Boney Lump on Head

Posted By: Cobra1365

Boney Lump on Head - 02/18/14 07:14 PM

Our Sophie girl (5yr old GSD) has a bump that we just noticed yesterday. It does not appear to be the occiput(sp). When I feel it, it is a hard boney mass that runs from just inside her left ey to the point at the back of the skull. It is between 1/8-1/4 inches high along the skull until you get to the back where it is more like 1/4 to 3/8 inches high. She does not exhibit any symptoms.
My wife first noticed it yesterday when it looked like hse had a cowlick as her fur was sticking up.
We have not called the vet yet but plan to. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before?
I don't want to bring a zebra to a dog and pony show...but, having lost our previous GSD to kidney failure at 5 yrs old....

Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Boney Lump on Head - 02/19/14 09:01 AM

I understand being concerned!!

I guess that it's on one side, but when you check, nothing similar on the other? It's not that center bony ridge perhaps?
Posted By: Cobra1365

Re: Boney Lump on Head - 02/21/14 12:45 AM

It is more in the center. But, it just seems odd to suddenly be so pronounced.
Posted By: Islandgsds

Re: Boney Lump on Head - 02/21/14 01:11 AM

Could it be that shes lost some weight and its more pronounced?
Posted By: MaxaLisa

Re: Boney Lump on Head - 02/21/14 06:41 AM

Yeah, I agree with Sandra. It sounds a bit like muscle loss/atropy, which will show that bony ridge running along the skull.

Any other issues going on? Are you in tick country?
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