She's perfect for me

Posted By: RaisingBaby

She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 07:32 AM

This is my 5th GSD. I am a senior now and had doubts about my age and being able to "keep up" with the breed anymore. So, this time I chose a female. She'll be 2 1/2 this month.

Just wanted to say how well it has worked out. I mean, this relationship with this dog is getting to the extraordinary. I am a pet owner. But this girl is something different. It's like our minds are tied together. I know that its because I'm retired now and literally with her at least 22/7, but still!

I feel like I have a child of 4 that just can't speak but communicates in all other ways that are extremely clear. People talk about how important it is to train "focus" as a key to training and I know that's vital and I used all the suggestions. There were many times along the way that I thought she'd never settle and mature.

But I also believe, that there's something else... a huge plus.. that may be breeding (if so, I got lucky) but it's something that goes far beyond training... maybe an ultimate trust and mutual respect in a way - it's like I'm so proud of her, her instant recall even in hairy situations, her fun loving attitude - she's just perfect for me! Just wanted to share with you all that can understand:) Sorry for the happy rant She ended up being 82lbs but is lean.
Posted By: Woodreb

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 01:24 PM

She's a beautiful girl. wub
Posted By: SeanRescueMom

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 03:41 PM

What a nice bit of good news to start off the new year, thank you for your update. It sounds like the two of you have a great bond. thumbup BTW, what's her name?
Posted By: Kayos

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 04:04 PM

Beautiful girl!! Love your happy rant!
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 04:06 PM

She is just beautiful! Such a happy tribute to a wonderful, deepening relationship! smile
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 07:06 PM

Great news. Rant on!
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/06/17 08:13 PM

It's great to hear that such an experienced person can still be surprised by the depth of connection with her dog.

The GSD standard claims that you should be able to see feminine physical traits vs masculine ones which I have not found easy. Your beautiful girl does look like a girl somehow, a pretty pretty girl.

Posted By: RaisingBaby

Re: She's perfect for me - 01/07/17 01:57 AM

Thanks everyone! She is truly a joy. Lol, when I let her out to do her business last night, I didn't notice there was a car parked in the alley on the other side of my fence. She did and raised all heck barking.

Apparently there was a guy that decided to stop to let his buddy use my fence to pee on. It was funny after the fact because when she went off on this guy - I heard a big "HELLOOO"! (of surprise) as he jumped back in the car and he and his buddy took off.

I called her as soon as I saw the situation and she quit and came immediately back in the house. Good Girl!!

It seems like she's still changing a bit and every day is different and even better with her. Not the best time of year (cooped up tons of snow and cold) but she makes new house games every day with her ball and not one day has passed without her making me laugh at something she "invents" just for the fun of it. So thankful I have her in my life.:) We are the luckiest dog owners!
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