homemade dog biscuits

Posted By: jlstudent1970

homemade dog biscuits - 10/15/17 05:36 PM

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone makes their own treats? Also I wanted to know about making low fiber buscuits? When I make them I use oat flour and spelt flour, water. beef baby food and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. I roll them out and use bone cookie cutter. They come out just like you bought them. However, fiber is not sitting well with Vonn, so I am wondering should I use all purpose flour?? I need to use a flour that does not contain a lot of fiber.
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Re: homemade dog biscuits - 10/15/17 06:57 PM

I don't know if I have a lot of advise for you. I used to make some using pureed beef liver or pork liver (chicken liver is too rich I was told) and mashed garlic and flour. I don't recall the exact recipe. These came out a softer treat (better supposedly for training as the dog's not distracted by crunching sounds) which I like (and the dogs liked a lot). The really good thing about homemade is that you can hold them in your mouth for training (even if liver isn't your favorite flavor). You could also use ground beef, ground turkey etc.
BTW use the cookie cutter to amuse yourself - I'm sure you realize the dog is not fussy about the shape of the treat...
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Re: homemade dog biscuits - 10/15/17 08:06 PM

I like the beef liver idea I am gonna try that, I am just lazy that's why I buy beef baby food it's already puree. Well rolling biscuits it not that fun, but I like how they turn out.
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Re: homemade dog biscuits - 10/17/17 05:39 AM

We have a cookbook section with some great recipes in it.
I don't know if this would work. But what about substituting some of the water and flour with pumpkin.
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Re: homemade dog biscuits - 10/20/17 10:35 PM

I tried that but for some reason right now fiber doesn't sit well with him.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: homemade dog biscuits - 10/23/17 07:50 AM

adding a recipe to the cookbook section...
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