Keyzah's swollen upper lip

Posted By: Amaruq

Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/24/10 11:01 PM

Keyzah has some swelling on her upper lip. For what ever reason it does not seem to be causing her any pain. She sort of allowed me to look at it but with a squirmy pup I never got a GOOD look at it. She didn't mind me putting my fingers in her mouth or moving her lips but she was wiggly and giggly as usual so I could not get a good look but it was obvious it did not cause her any amount of pain that she couldn't just blow off. Best guess is she bit it or got it bit while playing with Jethro and Newman after tracking today. Any other ideas what could cause the swelling? She is beyond the teething phase but it is comparable to the swelling Jet had when he was teething.

I just fed them and she was a tad reluctant to eat a leg quarter so I switched her to a bowl of ground and she ate it with no issues. The quarter could have been normal for her but I did not want to push it. She has been acting 100% Keyzah all day so I do not think it is anything major just checking to see if there was something I didn't think of.
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/24/10 11:08 PM

Yeah, my first thought would be any kind of bite or sting.
Posted By: LifeAsMe

Re: Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/24/10 11:10 PM

That's my first thought. I'd give her some benadryl.
Posted By: Amaruq

Re: Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/24/10 11:32 PM

I think it was dog inflicted more than insect so I am going to skip the benadryl for now. Keyzah has a knack for grabbing at Jethro's mouth. I think I will just watch it for now and keep her on ground meals. If it is still swollen Mon call the vet to double check but I think she will be fine.
Posted By: Braverhund

Re: Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/25/10 12:36 AM

Grimmi's muzzle swelled while teething, towards the end of it, too. Hoping Baby K really feels better soon! Pretty girl!
Posted By: Amaruq

Re: Keyzah's swollen upper lip - 04/25/10 04:00 AM

I don't really think it is a teething issue since she is beyond that. Jet was 4 to 5 months when it happened to him and Keyzah is 7 months. I am fairly sure Jet paid her back for hanging off his face as they were playing today. wink
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