Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs?

Posted By: Codmaster

Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 05:13 PM

So i am very curious as to whether or not most GSD's are good dog park dogs?

My 5+ yo male is not. as he is way too dominant and would very likely finish a fight with any dog that challenged him in the park. So we have been to exactly 2 parks in his lifetime.
Posted By: frillint

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 08:51 PM

Me and my boy have been to a bunch. I always catch him before he even thinks about being dominate. He has learned a lot about meeting and greeting other dogs. I have noticed he does better at larger dog Parks he stays closer to me at larger dog Parks. I do like dog Parks he listens very very well meets the dog then continues to follow me. He just wants to run.
Posted By: FG167

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 08:56 PM

None of mine are (we have 3). One is dog aggressive, one is tolerant unless they bite his neck/hump him/steal his toy, one is a puppy that I won't even introduce to a dog park. However, we have 8 dogs and a foster dog's a dog park in my backyard.
Posted By: Grakira

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 09:04 PM

Out of three, I had one who *might* have been ok. She was very handler focused and didn't care about other dogs. However, even she would get ticked at a rudely approaching dog, so I never tried. The other two would not be ok.
Posted By: BowWowMeow

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 09:26 PM

Depends on the individual dog. Basu was a good dog park dog on his own but if he was there with other gsds he was not good. The gsds would pack up and pick on other dogs (so of course that was our cue to leave). Massie was a great dog park dog. Several of my fosters also did well at the dog park but others did not.

One thing that's a common problem with gsds and dog parks is the gsd rock 'em, sock 'em, knock 'em off their feet play style. That doesn't go over well with all dogs or most owners.
Posted By: SLEACHY

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/26/13 11:01 PM

I hate to generalize general, I would say no to GSDs and dog parks. I do take my girl occasionally but she is more focused on the people rather than the dogs. She has always been a "people person" and will work the crowd...going from one man to the next to find some sucker who will throw her ball. wink
I do a play group/hike a couple times a week and Tooz's nickname is "The Fun-Stopper" because she will get in between any dogs who are rough housing. GSDs like to control and Tooz treats other dogs like they are unruly sheep. In her youth, I had to watch her like a hawk to make sure she wouldn't go too far in pushing the other dogs around which she never did...she would just prevent the other dogs from having fun! She won't start a fight but she will finish one. Nowadays, she is much more mellow at 12.5 years old.
Posted By: Codmaster

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/27/13 04:43 AM

Interesting how us GSD owners tend to think that our dogs "play rougher' than other breeds a lot and that they like to dominate other breeds.

I have heard other breed owners say exactly the same things about their breed - Dobies, Wiemies and even the dreaded Pittie owners among them.

I think any of the strong minded (by their standard) breeds can be problematic as to whether they will be a good dog park dog (although any individual of any breed may or may not be a good one.

As i said above, my guy is definetly not a good dog for a dog park environment - way too independent and curious and also a very dominant personality (truth is a bit of a bully if i let him be).
Posted By: cassadee7

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/27/13 05:39 AM

Saber has gone to dog parks since she was 5 months old and has had very positive experiences for the most part. Once she hit about 2 years old, she became more toy possessive so I am careful not to take her into small dog parks with lots of toys. She doesn't try to fight over a toy but she will steal them and hoard them, and other dogs don't like that. So we stick with larger dog parks (more than a few acres) that are not terribly crowded, and she does great. She meets new dogs and plays with them very well, and if a dog is not very friendly she just avoids them.
Posted By: anniej

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/27/13 01:02 PM

Chamsa was really good in dog parks and while I have never found a dog park in my area to take Cara too her daycare is 20 acres of fenced land where she plays with dogs large and small. I personally don't lie o attach characteristics such as 'dominance' to a breed for me it is all about the individual dog, its life experience and its relationship with its human family.
Posted By: Qyn

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/27/13 01:19 PM

Originally Posted By: FG167
...... However, we have 8 dogs and a foster dog's a dog park in my backyard.

I love this! laugh
Posted By: Tarheel

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/27/13 04:46 PM

Two of my dogs are ok, the other two are so frightened of people I can't take them. I usually walk the perimeter and my dogs follow. I like to keep moving and usually pick up three or four other dogs that are curious. They get acquainted on the walk around, play for awhile, then we go home. I have never had a problem, but my dogs always know where I am and that I am watching. A couple times other dogs came on strong to one of mine and mine just came back to me ( "Mom, he is mean, make him go away").
Posted By: kaelara

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/28/13 01:25 AM

I am blessed to live in a dog friendly town with an awesome dog park. It is over 3 acres, has great sturdy fencing with double door entrances, and a separate area for "small dogs". I've been going here for 10 years with no problems with any of my shepherds (or other breeds). Generally everyone who goes to my park are "regulars". My dogs get excited to see their "doggy friends", and I get to socialize with other crazy dog people. smile It's good for us all. We have lots of large "dominant" breed dogs there all the time, including shepherds and pits and dobermans and poodle mixes and border collies. I've only seen a few fights over the years, and again it is because new people bring their untrained/high strung/intact/in heat dogs there. We have signs posted at every entrance with guidelines that seem to keep everyone happy.

Ps- my last shepherd wasn't really interested in playing with other dogs there, but she was very happy to follow me around or greet new people. In contrast, my 8 month shepherd puppy is the opposite and plays with every dog she can find and avoids all the people!
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/30/13 12:45 PM

Hard to say here as I have no local dog park! But we are getting one soon, planning under way by the city and ground breaking was last week.

I took Kayos to the dog park in Lexington, KY several times when we lived in Berea. She enjoyed it but I was always careful to avoid some dogs and we usually went when it was not crowded.

Havoc went to the dog park in the Tri-Cities, WA when he was a youngster. He also did well. Havoc is more interested in hanging with me tho and thankfully has never been dog aggressive.

Mayhem went to the dog park in Tulsa once. She did not do well and was very afraid of the other dogs that wanted to play-chase with her. I leashed her and we left. Have not been back.

I think when our park opens here I will take May again early in the day when there should be very few dogs.

I am not a big dog park person but they are nice for the dogs and owners that use the appropriately.
Posted By: Natalie559

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/30/13 01:29 PM

No I do not think they are.

Maybe some as puppies and young dogs- but as adult dogs I think they are too pack focused and orientated to socialize well with strange dogs. I also see a pack mentality among them and their dog friends, often times other shepherds, where they can team up on other dogs- not nice. I say get you and your dog out for exercise and engagement in a space that is not so dog focused.

Penny spent a lot of time getting socialized and exercised at a dog park, but once she was older it didn't work out as well so I found a great open park with trees that we went to everyday after work for off leash play and exercise- it was great fun!
Posted By: PaddyD

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 07/30/13 02:56 PM

My GSD is ok at dog parks if the other dogs aren't aggressive. She will play with them or
ignore them. She will shy away from an overly friendly or aggressive dog. She likes
to play but no touching please.
Unfortunately, there is only one dog park nearby and it is inhabited by too
many low-lifes that don't pick up after their dogs or have dogs that are
'thugs' and out of control.
Posted By: Liz S.

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 08/12/13 07:00 PM

I have only taken Van a couple of times, to one local (Pena Adobe Park for those of you in N. CA). But I go there on "off times" when no one else is there. It is a good place for him to run around off lead (his recall isn't great yet, something else we will be working on with our new trainer), as otherwise he really can't except in our yard/property. But as soon as I see someone else coming, he gets hooked up and out we go (and take a walk or whatever). They scare me. Not that I am worried about Van. He tends to be submissive. But other people who think they have control and do not. Just one incident can cause a dog to have a fear that is very hard to come back from. We had that happen with a chihuahua we had a few years ago. frown Poor "Alf." His whole personality changed, and developed some fear and anxiety disorders. Not good. Even with Van. we have a dog aggressive GSD up the road who is ALWAYS off lead. We didn't know it until it was too late and she CHARGED at Van. I got between them and was able to stop her, but it freaked him out.

Bottom line, I am just not a fan of the parks, unless they are literally empty, GSD or not.
Posted By: Liz S.

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 08/12/13 07:02 PM

Originally Posted By: Kayos

I am not a big dog park person but they are nice for the dogs and owners that use the appropriately.

Yes. I just wish more people were responsible!
Posted By: Deno

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 11/12/13 12:42 AM

Call me simple minded, but in my opinion regardless the breed,

it all depends on the owner for the most part..
Posted By: Schnickle Fritz

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 11/12/13 04:50 AM

GSD's are good dog park dogs
- dog parks are not good for dogs at all no matter what the breed!
Posted By: Codmaster

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 11/12/13 08:27 AM

Depends on the individual GSD! If they have a normal temperament as described in the AKC or SV standard - no when they get to be an adult! A submissive one probably would do fine most of the time.

If anyone doubts it - next time in the DP and you see a GSD or two, ask the owners if they have a ScH or IPO after their name?
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 11/12/13 11:31 AM

Grimm, astoundingly, does GREAT at a dogpark! (Who knew??) After the first initial coronary the other dog suffers as a result of Grimm's waaaayyy too intense, extreme, and abrupt greeting.... everyone is totally happy and fine. Never a dog fight, never a snark. Waggy, sniffy, dance-y mutual explorations, then "Lets go gallump and be crazy over here!" "No, over here!" "Okay, then over here!" etc.

Grimm has met at a dogpark: Anxious, nervous, whiny rescues with difficult pasts, easily-insulted terriers, and dominant, pushy overbearing boss dogs. His approach is terribly abrupt, but all the others dogs actually do in fact react fine to Grimm.
Posted By: debbieb

Re: Are GSD's good Dog Park dogs? - 01/11/14 11:30 AM

i have never had one that would have done well at a dog park. i think they are good for some dogs and people, but unfortunately you always have stupid dog owners and things can happen. if i thought everyone had their dogs under verbal control and were well trained i would try one. but its not a perfect world, and knowing what most dog parks are like i would rather not put myself or my dogs in that situation. even if you started this as a puppy i would still be leary of other dogs and owners and something happening in the young impressionable stage, which as we know can lead to dog aggression later. the atmosphere is just to uncontrolled for me. i think most gsd's are happy interacting with their owners and playing with their own pack. my dogs have a few individual friends that the walk with but could care less about playing with them.
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