Bach Remedies

Posted By: MaxaLisa

Bach Remedies - 04/30/11 11:29 PM

When Indy passed, to help with the grief and guilt, UConnGSD recommended the following for me. It really helped then, and if I start getting into a funk, I still use it. I thought I would re-post that, since it might be helpful for others.

She recommended that I use two Bach remedies - Star of Bethlehem for grief, and Pine for guilt.

I got a separate small dropper bottle from the health food store and put some purified water, and put 5 drops of each in it. Throughout the day, take 4 drops.
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Re: Bach Remedies - 05/01/11 01:00 AM

Lisa, thank you for mentioning this. UConnGSD, thank you for helping Lisa, and sharing your knowledge. Grief and associated guilt are painful, and anything that soothes and helps us heal is so very needed after such a painful loss as one of our fur family. Maybe this info might become a sticky?
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Re: Bach Remedies - 05/01/11 06:39 AM

Consider it stuck, and anyone else with other helpful hints to get through this process can add to the thread too.
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Re: Bach Remedies - 05/01/11 11:24 AM

May I ask please are there any known contradictions (?) if used with other medicines eg: not to use St Johns Wart if using SSRI's?
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Re: Bach Remedies - 01/18/12 12:16 AM

Bianca, I am not sure what the answer to this is. My inclination to this is that they work energetically, much like homeopathy, and thus would not interfere with medications.

I did find this, which seems to support this:

"Because flower essences are extremely dilute physically, there is no plausible
conventional mechanism of action that can explain their bio-chemical
composition. Flower essence therapy assumes that living beings are comprised
of more than their physical bodies."
At the top of page 9, the end of that paragraph, they seem to conclude that they did not interact, though I confess I didn't read the paper carefully.
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Re: Bach Remedies - 01/18/12 10:01 AM

Thank you Lisa smile
Posted By: anniej

Re: Bach Remedies - 01/21/12 09:43 AM

The homeopathic remedy Ignatia is excellent for the overwhelming emotions of grief - take it in a 30c once a day. Flower essences (Bach comes under this) and homeopathic remedies are completely safe to take with pharmacutical medicines. Herbal remedies need to be checked - I would always consult a professional herbalist for this.
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