how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria?

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how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 10:34 AM


Gracie's been having intermittent pooh issues. She goes from normal to pooping black puddles to somewhere in between (color wise as well) every few days it's different. She's been on raw since she came to live with us a year and almost a half ago. Pooh has been tested 2x about a month or so apart and nothing found either time.

Tried Fido-Vite and that really have her constant diarrhea so took her off that.

Vet and vet tech say it's possible she's not handling the bacteria in the raw meat well and suggested cooking her meat for one month and see what happens before we look further because we may not have to dig deeper. One step at a time approach which is fine by me.

So, I've got the slow cooker going, one batch done (too much!) because I fell asleep and another batch going now.

I'm thinking of ordering a slow cooker with a meat thermometer in it so I don't have to worry about cooking times. Currently I'm just tossing in a variety of BONELESS meats and cooking them all together and bagging them up in serving sizes. I'd prefer to not fully cook the meat because I know it looses nutritional value the longer it cooks. She's going to have to go without bone during this time as well frown which has me a bit concerned. Vet tech said I don't have to cook it to done stage, she mentioned just searing it on the stove but I want to cook enough for a few days at a time in the slow cooker.

I never had to do this before. Help? Suggestions? Know how long to cook a mixed batch of meat to kill the bacteria?

Thanks very much,
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 01:28 PM

Furkids— sorry to hear about pooh issues, so been there, am there. frown We use beef, roasted, for about 2 hours for a 10+ lb roast and cook til about 160° internal temperature with a meat thermometer. Our oven is convection.

I didn’t even think about using the slower cooker, what a great idea, curious how it comes out. I wonder if you’re planning to make a purchase would an electric pressure cooker work as well and cut the cooking time?

If you’d like to supplement with a calcium (bone) source during your trial I have an opened bottled of NOW Foods Calcium Carbonate, full bottle still in date that you can have FREE (no charge for calcium or shipping, just FREE), this brand/product was recommended to us by our Canine Nutritionist.

About the vitamins, well, maybe not as critical as the calcium for a SHORT amount of time to do your trial, but I'll let the experts here chime in on that one??

If you need any help about how or what is our homemade food, I’m happy to share so please just let me know any questions you may have.

Good luck,
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 02:01 PM

Thanks but I'll pass on the pressure cooker. Dog food would be the only thing I'd use it for (Julie Child I am NOT!) and I'll use the slow cooker for other things so just makes $ sense this way to me. Ordered a slow cooker w/thermometer, should be here Monday. Have wanted a more sophisticated slow cooker for a bit so this was a good nudge to just do it. Wasn't as pricey as I thought smile although I could have spent a bundle, LOL!

Two batches, think they're both overcooked frown Oh well, won't kill her to eat well done meat for a few days. She didn't seem to mind last night's dinner, LOL! Gone in record time cuz it's easier to chew than semi-frozen raw.

Thanks for the calcium offer but for now I'm not going to give her anything but the cooked meat. We need to find out what's causing thing so don't want to add things that may alter the results. Don't think it'll kill her to go w/o bone for a month either.

What do you put in your meals?
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 02:42 PM

FurKids— I agree about not adding too much at one time, it could be the protein source, a veggie or any number of things. When we did our trial with the nutritionist we tested for about 6 weeks two foods, although in our case it was a much shorter time because of reactions and we didn’t use calcium or vitamins during this time either.

The basic formula however is 3 parts meat to 1 part veggie/fruit. Example: ˝ lb (8 ounces) total cooked weight for one meal of food would be 6 ounces of boneless meat (whatever it is beef, chicken, turkey, etc) and 2 ounces of pureed raw veggie/fruit (if fruit is used). Does that make sense?

To the food we add that’s day’s ration of bone meal, vitamin mix (iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Taurine), salt and Omega’s to one of that day’s meals. Does that make sense?
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 04:27 PM

You have to add calcium. Calcium must be given in the proper ratio to meat, plus it helps keep the stool firm.
Giving only meat is going to make her sicker.
You can use calcium pills and they make a calcium powder as well you can mix in.
But you have to give calcium.

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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/12/15 05:00 PM

For an adult dog, they can go awhile without the calcium, while you are trying to see what the issues are. My dogs have always been sensitive to most calcium sources, and you don't want a loose stool reaction to calcium to color what you can observe about the reaction to the meat. I just use calcium carbonate here (mentioned above by MDS), if you have enough eggshells, there is a formula for using those - a lot of dogs will also react to chicken, so you have to test everything.

I am using meat and steamed turnip for Jazz. I wish she could eat green beans, but she doesn't do well on them, I suspect they might react with her peanut allergy.

If the puddles are dark black, you might be looking at blood high up in the digestive tract????

I roast, seems to leave the meat leaner. I think they would like the taste of the slow cooker better, but I don't know much about using it for this.
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/13/15 04:09 PM

Slow cooker may not be the way to go. I think I read that they may hold meat at a temp over a prolonged period that might encourage some bacteria. Why not just cook it at recommended temps in a regular oven?
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Re: how long to cook the meat just to kill bacteria? - 02/08/16 04:00 PM

She may not be able to tolerate ANY raw. If that's the case, just cooking the outside may not be enough.

Risa ate raw for 5 years until she was no longer able to tolerate it. Any raw meat gave her the serious runs and it was URGENT too. Not like her occasional loose poops due to several food sensitivities that were just an inconvenience.

Once I started home cooking for her, the urgent diarrhea resolved and she got better. But I have to be diligent and fully cook the meat. If it's a little pink in the middle, it can cause her to have loose poo (thankfully not the urgent diarrhea!).

I cook beef for her in the oven. I put 2 London broils on each cookie tray at 350 degrees for an hour. Then I cut them up into bite-sized pieces, put them in containers, and freeze them for the week. I make up a veggie mush as needed for additional nutrients and fiber. For calcium, she gets a calcium + D3 supplement since she cannot tolerate poultry/eggs and the NOW bone meal powder has eggshells in it.
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