Vom Davis German Shepherds BEWARE

Posted By: Wallace

Vom Davis German Shepherds BEWARE - 05/08/20 04:54 AM

I bought a Shepherd pup from Mr Davis for 1400.00 19 months ago and he never gave me papers for my dog. He has given me on excuse after another. I feel like i paid 1400.00 for a mutt so too speak as i cant breed him or show him in a lot of contest. I dont want anyone else to go threw what I have. I asked for 1k back and I would be paying 400.00 but too no avail. Thanks for your time and good luck on your search. Wallace
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Vom Davis German Shepherds BEWARE - 05/08/20 02:59 PM

It can seem like it takes a long time to get registration papers. I can't remember if a year and a half is a longer wait or not but it seems a bit long. Some breeder's contracts include limited registration which they may require documented success with a level of training (ie attaining one "degree" or another) before they will grant full registration on a pup. This could be novice A AKC obedience or what used to be designated as Schutzhund I or something else depending on the breeder's preference. They might also require health clearances to lift the limit on the registration. The process can be very frustrating when you are new to purebred dogs.

With AKC they used to offer a process (all paperwork) to get a special registration ( I (something) Listing Privilege) that would allow you to compete in the obedience ring (not conformation). I think they have now opened up to non-purebreds in the not-conformation rings like agility and obedience.

Lack of registration is no longer the bar to competition that it once was.

Bottom line, though, I know it is tough when it seems you haven't gotten what you thought you were paying for.

I hope your dog is a delightful companion, that you are having fun working with him, that he is healthy and, outside of this issue, you are happy with him.
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Vom Davis German Shepherds BEWARE - 05/08/20 05:43 PM

Have you thought about contacting the BBB or filing a claim in court. There are a few breeders out there who are not doing things that are helping the breed.

How is the health of your dog? How is the nerve of your dog, good solid no issues? Not to make light of your situation but there are many many people who bought from a different breeder and have spent thousands of dollars on dogs with huge medical problems.

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