Did your dog make you laugh today

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Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/01/19 02:44 AM

I know mine did. They always do. Sasha loves it when I watch her run circles around the plant in the middle of the front yard. Its such a simple thing for me to do and yet she really gets joy out of it. Makes me laugh, especially when she changes direction and I make a big deal out of it, She has quite the track dug into the ground.

Kody made me laugh when he dug up a rubber hippo. He actually seemed to think he was going to play with it when suddenly Sasha dove it and snatched it from him. Kody didn't mind, Sasha got the hippo but Kody got a butt rub!!!

So tell me about your stories. Doesn't have to be today, it could just be when your dog made you laugh.
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/02/19 12:39 AM

Just now, Ciara was laying on the couch between DH and me. She starts to get up and while her butt was still on the couch and front legs on the floor, I started to scratch her hindquarter. She just stopped and got this look on her face like "that feels so good I can't move". Then DH started scratching her, too - resulting in her being even more "paralyzed". That was good for one of today's laughs.
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/02/19 02:50 PM

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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/13/19 11:48 AM

So, we've been telling Caleb last week that he was going to get a surprise Friday night. Of course, he just looks at us like "I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know what Friday means." DH went down to CT to pick up Tyler (Caleb's best friend in the whole world and coming for a visit over spring break) and they got home around 9:30 last night. I saw them turning the corner to go down to the garage and sent Caleb and Ciara into our bedroom and shut the door. Which Caleb protested with a single "woof". Then we had Tyler sneak in very quietly up to his bedroom and shut his door. DH came up with some stuff from the car and I let the dogs out. They were excited to see DH, after all they hadn't seen him for about 15 hours or so. Then Caleb starts sniffing the floor and getting really excited. He starts for the stairs then turns back to DH, sniffs the floor in the dining room and heads for the stairs, yodeling and barking his head off. Sits at the closed bedroom door barking away until we let him in, for the biggest re-union of all time, at least in Caleb's eyes. His behavior is certainly good for a laugh and I know we will barely see him for the rest of this week. He's up there right now, waiting outside the closed door for his boy to get up so they can have breakfast.
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/13/19 02:44 PM

That is a great story!! Caleb loves his boy!
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/13/19 06:03 PM

Yes, he does! And he had not seen him since last November when we moved up to New Hampshire. Christmas didn't work out as an opportunity fora visist due to colds and flu at various households. So this was about 5 months and he did NOT forget that boy scent.
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/13/19 07:09 PM

One story of Abbey I still laugh to this day... I probably shared it here at one time...

Abbey was in the corner of the yard doing her business. She got really close to one of the bushes as she normally does... then out comes this angry cat in full out pounce mode. That started Abbey so much she bolted... and that cat chased her... while she's still trying to poop! I'm only sorry that our security cameras did not capture that awesome scene so we could win $100,000 on America's Funniest Video show.

This was years ago and I'm still laughing as I type this out!
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/22/19 04:52 PM

These are some great memories. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.
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Re: Did your dog make you laugh today - 04/24/19 02:36 AM

I just had the best day ever with the pups. First Sasha 'helped' me with all my housework. The beds still not made blush but we had a blast laying there while I tickled her toes. She thought that was just the funniest game ever and so did I. rofl I was so thankful to have all the time in the world to play this game with my little girl.

After that we went out front for a while. I checked on the garden while the pups ran circles around the center bush. I so love to watch them play together.

Enough of the front, we then journeyed to the back where we played ball and ran and just had tons of fun.

Returning to the front later, I sat up their little swimming pool and they had a blast with that. They also loved chasing the water from the hose. I was reminded of just how happy a pup can be when their all covered in mud fetch It was a hot day so I knew they would dry just fine.

After they rested and dried some I loaded the two into the car and off we went for ice cream!!! I got them each a cup that they had to wait to get until we got home. I had a cone, well, I started out with a cone. I offered Sasha a lick, then a lick for Kody, me a lick, but when I brought it back to Sasha for a lick she took all the ice cream off in one big bite sleep I'm thinking she didn't want to share it with Kody cool funny girl.

And now I'm going to head outside with them and watch the sun go down over the ocean. Life is great.
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