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worms!!!! - 11/09/17 12:04 AM

Help!! Vonn has worms. I found 2 rice size worms in his stool, when I seen them move I knew for sure it is worms. I called the vet and he said he is going on vacation, he told me to get over the counter de wormer. Does anyone know about this?
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 01:43 AM

Sounds like tape worm segments to me. OTC wormer should do it.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 11:22 AM

Hi Middle, I need your opinion: my vet said to get praziquantel this is specifically for tape worms. The dogs is on sentinel and that prevents heartworms, hookworms and roundworms but not tape. My vet said if I can't find the tapeworm meds get the dewormer it is for all the worms. I ask him if it was okay to give with the sentinel and he said yes. Well anyway the store has both. Which one should I get?? The store said the tape worm med is better for tapeworms, but the all in one dewormer can do it to. I just don't want to give him more than he needs. The vet can't do stool sample b/c he is on vacation. I could get another vet to do stool sample to be sure. I am afraid to wait though. I am going to get it today, so if you could voice an opinion I would appreciate it. thank you.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 03:56 PM

OK, let's go over this --
Tape worms are not nice but... it is unlikely that waiting to take a stool sample to another vet (today or tomorrow) is going to cause significant harm. (well only cause harm to your wallet.)
Now, be advised that I once thought I found tape worm segments in my dog's fresh stool in the yard. In hindsight I think they were probably mimosa leaf segments.... So maybe you want to take that sample to the vet?
If I chose not to do that, (and if you do choose to do that, make sure the staff looks at the lid of the container as well as the stool sample - experience here on that one, too) I would do the stuff for tape worms only. What med did your vet recommend? I'd be a bit more likely to follow the vet's instructions than those offered by me....(years of experience but no vet training at all!)
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 04:02 PM

The vet recommended praziquantel this is for tapeworm only, however he didn't do stool sample b/c he went on vacation. He is going by what I saw. What I saw looked like a grain of rice and it was moving. He for sure he has worms. The kind of worm it is without laboratory test seems like tape worm. The vet also said I could give a all dewormer that is for all worms.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 05:34 PM

If it was moving, it's not likely to be a piece of a leaf. I'd go with the tape worm dewormer.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 05:47 PM

that's what I am going to do, thank you for replying.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/09/17 10:15 PM

I picked up the tapeworm meds and all dewormer just incase I need one or the other. I am going to the vets now to drop off stool. when I find out if it is just tape then I will use the tapeworm if it is more than tape I will use the other one. The only problem is this stool tonight did not have any worms??? could they intermittent?? What I seen yesterday was a live moving worm. I am wondering if this stool will come back negative?
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/10/17 10:13 AM

Please if anyone has experience with prazquentel medicine for tape worms let me know if it is okay and safe.
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/10/17 08:59 PM

Jazz has had tapes and been treated for it, probably with the same med you had. Because of her IBD she didn't do great with the medicine though. No real side effects, just that he gut got worse after treatment and took awhile to rehab. That's about all I know.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: worms!!!! - 11/11/17 03:53 AM

I've given tapeworm med to several dogs. None had ill effects. Tape worm segments may shed intermittently. (and what you saw was a segment.)
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Re: worms!!!! - 11/20/17 12:22 AM

I wonder what causes tapeworms besides fleas?
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: worms!!!! - 11/20/17 01:45 AM

Tape worm segments shed to the ground by another animal.
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