Trifexis :(

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Trifexis :( - 05/24/13 03:25 PM

Anyone that uses Trifexis might want to read this. A lady on my EPI group posted about this after she lost her dog frown
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/24/13 09:38 PM

I guess it was a matter of time before we started seeing some bad things happen. Every med has issues, and all of these meds are getting more and more toxic as we are trying to have them kill everything but the dog.

Here is the companion site I guess:

Like when Rimadyl first hit, it's hard to know the extent of the problem initially. I know that many dogs take this and appear fine, but no clue how many don't. And if your dog is one of the ones that doesn't, that many take it fine is not a consolation.

Found this link on the other FB site:

Thanks for posting this, I had no clue....
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/24/13 11:14 PM

I didn't know either frown I knew some dogs vomited after taking it and Nikki's vet doesn't want her on it.

I took a look at the other links and it's scary...I'll stick with Heartgard.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/24/13 11:23 PM

I have given Risa Comfortis, the flea-killing portion of Trifexis (spinosad) without issue. Though only one dose thus far. I'd rather give nothing but I'm not having good luck keeping the fleas under control and am pretty much forced to use SOMETHING potentially hazardous to keep her comfortable. frown
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/25/13 10:11 PM

Shoot, thats what my vet gave me for Mackie (Pomeranian) and Buddy (Chihuahua). Give we just got Van I haven't gotten it for him yet....
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/26/13 12:46 PM

I agree with Lisa - every med is going to have some dogs that cannot take them. I wish we had a magic ball that could tell us if our dogs would be safe.

My sister has even a bigger challenge since one of her aussies is positive for the MDR1 gene. So many things she has to be careful using.

Regarding Rimadyl - I had one dog go into liver failure after only a few days on it. We ran blood work prior to starting it and all values were well in the normal range. She had a 50/50 chance of making it through, but lived (on liver medication) for at least two more years.

More recently Buddy was placed on Rimadyl after blood work. New tests 3 weeks later showed his liver and kidneys values were rising. We lowered the dose and new blood work is better, but not fully down.

He is 13 and can barely walk without it and I made the choice to monitor his blood often and keep him on it for now.

So - two dogs reacting to Rimadyl in my own home. Yet, I know so many helped by it.

I am using Trifexis for my own dogs and feel comfortable with the choice. I know there is some risk and my heart goes out to those who have lost dogs on this or any other medication.

I live in an area with high incidence of heart worms - sometimes we have to make choices. I doubt there is any heartworm (or flea) medication that has not contributed to some dog's death.

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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/26/13 11:14 PM

Bonnie, for Budddy (I haven't price shopped lately though):

I completely understand rimadyl and other nsaids when things are at the management stage (I know diane had good luck with previcox I believe, and I believe that the initial european dose for rimadyl was lower, which is why they had fewer problems than the u.s.). But there are so many choices for HW, that people that don't even need the full force of these meds are being convinced that they need all these combination products. For example, people that don't have a tick problem, or don't have a flea problem, or one but not the other. Or we really need to deworm our dogs againt all those parasites once a month? Really????

I have a few months of Interceptor left, and then I have to make a decision. I think I am going to go back to Heartguard.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 04:03 AM

Just like humans, some dogs can tolerate specific medications while others can't. Since the Trifexis/Comfortis is a fairly popular drug I would assume we'd hear of more problems with the drug if it's as dangerous as that one FB poster claims. Like with my guys, Bruiser and Faith have no problem with either Comfortis or Trifexis while Slider had a seizure after taking Comfortis. Why? I'll probably never know the answer. I just don't give him either drug.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 01:11 PM

I posted this because a lady on my EPI group lost her dog because of the Trifexis:

Since my vet also feels very strongly about not using Trifexis I thought it was worth posting smile
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 04:47 PM

Unfortunately, anything we use on our pets can cause terrible consequences. It's not fair when it's your dog in the 1% or so that is negatively affected. I totally understand that. But any medication on the market can only ever be safe for the majority of dogs. . .not all. I feel for anyone who has lost a pet to a medication they gave to help their dog. I feel for everyone whose dog has had a negative reaction to any medication. However, nothing is ever 100% safe. You have to weigh the pros and cons of anything and make your decision. There have been plenty of dogs who have had negative reactions to topical flea/tick treatments as well yet others who are not adversely effected.

Like with anything, you have to weigh your options and do what you feel is best for your dog.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 06:07 PM

Thank you, Arycrest and DancingCavy - you expressed much better what I was trying to say.

I DO live in an area of high incidence of heartworms, deer ticks, fleas and other parasites. I made a choice due to seeing the results of what happens without protection.

When reactions are bad they are horribly bad - but the percentages are small.

Again - you have to make a choice. shrug
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 06:21 PM

Bonnie, I wasn't directing my last comments at you, just to be clear!!

Gayle, about the popularity and no problems, these things take time to play out. A few isolated cases here and there, then patterns *may* start arising, then consumer get more active, etc. It took the deaths of a lot of dogs from rimadyl before they did anything, and even now you don't see some vets following that protocol.

I fully expected comfortis to be the first one with major problems, because it does have reports of seizures in some dogs, when I looked quitte awhile ago. We are combining some very powerful insecticides and putting them on and in our dogs. It took me *years* before I realized that indy was reacting to frontline top spot (only one chemical!). I wondered why she always got worse in summer frown But it was a slow and delayed reaction.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 09:08 PM

No problems, Lisa. I did not take the comment personally. In fact I agree that in some areas these products may be pushed and not even necessary.

I also remember when people did not believe me years ago when I said my dog went into liver failure due to Rimadyl. I had to push my vet (no longer my vet) to do blood work first and she still almost died. teary Now, hopefully vets are doing more complete work ups and follow up and the owners are listening.

We all need to know the good and the bad or we can't make our choice.

I think that when my dogs are no longer doing therapy work I will stop using flea and tick products, other than something like Ark Naturals Flea Flicker, Tick Kicker.

As far as heart worm medications - that is scarier. When do you stop? I am puzzling that now with Buddy 13. thinking
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 09:26 PM

I use plain Heartgard, nothing else, and I dose as minimally as I can (watch the weather, give every 45 days, etc.).
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/27/13 09:28 PM

Originally Posted By: PositiveDog
As far as heart worm medications - that is scarier. When do you stop? I am puzzling that now with Buddy 13. thinking
FWIW I've never stopped giving any of the senior Hooligans HW meds (they get it 12 months a year). I was happy to find the Interceptor Spectrum which I ordered a few weeks ago and am putting all three Hooligans on it. I'll still give Bruiser and Faith Comfortis if/when they need it ... but am happier to only give it on an as needed basis.
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Re: Trifexis :( - 05/28/13 12:03 AM

Bonnie, I tripped over this the other day when looking for something else, about Rimadyl and Labs:

I have never stopped HW meds. But I also have never given combination meds. I've either used regular Heartguard, and then I switched to Interceptor at 1/5th the regular dose, which only treats HW and not anything else.

So, I guess the question for me is about a regular deworming schedule, since my dogs have never been on meds that would regularly deworm. I never even ran annual fecals unless there were issues. However, with Jazz here and daycare requirements, I will do the annual fecal, and deworm if necessary. In theory, if the dog is on a monthly deworming, that's not necessary, but there is some question of whether that actually builds resistance. And there is some questions about the symbiotic relationship between some of these parasites and good health. The answers seem to get murkier????
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Re: Trifexis :( - 06/11/13 01:43 AM

I went out looking and found more and more dogs that are having problems with trifexis, sometimes after one or two doses. I did the same thing after comfortis had come out, and I certainly did not find the quantity that I am seeing here. It's pretty much convinced me never to use it, and also to recommend against it.

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Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 05:21 AM

Looks like a lawyer is starting to look into this:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 10:50 AM

Never had a problem with this and have been using it for 3 years now.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 12:52 PM

Interesting. I know my vet didn't want to use it on Ghost because it was too new and she didn't trust it even though the practice we both work at was trying VERY hard to push the product. I'm so VERY GLAD she didn't and preferred to stick with products she knew and trusted with my boy.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 04:16 PM

Oh wow -- I was actually thinking of talking to our vet about this product. New does bother me ... I think I'll stick to what I'm using now.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 06:03 PM

New bothers me too!

There are a lot of dogs out there doing fine on this, but there are enough that are getting sick, some dying, that I'm really glad that someone is looking into the scope of the problem.

I've post this on some of the forums I belong to:

Please spread the word to those that might have experienced issues with this drug. I have been following the FB group "Trifexis Kills DOGS", where, on a fairly regular basis, dogs are having bad reactions to this med, including some fatal reactions. It is unknown the extent of this problem. However, a lawyer is trying to gather stories, to see if there is cause to take action. Here is the webpage:


(Permision to cross-post)
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 06:18 PM

Kayos has a hard time tolerating Ivermectin. I never had her tested for MDR1 but I bet she may hvae it. I have always used other stuff on her. She is the only dog on Trifexis right now and has not had a problem with it.

Due to furlough and money, I have gone to liquid Ivermectin for Havoc and Mayhem.

I certainly will be more watchful with this med now but will still use it.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/18/13 09:23 PM

It's always possible that the med is interacting with, say, another tick/flea product, or some genetic susceptibility, who knows shrug It seems like reactions occur in the first several times it has been used, but I haven't read all of the reports.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/19/13 08:25 PM

We just got it for all four of our dogs (Van, our GSD as well as Buddy, our Chihuahua, Mackie our Pomeranian and Pirate our Doxie).... now I am scared to give it to them!!!
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/20/13 03:04 AM

Tough decisions!
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/20/13 05:10 AM

This is why I don't use pesticides on my dogs. Very sad, for the people who trusted their vets and the drug companies. Not to mention bee colony collapse, the decline of songbirds and now this bat fungus (yes, I'm convinced that pesticides are no good). mad
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 11/12/13 05:20 AM

My phone doesn't have Flash, so I can't see the video, but here is a news report:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 11/16/13 08:37 PM

People avoiding Trifexis should also avoid ComboGuard ( Combo Guard ):
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 11/29/13 04:51 PM

A new article with some current numbers and info:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 02/28/14 03:14 AM

I saw in a document from the European Union, that they don't recommend using Trifexis for more than 6 months in a row.

I did find this, which says that over time, it does accumulate and does not eliminate from the body on a consistent basis over the initial many months.

Monthly repeated oral administration of spinosad and milbemycin oxime over six months revealed
evidence of spinosad and milbemycin oxime accumulation in juvenile dogs. Accumulation cannot be
discounted in adult dogs. In juvenile dogs, repeated oral administration of spinosad and milbemycin
oxime over six months resulted in the trough plasma concentrations of spinosad and milbemycin
increasing throughout the study. Trough concentrations of spinosad doubled monthly up to month 5.
The increase in plasma concentrations was strongly correlated with an increase in terminal elimination

In adult dogs, after repeated oral administration of spinosad and milbemycin oxime for six consecutive
months, increases in elimination half-lives were observed up to month 3[Trough concentrations of spinosad doubled monthly up to month 5]. In a separate study with three
consecutive monthly administrations, no increases in Cmax, AUC, or elimination half-lives were noted
when comparing values from the third and first months. Sufficient data on the Cmax or AUC following
repeated oral administration are not available beyond three months of treatment.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 03/04/14 09:56 PM

I have not had any issues with it. But I also do not give it every 30 days nor do I use it year round. Kayos does not tolerate Ivermectic so she is the only one that gets it.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 03/19/14 02:48 AM

The AVMA has "cleared" Trifexis:

Many replies talk about the problems dogs are having with the dog, some replies argue this, but these two caught my eye....

Thomas Longfellow DVM said:
March 18, 2014 at 10:25 pm
I am also a veternarian and I have no problem stating that this product can and has harmed dogs. I have seen it first hand, I have treated it first hand. I have reported it to Elanco and the FDA. I have pulled it from my shelves. There are other heartworm products and heartworm preventative is needed. Use an alternative but not Trifexis.

Jan Harris said:
March 17, 2014 at 3:47 pm
Since Elanco did not have a contact email address, I had to call them and leave a message. The call was returned promptly. I first asked the receptionist, she pushed me over to a vet tech, who pushed me over to an Elanco vet. This is verbatim:

My Question to Elanco:

I have read the same wording over and over, that vets have found no connection between Trifexis and the necropsied dogs. My question is – exactly what WOULD a necropsy show for a dog who died of insecticidal poisoning? Specifically Trifexis?

Her Answer:

“There isn’t much that you can actually find from a systemic medication.” “What we look for are underlying causes, pre-existing conditions – any other indication that the dog had any other reason for dying.” “There is nothing really definitive to look for” “There is no established link” “We look for what else was going on with the dog.” “For instance, if the dog had a tumor, etc. then that is why we assume the dog died of it.”

My Question:

But even finding another problem with the dog, that’s not exclusive of the dog actually dying from Trifexis, is it?

Her Answer:

“No, you’re right. But all we can do is look for things that can explain the dog’s death.” “There is nothing pathognomonic to look for.” (pathognomonic = a term, often used in medicine, that means characteristic for a particular disease.)

My Question:

Why are there different safety regulations on the use of Trifexis in Europe than in the US? In Europe people are cautioned never to use Trifexis on dogs under 8.5 lbs, and never use it for more than 6 consecutive months in a year.

Her Answer:

“The Trifexis used in Europe is the very same as the Trifexis used here in the US. But the regulatory bodies are specific to each individual countries. They do their own safety experiments and we do ours.”

Elanco admits are NOT looking for Trifexis poisoning – they are ONLY looking for OTHER explanations of the dogs’ illnesses and deaths. I encourage folks to call Elanco themselves: 1-877-352-6261


Jan Harris said:
March 18, 2014 at 8:49 am
And, by the way, the 4 littermates which Elanco said died of “myocarditis” is NOT proof that they did not die of Trifexis poisoniing. Myocarditis simply means “inflammation of the heart” – which can be caused by any number of things INCLUDING drug reaction.

Some insecticides will gather in liver and fat (providing the poison was given over a long period of time) but MANY insecticides are NOT apparent at all from a necropsy (only showing nonspecific internal bleeding and organ enlargement/changes) – and many times the determination of poisoning death is by SYMPTOMS and knowledge of previous ingestion of the dog.

I contacted various vet sites which defended the use of Trifexis and asked THEM pointblank of exactly what a necropsy would show of a dog who died of insecticidal poisoning….guess what – they had NO answer…..and said I should contact Elanco (which I did). I even emailed the question to the AVMA – but they never responded at all. I hope folks will call Elanco themselves and ask: “What exactly WOULD a necropsy show if the dog died of Trifexis poisoning?”
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/31/14 03:20 AM

Wouldn't touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole - no way to tell which dogs will react, and if they do okay on it initially, for how long will that last. Tests in the deaths are inconclusive, but the necropsies reported on FB typically show no other cause of death either.

7/30/2014 update on Trifexis deaths:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 07/31/14 12:45 PM

I haven't followed this recently and my dogs have had no (known) adverse reactions to Trifexis.

However, I was unable to shake growing unease from giving a combo drug. For that reason, I discontinued using it after several months.

I am now giving Heartgard and Nexgard and give them a few days apart. I feel better about this. I will discontinue Nexgard when the temps drop.

All these products are scary to me, but I will not leave my dogs unprotected for heartworm. And they will be treated every 30 days and get HW tested annually.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 08/04/14 01:51 AM

NO issues with it what so ever.......
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 09/09/14 10:59 PM

For dogs that have been harmed by Trifexis, please share:


I am Lisa Fox (Phoenixfoxx), the attorney who is investigating the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against Elanco/Lilly re: Trifexis. I am a plaintiff's attorney who had no desire whatsover to sue a multi-billion-dollar drug company until last Thursday morning, when my beautiful, healthy best friend was poisoned to death by Trifexis within three days of his first (fatal) dose. Class action suits are big, and expensive (for the lawyers, not the plaintiffs), and I have begun the process of seeking out other attorneys who may be interested in doing this with me. No amount of money will ever replace those of us who, like me and many others, lost our dogs needlessly and painfully just to make vets more money and Lilly's shareholders and top brass even richer. However, class-action suits make companies wake up and pay attention, so this may be a very effective way to get the word out there that TRIFEXIS KILLS DOGS. Please let me know who may be interested. As I posted previously, there IS strength and power in numbers, even against a leviathan like Eli Lilly.
Her FB page:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 12/14/14 09:16 PM

Trifexis article, part 1 of 3

This looks like it's going to be a really good series.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 12/18/14 06:56 PM

Trifexis article, part 2 of 3:

Just adding, that I think there is info in these articles that apply to the general safety of all the meds that we give our pets. I think they are worth the read, even if you aren't interested in the trifexis issue.
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 12/21/14 05:18 PM

Part 3:
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Re: Trifexis Adverse Events - 05/03/15 03:12 AM

One type of reaction caught on video (FB video):
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