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Posted By: middleofnowhere

Today's entertainment - 01/10/21 11:34 PM

Ms. Riah of course...

Now the sequence is supposed to be for this particular set -

Retrieve a thrown dumbbell (aka wait until the handler throws it, then, on command, run out, pick it up and return it)
Heel to the position for the retrieve over the hurdle, wait until the handler throws the dumbbell, on command clear the hurdle, pick up the dumbbell and come back over the hurdle to sit in front of the handler.

Heel to the position for the wall (which you might recognize more as an A frame), sit, wait until the handler walks to the other side and commands you to climb the wall, climb the wall and sit in front of the handler.

What we got was -
Retrieve on the flat OK,
Heel to position for hurdle, OK
Wait until commanded to clear the hurdle. OK did that. Then Riah omitted picking up the dumbbell but came back over the hurdle, took a look at the handler, ran to position for the wall, climbed the wall, picked up the dumbbell and cleared the hurdle to come to a sit in front of the handler.

So, handler resisted laughing long and loud although most sorely tempted and we repeated the sequence doing it correctly except for failing to "aus" the dumbbell without more admonishment.

Anyway, thought folks needed a laugh.
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Re: Today's entertainment - 01/11/21 01:48 AM

That did give me a chuckle. Thanks.
Posted By: DarkEyes

Re: Today's entertainment - 02/06/21 02:06 AM

That's funny. I can imagine the whole thing... I don't think I can resist laughing if I was there.
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