Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve!

Posted By: Braverhund

Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/19/16 11:42 PM

Back in the fall, Grimmi and I accidentally got a large order of a raw mix, which has lots of veggies in it. I forgot he doesn't tolerate the sugars in those well, so he got yeast on his skin and ears. The yeast is mostly cleared up I think (still doing probiotics galore and zero veggies in anything), but now we have... hot spots!

He's been on turkey hearts and duck necks for about 2 months now. And now some hot spots are happening!

Grimmi's tolerated both turkey and duck just fine in the past.
Chicken gives him yeast (it's so full of antibiotics that even with probiotics, it clobbers his gut flora and we get yeast).
Beef is very costly and hasn't got a bone option for him.

Next month, I'll ditch duck and feed only turkey hearts, ground turkey necks, and a lil beef liver.

Anyone else have hotspots from either turkey... or from duck? I wish I knew the likely culprit. Elimination diets are tough, because until we get it right an isolate the villain, the dog still deals with skin yuck.

What's your experience with duck? Turkey? Thanks for any thoughts! thanks
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/20/16 12:25 AM

I can't edit the above post, but:

I am thinking that if Grimm has developed an allergy to either turkey or duck protiens, I'll really have to swich completely to a novel protein for him (such as rabbit), so his system can have a chance to heal.
headbang $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AARRGH! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ headbang
Expensive, but several months on rabbit or something might give his system a break.
I'll continue with the probiotics.

Anyone else done rabbit before? So expensive. Ouch! lurking
Posted By: BasiaBear

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/20/16 03:09 AM

I don't know Grimm's food history/situation. It sounds like you only stick to a small variety for meals. Is there a reason for this? I think more diversity on a day to day basis might be the only thing he needs.

I've done rabbit, but it was given to me by a friend when his father was raising them. I think I tried rabbit maybe twice in Basia's life. She didn't really like it, and that's saying a lot for her because she usually eats anything I put in front of her.

I know I'm not much help. I hope things settle soon.
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Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/20/16 01:49 PM

Thanks for your input! I agree more variety would be good. I know I need to give his system a break for a while, to let things settle down and heal. Gut permeability? I'm hoping to do some variety after giving him a rest with either a novel protein in raw.... if that's going to cost me $200/month to feed, I can't swing that. In which case, I'd need to (God forbid) feed a hydrolyzed protein he can't react to in a (yikes) kibble for a few months, just for a break.

Food allergy stuff is challenging!
Posted By: Grakira

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/20/16 07:36 PM

Patti - Is there a protein that Grimm hasn't had? This would be your best bet to truly do an elimination diet. I'm not sure what your buying options are, but in my area, we have some co-ops that really help bring down the price of things. Facebook has been a blessing in finding cheap resources. Do you have access to Blue Ridge Beef? They have affordable beef with bone and are all over the country.

Around here, I have two that can eat turkey no problem. Vigo regurgitates if he has turkey...usually on the carpet in a corner, on the lamp base if he can aim right...

So he cannot have turkey. No turkey, no puking. Works for me. (Found out the same is true of quail, interestingly enough.)

On the other hand, he does very well on duck and I use duck necks as a bone source. The girls can eat anything.

We had some yeasty feet over the summer with Ayla and that led to a hot spot, but it wasn't food related.
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/20/16 09:01 PM

Thanks, Melissa! Grimmi hasn't had rabbit or lamb, but I'm limited in my sources for raw feeding. I'm doing the best I can. The company I have been fortunate to be working with for Grimm does have rabbit, and I'm trying to put him on that for three months.

I'll look into Blue Ridge Beef. Thanks for the idea! smile
Posted By: anniej

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/21/16 06:30 PM

Check out canine dietician Monica segals website and books, also her yahoo group - Chamsa was and Cara is allergic to many foods - Monica provides clear, knowledgable guidelines in one of her booklets. My experience of dogs with allergies is that they develop allergies to foods they use to tolerate. Cara's food sensitivity test showed she had allergies to every single food she had eaten! She is now on one low dose steriod tablet every two days as I ran out of options food wise and was getting very stressful for both off us.
Posted By: aubie

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 01/25/16 01:43 AM

Blue Ridge also has quail (very inexpensive btw) and venison. Our dogs love them both.
Posted By: Max-best friend

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 06/19/16 12:13 PM

Hi my boy Max is currently eating chicken, turkey, deer and rabbit (he thinks is the best).

VERY interesting point he has always eaten chicken but I have noted that he has started itching lately he could be allergic to turkey as he has not always had turkey he also is not that keen on it.

Rabbit is a great option most dogs love i well my dog loves it. It is very high in protein i think it is higher than all the other white meats and is low fat also has a good bone to meat ratio and can easily go through a meat grinder to make mince.

Some dogs hate lamb and it can be quite fatty my dog can't have it because of pancreatitis but he also hates the flavor.

I have always feed raw however they will eat kibble if needed.
Posted By: PositiveDog

Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 06/19/16 01:18 PM

I use a prepared raw/kibble combination (Lotus Duck kibble mornings and Stella & Chewy frozen duck patties at night) so I can't help with your specific question. But I do have some hot spot experience with Buddy.

Have you tracked when the hot spots are happening seasonally? I'm wondering if this could be environmental, rather than food related.

During the winter, Buddy gets a spoon of local raw honey each day. I buy from a friend with hives only about 5 miles from my house. That seems to keep those spring itchiness and hot spots at bay.

I also give raw goat milk in the evenings and I think that helps strengthen the immune system so it better fights things like allergies.

Buddy can pretty much eat anything but beef, so feeding him is easy. I just chose duck because Skye did exceptionally well on it.

To get away from yeast, steer clear of potatoes. Chick peas or lentils are much better at keeping sugars from spiking and causing itchiness, too.

You probably already know these things, but thought I'd toss out a couple of ideas.

PS- if you need to supplement with kibble, Fromm has a lamb and lentil and Nulo foods don't use chicken or potatoes.

Nulo is also high protein and low carb, which is great.
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Re: Whodunnit? Help: Raw feeding Mystery to solve! - 06/20/16 11:49 PM

I like3 Buddy's plan, Bonnie! It sounds like he is doing well on his regimen. smile
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