Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch?

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Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch? - 12/13/17 09:00 PM

Kamahi and I have been through the ringer and back, with bouts of chronic Pancreatitis flaring since he was just under two years old. It started off with a severe attack that turned to shock, and he was put on Prescription canned i/D, which seemed to help for a time.

Then we turned to Nutro LID when it was below 9% fat content. Once they upped it, we were directed to Solid Gold Wolf King Bison, which had worked well for the last five years. Until Kamahi had to be hospitalized this past October. (Accidents happen, and he found his way into some cooked chicken bones - luckily those didn't perforate anything; however, they did set off his Pancreatitis) He stayed on Prescription canned i/D for about a week, and following the Vet's permission, we slowly switched him back to Solid Gold shortly after. However, he wound right back up in the hospital a week later with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. With some IV fluids and Metronidazole he was able to go home in just under a week. At this point in time, I also switched Kamahi to the dry i/D low fat Digestive Care Prescription Diet. I know, blech - but ever since this roller coaster began I've been under the opinion that what works to control his health is the best thing for him. That was the last couple of months.

We've had a few other visits again last month, as well as this month (saying we have consistently been going about twice a week for the last few months honestly would not be considered a stretch, lol) for a couple related issues, and the last time we went in they found nothing wrong with him through two different rounds of bloodwork, a general examination, etc.

My worry is that it's down to the food at this point in time, and all that's worked for him consistently is bland chicken & rice (or canned i/D food, but I'd really prefer he not be on that for the rest of his life). I know chicken & rice on its own doesn't contain all of the nutrients he needs for thriving. And ultimately, that's why I've come here...

.. Are there any books or recipes you all would recommend for a Pancreatic pup? Something low in fat, mid level protein, high in carbs, easy on the digestive tract, full of nutrents, and relatively easy to make in fairly large batches to freeze & store.

Please share your experience(s) and let me know what worked for you & your pup!! Thank you!

P.S. I don't know if age makes a difference with what nutrients he'll need, but he's 8.5, so getting up there in years. He's also on a Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement already for his joints, as well as twice monthly Adequan shots.
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Re: Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch? - 12/13/17 09:11 PM

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Re: Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch? - 12/13/17 09:49 PM

Oh Sacha, I am so sorry to hear about Kamahi's flare ups. I have no help for you, I was the one who recommended the Solid Gold Wolf King. The only other thing that worked for me with Lakota was Home cooked Oatmeal and boiled, rinse and drained ground beef. I am sure that wasn't balanced either, but I only used when recovering from a flare.

Not sure if you have read this yet. Low Fat Diets in the Whole Dog Journal.

I fed Royal Canine GSD for a while, I would maybe give this a try.
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Re: Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch? - 12/15/17 10:59 PM

Sacha, I'm just sending you and dear Kamahi some of these. hugging hugging hugging
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Re: Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch? - 12/16/17 06:58 PM

My Sheltie, Charlie, had many health issues. He had diarrhea since he was one and he eventually suffered from pancreatitis when he was around 8. I got help from Karen Murray who runs a blog, I don't remember the name of the blog but if you want I can go look for it. Anyway, she recommended options and I took her advice and the results were miraculous. I started him off with a pancreatin enzyme with every meal and slowly switched him to The Honest Kitchen. Because he had allergies we went with the Preference variety with raw meat added but they have other options now that are low-fat. Zeal and Verve are what I think they are called. After I switched he never had any other health issues. He was hypothyroid so he ate as much as a Great Dane so I stuck with the preference because it was cheaper. I spent around $100-150 with the Preference and the Zeal would have been around $300 a month for him. It was expensive but oh so worth it. It helped improve his quality of life so much.
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