Is Diabetes Genetic?

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Is Diabetes Genetic? - 03/27/12 01:41 AM

From the brief amount of research I've done it appears that it is. I'm wondering to what extent.

I just found out that Flirt's mother died as a result of diabetes last month. Flirt is my Gordon Setter. Her mother was 8 years old and it sounds like it came on acutely. She came back home after being on the show circuit with her handler and became ill within a few days. After being hospitalized for 3 days they couldn't control the glucose which was at 600, causing her organs to shut down.

After working at the vet I consider myself fortunate that I never had a diabetic dog. And I'm hoping that's not going to be the case. Anyone have any experience?
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Re: Is Diabetes Genetic? - 03/27/12 02:38 AM

Sandy. I had to Google, I know there is an inherited factor in humans so I wanted to see about dogs.

this page will give some additional causes.
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Re: Is Diabetes Genetic? - 04/03/12 01:23 AM

So, I read this and have been thinking about it and wondering what you do?

Is the age of onset of the mom important?

I am guessing the breeder lets all progeny know if it's new and tell people if it's not new to the line?

What do the endocrinologists say I wonder? I think this would be fascinating to study, but would hope to not experience it with a dog, like you said. I had a diabetic cat...thankfully he was an easy keeper and not at all a brittle type.
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Re: Is Diabetes Genetic? - 04/03/12 07:04 AM

No experience, but I know sometimes that chronic low grade pancreatitis can go undiagnosed and lead to diabetes. That type of pancreatitis can be caused by many things, from infection, parasites, food allergies, etc. Odd that it was so sudden, but sometimes things are fine until the body just can't control it. I know that some lyme patients, there is high glucose.

That's about all I know without looking at Val's links....
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