Vom Landholz??

Posted By: LHinID

Vom Landholz?? - 03/01/17 07:13 PM

I found an old list of breeders I had on my computer and most are still active but when I searched for Vom Landholz the website is gone. I am sure I got this name from the other board. Does anyone else remember this breeder or know if they are still active?


Also, I am not sure if this is right topic, I just took a shot.
Posted By: AgilePaws

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/01/17 08:34 PM

I remember her but don't know if she's still breeding. Do you know Amaruq? She has a dog from there and might know what's going on.
Posted By: lhczth

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/01/17 08:35 PM

I believe she stopped breeding.
Posted By: LHinID

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/02/17 12:41 AM

Thanks for the replies, I was just curious.
Posted By: DancingCavy

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/02/17 02:26 AM

I know she moved from FL to DE. And, yes, Amaruq has Keyzah v Landholz and Jethro v Landholz from her breedings.
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/03/17 02:31 AM

I checked with Ruqs and no plans right now. They wanted to carry forward with Ruq's female Keyah, but she had a cancer scare so that ended that.
Posted By: LHinID

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/03/17 05:08 PM

I think I remember Jethro from the other board. Isn't he called Jet and an all black dog? I seem to recall he was really liked by everyone on the board.

Val, do you mean Keyah had the cancer scare or Ruqs?
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/03/17 07:10 PM

Jethro is an all black. I am not sure how often Ruqs calls him Jet, he has so many nick names.

Yes Keyah had Mammary gland cancer over a year ago. Ruqs and Angela wanted to take that combination forward, but it wasn't to be. So right now Angela isn't breeding.

Do you have Huerta Hof German Shepherds on your list?
Posted By: LHinID

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/03/17 07:19 PM

That's shame about Keyah.

I am at work now, so I don't have access to the breeder list but I do recall that name. They are(were?) German show-line breeders, right?

I made that list years ago, prior to the change over on the other board and when I thought I wanted to get a puppy, when Chico was younger.
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/03/17 07:24 PM

They do German Showlines and will cross them with working lines from time to time.
Posted By: DancingCavy

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/04/17 02:18 AM

Yes, Jethro is solid black (though he has quite a bit of bleed through). smile
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/06/17 12:14 PM

Didn't Carolina's Gala the ice eating girl come from Landholz as well?

If so Carolina Johnson at Johnsonhaus GSD may have some of the bloodlines.
Posted By: LifeAsMe

Re: Vom Landholz?? - 03/12/17 11:05 PM

Yes. Gala is a Landholz dog. Not sure if there are any Gala progeny in their breeding program but they've had some super nice litters from other lines they've brought in. I'm especially partial to their Javir daughter.
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