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physical conditioning - 06/27/14 01:31 PM

I am keenly interested in conditioning the dog Not many talk about this topic
How do folks set up their routine the work load rest times water intake cal intake equipment used warm ups and cool downs injuries and prevention of injuries When ie before or after training Weight gain or weight loss
Myself training is getting the dog to do what the handler wants
Conditioning is physical or mental work
If the dogs mind and body are sound training becomes easier
I could write many pages on this topic
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/28/14 12:15 AM

I have a dog with thin abdominal muscles, and she tends to have evidence of consistent muscle breakdown. I am not able to get her out walking and running as much as she needs unfortunately.

I do, however, try to keep up with conditioning using equipment, and a few other exercises. For example, she is supposed to get good at sitting on her hind legs and waving (haven't got the wave yet), and also standing on her back legs. I combine that with some stretches, though I try to work up to her doing these things on equipment: She is pretty confident on her "peanut", but very tentative on the exercise ball. I can tell the difference in her body conformation when she is exercising on the equipment. I also use balance disks, ramps, and sometimes I bring out the cavaletti bars, though I haven't had the patience to work on those lately.

Having a dog with food sensitivities makes it very hard to do a lot of this stuff.
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/28/14 01:40 AM

Thin abdominal muscles I don't follow As in underdeveloped ? I had to look up the equipment you use thanks for the link Had not knowen of any of it After seeing it I use much the same things Rocks logs etc
Have done the beg/wave That is how I taught it 2tricks to one trick My dogs are learning the crawl command I still have to crawl with them but rudy is getting the idea
Tug is good for the core The lower the tug to the floor the more work for the abs chest and groin
Standing on hind legs is great for the lower muscles and their supports I use paws up (on my arm) then dance The spring pole is useful for this area Set the height so a inch or so of tension is on the spring with the fore paws touching the ground Then I push the dog to standing on back legs to back on the ground I like the pole because I can use lots of hands on the dog A out command is given every few mins along with place/sit command (sits at left side)
Vertical jumps are also good for all supporting muscles in that area
The best all around exercise for myself is swimming The female can go 45mins before she comes into shore The male has gone 90 mins before coming in He will even swim under water when the salmon are running He chases them has not caught one yet
Imo the core and hind end is were all the power speed agility comes from The front end is landing braking and guidance
I change what I do every time we exercise I have a 60day routine Then one week off as in do nothing Then it restarts
I do all training before exercise
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/28/14 03:09 AM

Sounds like you have a pretty good system down. I do many of the same things (no flirt/spring pole though).

Yeah, my girl (small breed mix) has a congenital issue where her muscles aren't as thick as they should be, so I try to challenge them and keep them in shape. It's hard though, she loses function fairly quickly if I don't work her.
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/28/14 06:04 AM

Really interesting thread - Cara gets to swim once a week and adores the water. However, I have never thought about doing those exercises with her - will give some of them a go this weekend.
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/28/14 03:25 PM

Originally Posted By: anniej
Really interesting thread - Cara gets to swim once a week and adores the water. However, I have never thought about doing those exercises with her - will give some of them a go this weekend.

Interesting ... I agree.
My dog has always been low energy, low drive, low prey drive.
She will do some fetching, but not for long. She does a little bit
of everything ... but not for long. I am not overly concerned with
her being a great athlete. Her weight and health are good.
Her conditioning consists mostly of walking about 3 miles every day.
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Re: physical conditioning - 06/30/14 11:57 PM

Pat my female is as your description of yours compared to the male Show vrs performance stock here
The female is slow and methodical putting out as much energy as she has to The male is explosive and gose full out He is sly when he tires He will stop and wait for her to catch up Then he trots just ahead of her
After a good work out I belive there is a small window for cool down feed water and sleep I think it is two hours The cool down till breathing rate slows Usally half hour Then I give 1/3 of the feed ration with a quart of water Then they sleep for as long as they wish When they get up I watch thier movement for any signs of distress Then they get the rest of the ration and all the water that they wish
My equipment is mostly what nature provides with a electric and slat mills A weight pull track and cart
Have been thinking of a varsity ball and a coursing lure set up
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Re: physical conditioning - 07/01/14 12:46 PM

Came to this site yesterday working dog web activities sport and work
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Re: physical conditioning - 08/25/14 08:51 PM

Have my male now swimming for one hour and fifty minutes before he needs to touch bottom and rest. It was not easy for me to do as I had to get into the ocean with him and his floating long line. I have not gone near a body of water on my own doing since Jaws was a new movie in the theater. LOL
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