Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :(

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Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/09/19 11:23 AM

For years this dog was healthy as a horse, but a month prior to her brother passing away, Tosca developed a chronic diarrhea problem. frown We tested for just about everything under the sun: several fecals (clear), EPI (higher end of normal reading), Giardia & Crypto (negative), two CBCs, full thyroid panel, SDMA test, and there may be others I am forgetting. Itís an early morning after cleaning up from a sick pup. frown (Tosca) Weíve also tried extensive treating with medications/supplements, such as Prozyme, Proviable, Tylan, Metronidazole (she was never able to fully digest this), and again, there may be others Iím not remembering. Weíve attempted switching to (literally) *everything* BUT a low fat/moderate protein/high carb diet, so Iím guessing thatís our next step? The major concern my (new) Vet has is the amount of fat in her stool/urine. confused Not even sure what that could be, but Iím assuming Pancreatitis? (Especially considering her brother had it to a severe extent) Iíve been told, as of this last week, her Lipase levels are within normal range.

So now Iím looking at food alternatives, and I was tentatively considering going back to Solid Gold Wolf King, a food her brother managed to have great success with up until November 2017, following his second severe Pancreatitis attack. Iím still not entirely sold just incase this food lead to his Osteosarcoma... What do you guys think?

Right now Toscaís recovering from vomiting her Hillís (which was deemed safe by our Vet, as well as Hillís, following the Vit D toxicity recall). Stress may have even contributed to this, as I was in the ER for 7 hours yesterday, and when I got back, I noticed sheíd thrown up twice. frown She also refused dinner, which really concerns me, because up to this point sheíd vacuum everything in sight. Ugh..

Over the years you all have really helped me with my pups, and I completely trust your opinions. Iíd love to hear your recommendations on food you trust. Because while she does stay pretty consistent on boiled chicken & rice, I know thatís not meeting her total nutrition requirements. frown

Thank you bloomrose
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Re: Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/09/19 03:31 PM

So Tosca's 10 now. I haven't got the time frame down as to how long this digestive issue has been going on but it seems like some time. I had a similar issue crop up in Barker the Elder the First when she got older. (about 12 or 13). Unfortunately, I do not remember what we did to stabilize her gut but I do remember coaxing her to eat with roast turkey breast from the deli.
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Re: Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/09/19 03:47 PM

There are a few other things besides Pancreatitis that may be causing the problem.

I would talk to the Vet about potential bile Duct blockage.

I would try the Solid Gold Wolf King because of my past experience. I have a tendency to treat what we can see and not worry about what might or might not come. Not treating the possible Pancreatitis would cause a lot of problems and possible death. Would the food cause Osteosarcoma, who knows.

I believe that there may be some correlation to Pancreatitis and other diseases, but I can only find info on bone thinning because of decrease absorption of nutrients.
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Re: Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/09/19 08:04 PM

Hmmm, were all blood values in the middle normal ranges, or were any at the edges (other than the EPI test)? What is the albumin level and range? Cholesterol normal, low end of normal, high end of normal?

Lots of things can cause problems with fat, ranging from inflammation to other structural problems.

I'm guessing testing for tick disease was included? Any past history of lyme?
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Re: Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/11/19 03:07 PM

NO advice just hope for the best
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Re: Remember Tosca? Pancreatitis Diet? :( - 02/23/19 09:11 PM

Are you stilll looking for food options?

I home cooked for my GSD for several years when he had chronic moderate pancreatitis. When we had to do surgery (for something else) the surgeon snagged a biopsy of his pancreas. It was finally healthy again.

With my dog, I boiled beef (which I know he wasnít allergic to) until it was dead, strained and rinsed it;, stirred in 33% brown rice, 33% non fat plain Greek yogurt (watch for thickeners and artificial sweeteners. Chobani, Fage, Safeway Organics and Walmart brand were safe). Iíd switch up the rice with baked/ nuked sweet or regular potatoes ((skins left on), quinoa, sometimes barley.

You can use chicken if your dog isnít allergic to it.

The important thing is to get Balance It at

Iíve had two veteraninary internists in two different states prescribe it for my dog. Itís not technically a prescription item, but I always recommend reviewing the diet with your veterinarian.

You can just order it online. Balance It Plus has almost no flavor and is easier to stir into food than regular Balance it. It can also be reheated. Both are good products. My dog just preferred Plus more. They ship nearly instantly.

Treats were non fat cottage cheese, reduced fat string cheese (which is already low fat) and merrick beef lung. My goal was to reduce his fat intake level as low as possible

Anyhow, my dog did well so well, his pancreas healed completely. Now he eats Royal Canin HP rx diet which is a lower fat hypoallergenic diet, but I donít have to obsess about his fat intake level. He gets to eat ice cream!
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