Inline Photo Upload/Display

Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/11/18 11:29 PM

OK, I am going to try to demonstrate and explain how to make this work.

First if you are starting a new thread - The Full Editor is displayed as Default. If you are replying then you need to click the "Full Text Editor" button under the text box.

Click on Attachment Manager under the text box.
Step 1. Put in your Caption Text, you will NOT be allowed to go back and put it in. You are allowed 255 characters.
Step 2. Select File you want or Drag File to Box, when it has up loaded
You can Upload another Picture Attachment Manger will tell you how many pictures you can upload.
Step 3. When you are done uploading pictures click "Done"
Step 4. Your Pictures will not show in Preview, they will only show once you post.

Under the last picture "Too Many bats in my belfry" the text listed is 255 characters.

Description: Picture # 1 Halloween Mug
Attached picture WitchBroomMug_back.png

Description: This is Picture Number 2 Halloween Mug The Raven
Attached picture RavenBlack_back.png

Description: (255 Char) Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type & scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
Attached picture toomanybats_back.png
Posted By: PositiveDog

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/12/18 12:27 AM

Perfect! That was easy peasy!

Thanks, Val!
Posted By: Woodreb

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/12/18 02:58 AM


I followed these instructions for a new thread in the photo section and everything worked perfectly. When I tried to post a photo to the current photo contest this is what I got:

"All of the required fields are not filled in.

Return to the previous page or use search if you are looking for something specific."

I had selected the Use Full editor under the quick reply
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/12/18 01:52 PM

I just signed in as my "User" account and I have the same problem. Now I have to figure out which of the zillion settings are causing this problem.
Posted By: SD

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/12/18 02:33 PM

Test ...

Text before image...

Note: you must have some text in the body... this is a 'field' that is filled out.. can't just post images only wink

Description: Caption goes here
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Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/13/18 01:13 AM

I guess you won't see many pics from me. I have no idea what is going on and I fear I'm too old to learn
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/14/18 07:54 PM

Well, I gave the contest a shot... And I see that I have both text and a caption.... I hesitate (ok I'm just not going to) try to change this because enough already. The worst part of all this is that I know somewhere there is a better picture of this event but it was not "readily available" (aka I don't know where the heck it is).
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/14/18 09:34 PM

middleofnowhere, you have time to try to find the other photo, plus you are allowed the second picture in the contest.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Inline Photo Upload/Display - 07/16/18 04:21 AM

Thanks Val, I know I can enter two pics but an eon wil not turn up the other photo. I might have the negative somewhere (yes that one is that old). If I find another candidate, I'll try to get it in, too.
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