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yo maxlisa :) - 06/14/10 11:20 PM

Remember a few months ago we were discussing some new stuff I was going to try on my fungus boy aussie?? well around the same time, my sister gave me a 5lb bucket of Nupro. (her lab had passed on so she gave it to me;) anyhow, I started Jag on that, figured I'd try it out..

Interesting results,,the dirt eating stopped, the skanky sores stopped, coat is gorgeous. So I gotta mess with it,,I stop using it for a month,,he's back to eating dirt and he's got a new nasty sore coming on..

Think maybe I hit on the nupro for him:)) He's going back on it, and we'll continue to experiment..

just thought you might find it interesting
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Originally Posted By: JakodaCD OA
.... So I gotta mess with it,,I stop using it for a month....

rofl I appreciate this!

wow, this is pretty fascinating, because who woulda thunk that the Nupro would affect such an infection.

I bet it's a combination of things, and not just an ingrediet: , though I'd love to know exactly what is going on!

I found, years ago, when I stumbled on some magic ingredients for Indy, that they could do wonders for her. Interesting how it's all so individual.

Dodds is working on a program where, with a cheek swab, they run a DNA analysis on which nutrients would be optimal for that particular individual. Too bad it'll be years too late for my dogs here!
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/15/10 12:04 PM

Wow, how amazing! I love Nupro and swear by it, but I never would have guessed that it was THAT good!
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/16/10 12:55 AM

I dunno, but I guess it tells me not to mess with what works,,so I just started him on it again, and will give it a month to see if the dirt eating stops and no sores show up:)
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A full report is expected!
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/17/10 11:26 PM

i have been using Nupro for both my dogs for a few years now, we never have any skin issues, allergies, nothing,knock on wood, their coats are shiney, healthy and nice, and not alot of shedding.........

Nupro, is great especially for a general additive for food on a daily basis, especially for dogs that just need a bit more that are on dry food....i think its a great supplement for general well being....

i have also used Canine Complete, used it for my older dog for years, that would be my first choice, but its not cheap either, so Nupro is my second choice for a reasonable price and general maintenance......


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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/18/10 01:02 AM

ok this is weird and maybe a fast fluke,,the 'dirt eater', and I mean this dog will race out the door and chow on dirt in a 'certain spot',,when he uses that up, he finds another 'certain spot' and works it till he gets all of whatever he's getting out of it..

He's been back on the nupro for what? 3 days? today he didn't touch his "dirt" spots once! ..

am still watching :))
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/18/10 04:13 AM

My dogs very often react quickly to different supplements. Vets usually don't believe it, but it's pretty frquent here.

Glad you are having such amazing results. There is just some "stuff" in Nupro that your boy really needs!
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/18/10 10:17 AM

its probably the Kelp maybe that mineral is whator what s missing.......
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ok, excuse the last post, it looks like foreign lauguage, maybe because its early and someone isn't quite focused yet.....LOL
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I understood your foreign speak!

I don't think it's the kelp alone, I think it's a mix of ingredients. I'm also a huge believer in the flax, but there are also other goodies in there!

With Indy, the vetriscience multi and Missing Link is the combo that worked minor miracles for her, she didn't do well on the Nupro, though lots of dogs do!
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Re: yo maxlisa :) - 06/18/10 11:43 PM

Toby didn't do well with the Nupro, but my other two are, its such a very individual thing..........i am a believer all dogs need a bit extra something if they are on dry commercial foods anyway............and definitely if they have issues. i think its important with any of these powdered supplements is to start them very gradually and increase over a period of time....otherwise there will be upsets getting used to stuff.......

BTW Lisa glad you understoof my foreign tougue. i can't be responsible for anything i write before 6 am in the morning........LOL
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Before 6 am? I'm not even up before 6 am nowadays!
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i am up at 5:00 am, but not awake and alert until 6 or, any typo i make i have a very good excuse for.........LOL

Lisa, i hear you CA people sleep till noon.......LMBO might not be a bad idea to put a bit of this Nupro in your diet......:)
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smartass wink

(I'm on break, wasn't up until 10:30 this morning!)
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LOL smile

10:30 that would be considered and early bird in your neck of the woods........he he!!!!
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No, sorry to burst that bubble, but I am *not* the early bird here smile I'm just the tired, worn out one frown
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Sounds like someone needs a vacation! hey, you could come to Maine we have a tick festival every July...........LMBO
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Would love to come to your neck of the woods...without the ticks of course laugh (Right now I'm just trying to get my mom not to call 3 times a day to tell me how miserable she feels....)
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one thing at a time.........LOL
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smile sound words of advice!
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