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Posted By: Shilohsmom

Your dog - 01/11/20 07:35 PM

If you needed to choose a cartoon character that best describes your dog, which one would you choose? I'm thinking Sasha would be the Road Runner from Wile E coyote or maybe Dino from the Flintstones. I'll have to get back to everyone on that one as well as one for Kody.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Your dog - 01/15/20 12:52 AM

Oh geez...well, one of Agis's nicknames is the Masked it'd have to be a villian from the DC/Marvel universes.
Posted By: Wolfie

Re: Your dog - 01/16/20 06:44 AM

Yukon came home from the breeders with the name Fred Flintstone. I would say it is a fitting character to compare him with.
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