Kaiser is Failing

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Kaiser is Failing - 03/15/17 08:27 PM

I know I'm not around here much anymore, but I still stop in from time to time. Last October I posted a picture of Kaiser on his 11th birthday. Unfortunately, I believe we will be sending him on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge very soon. He has severe hip dysplasia and we've done the supplements, Rimadyl, acupuncture, laser, physical therapy, gabapentin, amantadine, etc. They worked well for a few years, but his age is taking its toll. He just doesn't seem to be enjoying life anymore. He was always so bright and happy. Now his back end is failing and I know he's not happy not being able to do the things he wants to do.

My husband and I keep thinking that we'll give it another day and see how it goes - he does have his good moments, but they don't last very long and I can tell by the look on his face that he's had just about enough. This is a gut-wrenching decision and I know many of you have been through it. I just hope I'm making the right decision for all of us.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/15/17 09:40 PM

Pat I am sorry for your pain.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/15/17 09:50 PM

What a tragedy! My deepest sympathy to you and Kaiser.

VERY VERY difficult to make that decision! I suggest that you think of it as mercy for your dog!

Sounds like his life is tough on him - and he can't talk! I am sure that this is the best decision for him (NOT FOR YOU! for sure!)

Good luck!

Our prayers are with you, family and Kaiser!

At least you can be with him, holding him when he is finally relieved from his increasing pain!

Believe me, he will know that and be comforted by it.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/15/17 10:08 PM

Pat, I'm so sorry. These are the most difficult days.

I always enjoy Kaiser updates and pictures and it saddens me to hear he has problems.

You know him best and will help at the right time. My heart is with you at this time.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/15/17 10:55 PM

So hard!
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 01:34 AM

I'm so terribly sorry that you are going through this with Kaiser. It's the hardest thing we as humans ever have to do. Sending special thoughts Kaiser's way and hugs to DH and you. hugging
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 01:52 AM

Pat, I'm so sorry to hear this... It is gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Have you tried Adequan injections? My friend's 12 year old retired working dog was at this same point. With Adequan injections and acupuncture, he lived to 14-1/2. Those two treatments were miraculous for him. I've used Adequan on two dogs. In the first, he made a huge turnaround in 24 hours. In the second, I didn't see much of a response, although I do believe acupuncture is what kept him going for the next 18 months. My thoughts are with you all - it's a tough journey...
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 04:03 PM

Thanks everyone. We're on a roller coaster. Today he woke me up at 7 for his breakfast and to go out like normal. He ate, went outside, barked at whatever he barks at almost every morning, etc. I've found that taking him out on a leash makes him go slower down the two steps to the patio and he is better able to navigate the steps and then I take the leash off once he's on the grass. I tried a Ginger Lead lift aid to support his back end, but he is so fiercely independent that he tries to get away from me when I'm putting it under him and it actually makes things worse.

So for now, I think we're on a peak of the roller coaster. He's nothing like he was the past few days. I know things could change in an instant and that dreaded day is coming sooner than later, but at least for today, I don't think he's ready and I know that DH and I are for sure not ready. We'll take it day to day and see how it goes.

Kris - We did try Adequan injections early on and they didn't seem to have much of an effect for him, but thank you for the suggestion!
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 06:14 PM

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Gentle hugs going out to you all.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 06:23 PM

Knowing the days together are few-they are so precious. I truly hope that Kaiser and your husband and you have peace today and peace at the end.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 06:41 PM

Pat, I am sorry for Kaiser's struggles. I'm wishing him more good days. May the time with him feel rich and extended.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/16/17 07:48 PM

My heart goes out to you Pat. My Larka is 11 and is going through severe hip dysplasia also. I hope Kaiser is able to rally around. It is so hard to know when to let them go. We've even discussed hip replacement but where do you draw the line.
Please give gentle hugs to sweet Kaiser and save a couple for your self. I wish you the best and peace for Kaiser journeys end.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/17/17 01:53 AM

I am so very sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you. hugging
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/18/17 03:28 AM

Pat, I am so very sorry to hear about Kaiser's health. I know this is a difficult place to be in. Hugs.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/18/17 04:04 AM

I'm so sorry Pat. I hope you stay at that peak for some time.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/18/17 06:30 PM

I tried the Ginger Lead with my old dog as well and the pressure on her bladder would make her urinate every time we used it. I switched to a Help 'em Up harness and it is awesome.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/19/17 02:48 AM

I'd add chiro to the mix of treatments. It did more for Barker the Elder the first than most anything else.

With her, she continued to have great joy being able to get out to the barn however it was she got to see our horse. That's what told me her life was still good.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 03/26/17 12:08 AM

Just checking in and hoping for some good news.
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Re: Kaiser is Failing - 04/07/17 01:07 AM

We had about 3 pretty good weeks with him, but it was not meant to be. Kaiser went to the bridge peacefully with his mom and dad by his side in the comfort of his home laying on his favorite bed last evening. I have added him to the "Remembering Our Beloved Dogs" section.

Thank you for all of your well wishes. The look on his face last night when he was unable to get up or walk said he had had enough.

Run free my good boy. paw
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Kaiser is Failing - 04/07/17 01:55 AM

I saw that same look in Shiloh's face the day he passed.
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