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Giardia - 12/28/19 02:33 PM


The good news is Agis no longer has roundworm.

The bad news he tested 'mildly positive' for giardia. I dunno if he picked that up with us or if the shelter missed it? We are going hiking today so are going to swing by the vet to pick up his treatment, and get some baby wipes to wipe his butt so he doesn't reinfect. We always pick up poop right away as we live in a building and aren't jerks.

He did grab some poop once...I dunno (not my dogs, the dog of some jerk who didn't pick up after it).

Poor guy can't catch a break! His poops are perfectly normal though, he doesn't have diarrhea. Luc had giardia once and he was having diarrhea.
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Re: Giardia - 12/28/19 03:59 PM

I'm glad to hear Agis is roundworm free but sorry about the giardia diagnosis, albeit mild. It sounds like you caught it quickly and hopefully with thorough cleaning/med treatment can keep it at bay. crossedfingers
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Re: Giardia - 12/29/19 05:31 AM

Thanks! Of course I forgot to put the meds on his food tonight ugh but I put the envelope they're in IN his food bin so we'll start tomorrow morning!
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Re: Giardia - 12/30/19 03:10 AM

Just wanted to check to see how the little guy is doing today?
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Re: Giardia - 12/30/19 01:05 PM

He had a loose stool last night but slept through the night. I leave for work as Tobyís getting up and he takes them out. But he didnít text me anything was wrong. He did have a bunch of liver treats yesterday so that couldíve been it.
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Re: Giardia - 12/31/19 10:49 PM

Giardia can sometimes be tough to get rid off, so be super diligent with the meds. Sometimes, after testing down the road, it's still there. Sometimes it goes away on first treatment!

Water is also a common source of Giardia. Hopefully he gets a clean bill of health soon fetch
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Re: Giardia - 01/01/20 01:15 AM

Yeah we tried to make sure he doesn't drink out of puddles - Luc had giardia and we think that's how he got it. He's done his first round of meds, another round in two weeks, then recheck after that. Since it was a very mild infection I'm hoping it clears the first go-round.
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Re: Giardia - 02/14/20 10:08 PM

Agis is officially giardia (and other parasites!) free! We tested all three dogs stool together and NEGATIVE! Yay!
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Re: Giardia - 02/14/20 11:45 PM

That's wonderful news.
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Re: Giardia - 02/15/20 09:19 PM

Thanks Johanna and Rosa! We are very happy and relieved.
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