Handler frustration

Posted By: middleofnowhere

Handler frustration - 09/25/18 03:37 AM

OK fine the German folks I guess it was - we credit them with anything we don't like - changed the name Schutzhund to IPO. Now they changed the name again I think there's an A, maybe a G? in there. Can we just go back to Schutzhund?

But but but that's not my main beef. Call the sport tomato sauce if you want.

However --- Those of us who thought we were working on a couple of things to get an obedience I title on our dog have had a few more added to the mix. Yup. They changed the Obedience 1 routine. Specifically the wall and the hurdle. NOW handler is supposed to sit the dog, walk around the obstacle and call the dog over. Yeah. Right. Makes as much sense as changing the sit and down out of motion. That was annoying but a lot easier than this. uh huh. And changing the group from rotating back to not rotating...

So my dog is trained to jump the hurdle and retrieve the dumbbell on the return. Same with the wall. OK there's a Bat's Chance in yes, that place, that we can figure out the hurdle. The wall? oh sure. ... This is not the easiest dog any way.... Has anyone here had any success with this ???? If my high school German were any better (it's been more than a few years), I'd write a letter of complaint. I suppose I could just say the hell with competing in obedience and just go with tracking with her. Basically flipping the organization off. This is DVG. I wonder if USA is the same?

Really folks I have enough frustrations without this sort of help....
Posted By: Codmaster

Re: Handler frustration - 09/25/18 04:05 AM

akc has done the same - "dumbing' down the OB and Rally and adding many more titles - increase participation (revenue?)

But still is a matter of training and dogs can do it - tougher on the trainer/handler's, i think.
Posted By: lhczth

Re: Handler frustration - 09/25/18 02:47 PM

Is this only in DVG? In USCA, as far as we know right now, the jump will still be the same (retrieve) where as the wall is changing to the recall (and agree, it is a stupid change). Last I heard we didn't know the changes the WUSV/SV might make, if any, and only have the FCI changes.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Handler frustration - 09/25/18 04:49 PM

Maybe the hurdle will stay the same. (since the wall is going to be the most difficult one to change, why not?) The changes would be acceptable if we hadn't already trained the other way. Now this "not the best out there" handler has to figure out how to subtract a couple of large components from the venue. I thought we were working on other things. We need to work on other things.

And BTW my high school German was pretty lame even way back in the day ..... wink
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Handler frustration - 09/26/18 08:22 PM

Yep Codmaster is right, AKC has dumbed down obedience. I don't think it will increase anything. Sounds like the IPO folks are doing it now too.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Handler frustration - 09/27/18 02:40 PM

IPO as I understand it, has been up to changing this that and the other for quite a while (as in long before I started working my dogs this direction). What has happened in my brief stint is - allowing people to title in individual components rather than needing to pass all three, changing the moving sit/down in BH, changing group to moving, changing group back to stationary. Now the scoring has changed. Head straight up in fuss gains no points now, other scoring issues in what the judge will be looking for - enthusiasm and attitude + more stuff, and the wall. It seems like this is done to keep handlers off their game ....

There was a lot of criticism in my former club when they change the requirement about the components but it has worked for us.

But I don't know just when I will quit complaining about the wall.
Posted By: dano

Re: Handler frustration - 10/16/18 01:16 AM

I got on an email list year's ago when active, Jim Engel, folks may know, keeps track of all the shenanigans the different organisations are currently up to, usually with a healthy dose of disdain and disbelief. He makes me grin.

The expulsion of USCA from the AWDF has precipitated an existential crisis in the IPO community with worldwide ramifications.
USCA is by far the oldest, largest and most powerful American working dog organization with approximately 4500 members. The DVG entity in America, a German based organization of questionable legitimacy, is the next largest with approximately 800 members, the various minor breed clubs with no more than a couple hundred members conducting approximately ten trials a year in total. Thus USCA is approximately three times as large as the total AWDF in terms of membership and conducts more than four times as many yearly trials.
In combination with the ongoing European conflict between the WUSV and the FCI the future of all serious Schutzhund style work is in jeopardy; the potential down side for all parties in enormous.

The leadership of all of these involved entities, in Europe and America, need to think clearly and act with wisdom and courage.
Losses from rash actions today might well prove beyond recovery tomorrow.

Hope they figure it out for the sake of dogsport, but not real confident the politics will allow any sense at all.
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