (circling). So good idea to put them up. Long ago and far away with Barker Sisters the first, I would tie one when I worked the other in obedience, then switch. Just short obedience stuff but it worked. I think each dog felt honored to have their time. We'd follow this with a quick walk in the neighborhood. [Geeze, I used to have energy to do that before work! - see long ago and far away note]
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 11/20/20 10:33 PM

It is. They're good distractions, until they're trying to hone in on the pile of treats!

I hear you on the energy you used to have - I used to walk Luc for an hour in the morning, an hour in the evening, and run at least 5k with him everyday.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Online class - 11/27/20 01:30 AM

I read that they are chewing up the beds. You might want to just use a towel to teach them place (they can lay on that). Hope that helps.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 12/01/20 10:21 PM

Thanks Rosa. That's a good idea. I've just been bringing out the bed for training, but it does mean being less spontaneous. I'm working on getting him to associate place with that area of the room, even without the bed.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 12/03/20 01:32 AM

Agis graduated today! We start the next tier of virtually classes at the end of February (the earliest they were offered). Really looking forward to that!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 12/03/20 07:41 PM

I also, to keep us sharp, signed us up for a tricks class (virtual again) that runs for 4 weeks in February. Should be fun.
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 12/13/20 01:06 PM

I'm catching up on threads. Congratulations that Agis passed! Keep up the good work, he'll be amazing by February!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 12/13/20 01:19 PM

Thanks DE! I am looking forward to February!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/01/21 09:19 PM

Agis starts tricks training Wednesday! I am very excited.
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 02/06/21 02:31 AM

Hey, how did the first class go?
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/06/21 03:06 AM

Really good DE! Well, not REALLY good, but good.

We started with 'paws up' on a box or similar. I decided to use a milk crate (actually a beer crate, but it's the same as the old milk ones), but as it wasn't very wide, my trying to shape the behaviour with a treat had him walking around it. I switched to two big couch cushions (wider), and then he did great.

We also did targeting pawing (using a ziploc lid with a treat underneath) which he just wasn't getting, so I placed his paw on it and after a couple of repetitions he got it.

We also targeted rear feet on an object, which he did okay at.

There's only two other people/dogs in the class, so the trainer was able to really watch what we did. She was really good too, had great energy. I enjoyed the class because of that too.
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 02/11/21 02:41 AM

The rear feet target seems difficult when I try to imagine it. It's seems to depend on the dog trusting you not to trick him into backing so far away without looking that he falls off a cliff or something, lol. I watched a video on this trick. Seems pretty neat.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/11/21 09:18 PM

Yeah, it definitely needs the most work! But we'll get there.

I had a migraine so we missed this weeks, but I got the lesson plan and I THINK we'll be okay
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 02/14/21 12:33 PM

Ugh. MIgraines. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. How did the make-up training go?
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/14/21 02:56 PM

So far it's okay, but I need to work more on wiping the paws.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/22/21 11:59 PM

We missed last week's class with a thundering migraine. Our instructor sent through what was covered - which I think given I didn't get to learn with her, we're doing okay at. I took video so she could see. Of course, practicing with no treats during the day - perfection! Snappy, responsive, holding the bow. When Toby came home and could film us? Treat for the weave (which was super slow) and the bow broken to a down. This was the best we got, but then, that's how things go sometimes I suppose.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Online class - 02/23/21 03:16 AM

OK I'm rather amazed that you get anything with all the others watching so intently! I don't think I'd get a very good response with such a rapt audience.

Now on the "it was so good until the camera guy showed up" well, that is so much like the trials "My dog never did that before" - it's like a show they put on for the judge. -- like the sudden sharp right angle on what's supposed to be a straight send out....

I think what you got going is looking pretty good. So if it was better before the camera came along, well - that's just even nicer.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/23/21 01:33 PM

Aww, thanks Middle! I figure they're a good distraction.

He was VERY excited when Toby came home, and we filmed it a few minutes afterwards...hmm.

Thanks for the kind words!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/25/21 01:38 AM

Agis graduated tricks tonight - Foundations 2 Obedience starts tomorrow!
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Online class - 02/25/21 04:37 PM

Good Job Jenn and Agis. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 02/25/21 06:29 PM

Thanks Val! I'm nervous for Obedience 2 but I bet we end up having a blast!
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 03/06/21 02:52 AM

Nice job on the weave! How did the first Obedience class go? How has Agis been doing overall since you started the virtual classes?
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 03/06/21 12:29 PM

First obedience class went okay - felt a bit rusty with some things. But we've got that much better, he's doing great. This week we covered some things we also learned in Tricks, so that was kind of nice! We have homework every week which helps.

Agis has definitely learned more and is calmer (kind of haha). He's got better manners overall.
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Online class - 03/06/21 05:58 PM

Originally Posted by jarn

Agis has definitely learned more and is calmer (kind of haha). He's got better manners overall.

That is so great! Nova and I lost ground in the last year because classes worked great for socialization-but they were canceled. Your example with Agis is really encouraging that we can pick up where we stopped.

Keep the updates coming...
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 03/06/21 08:57 PM

Thanks MJ! It's still all virtual - I think we are going to have to do in-person classes when they resume, even if it's stuff we've already done - just because the distractions are different.

(Though, I am supposed to lay a course of distractions and walk Agis through it to work on leave it - if Xerxes is out, he darts in and out, stealing toys. Heh)
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Online class - 03/07/21 01:08 PM

I love that Xerxes keeps things interesting. I can only imagine his shenanigans while you're trying to work Agis. Sounds like the virtual classes are worth the effort with Agis doing better, even if his manners kind of improved. That's just how dogs are, when they learn new stuff and how they interact they will do better.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 05/05/21 11:27 AM

I missed your comment DE! Yes, for obedience II we ended up putting the other two in our bedroom with Toby for company.

We re-took it as we missed a bunch of classes the first time so I dropped out. Passed this time!

The last class was doing a kind of rally-o 'course'. Agis was AWFUL, especially the second time (we all did it twice). He was just SO excited. Barking when I wasn't working him, going crazy.

Dunno if he was like that because they were jackhammering renovating the unit next door since the people moved (they take down kitchen walls to open it up. But all the walls in this building are concrete. And he was SO excited after class he ran laps and mouthed me in a way he's not allowed to do - I have a scrape that bled - but he did calm after that. Little bugger!
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Online class - 05/05/21 06:39 PM

I'm amazed. You are trying to work a dog when jack-hammering is next door??? Yes, I'm amazed. What a good dog to pay any attention at all under those conditions.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Online class - 05/05/21 08:03 PM

Oh - I maybe wasn't clear, the jackhammering had stopped by class, but I did try to train him earlier in the day. All the dogs were on edge all day from it, so I don't think it helped him be present during class.

(And he finds training class VERY exciting, he always has, even our practice/daily training - he gets HYPED up. It's nice he enjoys it so much, but is hyper for a bit after, but last night was over the top)
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