Tending in New Mexico

Posted By: csaiz

Tending in New Mexico - 07/16/10 06:50 PM

After a lot of soulsearching and with the blessing of Hubby I have decided to start a tending/herding group at my house! It has been so impossible to find anything other then "Barbie Herding" whistling around here!
At our 4th of July AKC trial a well-known Obedience person, who collects titles then disposes of the dog, looked like her and her BC were doing the heeling pattern with sheep thinking
So, I have contacted Peggy Richter in CA to come out in early fall to give us a clinic in tending/herding with big upright breeds. I think I will have a local trainer who is willing to be in contact with her give us pointers and have clinincs about every third month or so, and have practise sessions once a week!!
I am really really excited about doing this!!

Any thoughts or advise from anyone?
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Tending in New Mexico - 07/16/10 09:31 PM

Hummmmm Alb is only 12 hours from me...... and my future DIL is moving there next month to take a position at UNM Med school. I could stay with her!
Posted By: Andaka

Re: Tending in New Mexico - 07/18/10 02:28 AM

I also recommend Susan Sullivan for clinics and judging. She is fantastic.
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Re: Tending in New Mexico - 07/20/10 11:10 PM

Kathy you will like NM, come visit thumbup

Where is Susan Sullivan from? I will have to look her up
Posted By: JakodaCD OA

Re: Tending in New Mexico - 07/20/10 11:19 PM

Susan Sullivan lives here in CT smile Maybe Canterbury? Near me anyhow, tho she holds classes and stuff in MA..
Posted By: csaiz

Re: Tending in New Mexico - 07/23/10 10:17 PM

You lucky woman cheers
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