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Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Help Support the Forum - 07/06/15 04:51 PM

I have finally gotten a website started. Click Here It is right now just an Amazon Affiliate site but as time goes on I will be adding some other Affiliate sites.

Right now if you use the "Zon Discount Finder" and add any product to your Shopping cart it will be tagged with an Affiliate.

Also I am working on some pages with specific items, they will be found under the "Shopping Page Links". I don't have a lot of the there right now.

I will from time to time come here and ask for suggestion on list you would like to use.

It is easier for me to just have another site than try to do Affiliate Links on the forum. I will be going through and cleaning out the existing Amazon Affiliate links shortly.

Thanks for your Help and Support.

Posted By: Kayos

Re: Help Support the Forum - 07/07/15 12:39 PM

Will check it out!
Posted By: Brooklyn

Re: Help Support the Forum - 07/08/15 12:45 PM

Very nice, will check it out.

Posted By: BasiaBear

Re: Help Support the Forum - 07/08/15 07:24 PM

How does it work, Val? If we purchase something through that site does a certain amount go to the forum?
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Help Support the Forum - 07/08/15 08:17 PM

Danielle it is my site, it is just easier for me to have one Affiliate area, with it just being on the forum it limits the amount I could potentially make so this is a Dog site, but not breed specific.

So all the Affiliate commission come to (my company) me. Amazon rewards people for sending traffic that results in sales. The more sales in a given period the high the percentage, so I am hoping to be able to drive some traffic to CompleteK9s and make a higher percentage from Amazon.
Posted By: BasiaBear

Re: Help Support the Forum - 07/10/15 03:36 PM

Oooh okay, I see. This type of stuff flies over my head sometimes. I will keep this in mind for my future amazon purchases smile
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