Loose bowels

Posted By: Todd

Loose bowels - 02/28/17 03:28 AM

Hello, My GSD is about 4 years old and we had on the commercial food for about 31/2 years. for the last 6 months or so, we have switched him to home cooked meals. We give him chicken breast or thighs with vegetables and or rice. This diet was fine for a few months before his stomach got upset. We tried varying things and it seemed like oatmeal and rice with chicken was the cause. He is fine for a week with just chicken but now he is having problems with his gut (loose bowels). We switched him to beef and sweet potato but that seems to be causing problems as well. Given him deworm medicine, probiotic (even though none of this was required). Any remedies for my puppy?
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Re: Loose bowels - 02/28/17 02:01 PM

What is the amount of chicken to rice? What is the amount you are feeding of that mixture?

What type of beef did you try?
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Re: Loose bowels - 02/28/17 06:11 PM

I whole chicken breast with 2 cups of rice split between morning and late afternoon meals.

Beef is hamburger meat about pound and a half, 80 - 20 ratio with one sweet potato split between two meals.
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Re: Loose bowels - 02/28/17 10:16 PM

Try cutting back on your protein amount.

Also are the chicken breast skinless when you cook them. Also with you Ground beef, cook drain and rinse.

Trying to figure out if you have too much protein or too much fat. Either of those will cause loose stools.
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Re: Loose bowels - 03/02/17 09:20 AM

Just for fun, you could see if he still does well on his old kibble. Was he doing well on his old kibble, why did you switch?

The move back to kibble, if he did well on the kibble, would be to see if there is anything else going on and give him something stable so you aren't switching back and forth. If he's stable, it's easier to tweak new food and get to some of the issues Val is talking about.

Beef with undercooked sweet potato can feed clostridium.

You might try some probiotics?
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Re: Loose bowels - 03/02/17 03:23 PM

Thank you for the tip. yes the chicken is without skin and all the fat is removed. Will try to reduce the protein in the diet. We reduced the grain (rice and or oatmeal) which kinda seem to make a difference but did not hold for very long. But he is very active and does not seem to bother him a bit.
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Re: Loose bowels - 03/02/17 03:27 PM

thank you for your suggestion. We were going to try the kibbie experiment to see if that would make a difference. He was fine with kibbie but we wanted to give him just meat which really made his coat like silk, very shiny beautiful like a rabbit, not to mention how much he loves his new diet.
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Re: Loose bowels - 03/02/17 04:57 PM

I'm a huge fan of a homeprepared diet, so I hope you can tweak things. GSDS can be pretty sensitive, so I was just concerned with either something going on, or triggering ongoing problems.

I had a dog allergic to rice, and couldn't tolerate carbs, so used meat and veggies (green beans were big here). I've had a number of dogs not do well on chicken. So getting the amounts of the types of foodds your dogs do best may take awhile.

Sometimes Val gets strong ideas about what needs to be fixed for a dog, I'd tend to go in that direction first.
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Re: Loose bowels - 06/09/17 09:50 PM

Have you tried putting your dog on probiotics? I know that both of my GSDs has severe digestion issues, switched them on to Fidobiotics' Good Guts For Big Mutts and it seemed to really improve things!

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Re: Loose bowels - 06/12/17 10:44 PM

OK here's the "wet blanket" response. This thread reminds me of my delight in finding "really good" commercial food when I moved to a big city. I was so happy. The dogs liked it. BUT fancy food = loose stools...

Go back to what worked. That is switch back to commercial food. Make the move gradually but make the move. (It wasn't broken until you started messing with fancy ways with food. You broke it, you fix it. Go back to how it was when it was working.)

Give yourself a gold star for the old college try with the "healthy" food for doggo. Then remember that given a choice they eat all manner of, well, crap.
Posted By: anniej

Re: Loose bowels - 06/13/17 08:58 PM

Have you thought of switching to raw - my GS didn't do great on home cooked ( diet designed by canine dietician as she has lots of allergies ) but has thrived on raw diet - slowly introduced - she is very allergic to chicken but does well on beef and tripe
Posted By: jlstudent1970

Re: Loose bowels - 09/02/17 08:20 PM

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone experience color differences in your kibble?
I am in the middle of transitioning my dog to dr gary's lamb and it was going good, then I got another bag and it was lighter in color and stool isn't as good. Don't know what to do now?
Posted By: jlstudent1970

Re: Loose bowels - 09/23/17 01:37 PM

Hi I just like to mention that sweet potatoes, some dogs it goes right through them. I hope you find something that works. Did you try boiled ground beef and rice without sweet potatoes? if you didn't try that. Try what Middle suggested, mix a little dry food in.
Posted By: Selzer

Re: Loose bowels - 10/17/17 10:57 PM

Yes, with kibble, sometimes a bag does seem to be different in color. And yes, dogs with sensitive systems will often show an issue with that. I don't know if it has to do with the environmental conditions the bags were kept in, or if the air hit the kibble somehow. Better dog food brands can be better at the quality bag to bag. If you have a question, take it back up to the store and get a replacement.
Posted By: jlstudent1970

Re: Loose bowels - 10/20/17 12:01 AM

Hi, yes I think that's what happened. Vet did tests and it came back negative for parasites (giardia) so this was probably with the diet. Besides it being different in color my dog new it was different and that's enough evidence for me. So I don't feed that brand no more. Thanks for the suggestion.
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