Canine Flu Shot

Posted By: Shilohsmom

Canine Flu Shot - 01/28/18 08:02 PM

I'm thinking of getting Kody a flu shot but would love some feedback on this. Has anyone had this for their pups? Any problems I should be aware of? The SF Bay Area has been struck with dog (and people) flu really badly and many dogs have lost their lives. I've even stopped Kody from daycare as I don't want to take a chance with his health.
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Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/28/18 09:33 PM

I don't have an answer for you but I'm sure Lisa would be extremely helpful in this area. You may want to send her a pm.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/28/18 11:16 PM

Yeah, I'm thinking she might be able to chime in here. So far it looks like something I want to do. The last thing I want to do with my young boy is to isolate him and stop his exposure training but can't say I feel comfortable taking him far from home right now. I also worry that we could bring something back to Eli.
Posted By: PositiveDog

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/28/18 11:32 PM

Canine flu shots require two. The second 2 to 4 weeks after the first.

We are not seeing it in our area, although you would think it was rampant based on news casts.

Very young pups and older dogs with health issues are most at risk. And yes, day care, kennels and especially dog shows with dogs from all over offer the highest risk of exposure.

Our vets advise regarding risk levels, but we do have it for those requesting it. Like people flu, there are multiple types of dog flu.

Any time there is fever, take it very seriously.
Posted By: SeanRescueMom

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/29/18 02:24 AM

I should have known Bonnie would have the answer. thumbup
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/29/18 03:12 AM

I'm not a vax fan in general, I don't get the people flu vax, so I'm not the most helpful here.

I do know it's only meantfor dogs in high dog areas, generally kenneled or sheltered. The daycare I take jazz too is monitoring the situation and they thus far are not requiring it. Luckily they accept jazz's vaccine waivers, though she did have one vax in the shelter as a pup.

She also came to me with severe IBD as a pup, no telling what contributed to that.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/29/18 03:59 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to call the Vet and make an appointment. I'd like Kody to be able to still go to daycare but I'm not willing to take him there unless he's vaccinated. A friend of Nancy's lost her 8 month old lab puppy to this flu so its some scary stuff. I just don't want to take any chances with my baby.

I understand they can still get the flu but just like with people once they are vaccinated its not suppose to be so bad if they do get it.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 01/30/18 01:50 AM

Kody bear got his flu shot today. He'll get a booster in three weeks.
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/03/18 02:12 PM

They are starting to require the flu vax at daycare right now, so I'll be trying to get jazz exempted. I do have a letter from her internal medicine vet.

I did some research and I don't think they have done full duration of immunity studies on it, but it appears that duration is not long-lived. They accepted her waiver for bordatella, so hopefully they will also accept it for the flu vax. I completely understand why a very busy daycare center would want to do everything it can to protect itself. I did find an article by jean dodds that addressed my concerns about the flu vax not being modified for current strains, so I would predict, over time, as more dogs use the vaccine, the less effective it will be as the strain(s) mutate, if they don't modify what's in it.

Now I need to figure out if that vaccine produces viral shedding that will pose a risk to her if she is around every dog who is shedding the vaccine over the next month or so because they have been recently vaccinated. She is vit D deficient, so I'll be sure to keep that up, since it sure helped me when I had the flu. (edit: it appears that these are killed vaccines, so should not expect shedding, which is a good.)
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/03/18 03:25 PM

From what I can tell the Nobivac canine flu bivalent contains chemically inactivated viruses and it should not produce an infection in vaccinated dogs-so no shedding risk. Then again, what I read about online may not be the vaccine that is currently used. It's weird because a live attenuated flu virus is a much better vaccine.

I hope that Kody and Jazmine and all our dogs are safe.

Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/03/18 06:18 PM

Hi MJ, thanks for looking at that, I am less concerned now!

I know that with the live virus you are not *supposed* to be able to catch the virus, but I know that things happen in the manufacturing process where sometimes it does happen.

I read somewhere (but not carefully), that they couldn't get a MLV licensed, which seemed weird.
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/04/18 12:46 AM

Didn't know that cats can get the dog flu:
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/04/18 04:40 PM

Interesting info here. I'm wondering why a second vaccine is required and not just one like for us. Doesn't anyone know?
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/04/18 05:37 PM

My guess is that the first one primes the immune system to be ready for the attack, and the second one is where the most antibodies are made since the body now kinda knows what it's going after after receiving the first shot. That's super informal, MJ probably could say things better and more completely.

I should add, that some viral vaccines only need one successful vax to provide long term immunity. I am wondering those might be highly adjuvated and maybe the flu Vax not so much. No clue, not much info out about it since most dog owners haven't been using it since it's only for dogs in high dog exposure areas.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/05/18 12:12 AM

I would opt to keep my dog out of high risk situations rather than immunize.

I'm an old geezer myself and have not had a flu shot in years. I was getting them regularly but the last one I got didn't do much for me as I caught every bug that came through town that year. I know getting the shot isn't supposed to be related but I just can't disassociate the two. (so logic leaves my mind on that one...)
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/06/18 03:57 AM

You may not be wrong middle:

It's also true that the flu vaccines are less effective in older populations.

As for the dog, she has to go to daycare, no way around that with her separation anxiety. Luckily they accepted the waiver from the vet.

They do say the canine vax will decrease the amount of viral shedding that a dog does after they come in contact with the actual virus, but I couldn't find a list of ingredients, including adjuvant.
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Canine Flu Shot - 02/07/18 09:54 PM

Originally Posted By: Shilohsmom
....I'm wondering why a second vaccine is required ...

Short answer-the response to each vaccine in each species is different. It's really one of the beauties of the science how much variability you can find and then search for reasons.

More realistic answer-people don't like to get shots so there is a high economic incentive for a manufacturer to develop a vaccine that has reasonable efficacy in one shot. With flu vaccines in many people, you're also building upon the immunity from the vaccine in the previous year.

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