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diarrhea - 09/20/17 11:23 AM

Hi everyone. I need some help. My dog has been eating dr gary's for a month and everything was going good. Sunday he developed diarrhea, and the only thing I added to his diet was can Fromm dog food. I gave him some on Tuesday, some on Wednesday and some on Thursday. His stool was fine all those days. I didn't give him any can food on Friday or Saturday and Sunday diarrhea?? Monday diarrhea and Tuesday diarrhea ( but only in the morning) I am confused b/c I am thinking its the can, but why the delayed reaction?? also can was not given Friday or Saturday. Nothing else was changed. My question is could it still be the can or could it be the dry food even though he is been eating it for a month with no issue. Also, I called the vet he is not sure about the food either he did say it could be the can. He told me bland diet for now to see if he gets better. Oh, and yesterday I started bland diet so I will see if today his stool is better.
I appreciate any thoughts on this.
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Re: diarrhea - 09/20/17 04:45 PM

One of my dogs will have loose stools if she eats more than normal. Although offered food twice a day, she typically eats late in the evening and wants at least two servings. When she goes over say 2.5 she will produce loose stools the following morning.

With a young dog, especially, I've noticed that washing the water bowl rather than just rinsing it, will help.

The bland diet (generally boiled white rice with chicken for flavor) should = more stable stools. That's what I've been told to use for digestive upsets for years. And it works.

What causes these? Maybe something "interesting" ingested, maybe more food than usual, maybe the water and possibly a "bug" -
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Re: diarrhea - 09/20/17 06:23 PM

thank you very much, I just came home and so far so good he doesn't seem in distress about wanting to go to the bathroom. so no diarrhea so far. should I go one more day of bland diet then go to the dry food the next day? or should I give him dry today?
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Re: diarrhea - 09/21/17 03:57 AM

I'd keep on the bland diet for two more days then gradually introduce the dry mixed with the bland.
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