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Senior Health Information - 04/08/10 06:49 PM

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From the Preparing to Say Goodbye Forum:

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Pain Management Links and Information

Quality of Life Scale;gonew=1#UNREAD

From the Health Index:

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Find a Practitioner:

Seniors and Dietary Protein:
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Re: Senior Health Information - 12/21/10 10:01 PM

Excellent transcript that matsired found - an interview with Dodman on senior dogs and issues special to them.
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Article on Seniors and Protein and Kibble:
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Re: Senior Health Information - 07/02/12 03:31 PM

Article on canine stem cell therapy (published in the business section, not in the pets section):
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Re: Senior Health Information - 10/17/17 10:44 PM

Interesting read on the senior food.

I have 4 I consider seniors, Babs, and Jenna at 12, Heidi at 11, and then Odie at 10. Milla and Ninja at 9 some might consider seniors.

I figure they just jump up the price and reduce the calories to make senior formulas.

I pick a food and then feed the older ones a bit less if they start getting heavy. Right now I am feeding Earthborn Holistic, three different types mixed together, and my old ladies eat 2 cups per day, about 830 calories per day. They do not move around as much as the youngsters. The younger bitches get around 3 cups if at their ideal weight and more if they need to gain or are puppies.

My initial response to the change is really good. They seem to have better coats, and they scarf the food down, all of them.
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