Cool Collars?

Posted By: LauraHolder

Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 12:36 AM

Looking to give Oscar and Fanny and updated fashion piece...where have you guys gotten your collars in the past?

I know about Pikoda, but where else?

Buckle closure
Perhaps some kind of design on the main collar fabric area
Relatively affordable (not going to spend over $25/collar)

Posted By: DancingCavy

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 01:01 AM

Aside from Pikoda, I also know of Stinky Dog Collars and SPOTless Designs. smile
Posted By: Liesje

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 01:02 AM

I got one from Fidos Fashion. Coke looks good with orange and DH likes da Bears so I ordered a Bears collar.
Posted By: DancingCavy

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 01:05 AM

Oh and Autumn Royal.
Posted By: mspiker03

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 01:21 AM

No cool designs (that I know of), but we got ours at We got reflective and waterproof collars and the selling point (for us) was that they have the tag info that gets bolted into the collar itself since Leyna kept losing all her tags and it was getting costly to keep replacing them.
Posted By: Liesje

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 01:52 AM

All my dogs have Gun Dog collars as well. I've had two instances of dogs getting away and being returned directly to me b/c of their ID plates (first instance was when one of my dogs was being cared for by someone else, second was what I posted about earlier this summer when Coke panicked from fireworks, broke through our gate, and ran into a neighbor's house). When we go on vacation all our dogs wear their Gun Dog biothane collars with the ID plates.
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 02:43 AM

I get mine from

I have several, Kayos has pink daisies, pink butterflies, yellow bumblebees and red lady bugs. I change them out every few months.

Havoc has mossyoak, red white and blue paws, kokopelli and red hot chili peppers.

They have seasonal ones too. They are reasonable and very customer oriented.
Posted By: SLEACHY

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 04:28 AM

Elmo's Closet
Posted By: LauraHolder

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 04:36 AM

Sweet! Thanks everyone! smile
Posted By: Schnickle Fritz

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 05:05 AM

this woman has the best prong collars with covers....
Posted By: Grakira

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 07:12 PM

Heard good things about this one:
Posted By: Vinnie

Re: Cool Collars? - 08/31/11 07:20 PM

Another member here makes some nice looking leather ones;
Some examples of his work;

I picked up Sundance's newest collar from Sofa City Sweethearts (recycled belts);
Sundance's collar;

DSCF9540 by BlackDogsPhoto, on Flickr
Posted By: Good_Karma

Re: Cool Collars? - 09/01/11 12:50 AM

Fraggle Rock Collars

I love this girl's collars!!! She has posted a lot of pictures of them somewhere else and I really love her fabric choices. She is DJetzel on that other forum which shall not be named. wink
Posted By: VictoriaW

Re: Cool Collars? - 09/01/11 03:07 AM

Nobody mentioned ??? Wow. They are pretty popular too!
Posted By: Barb E

Re: Cool Collars? - 09/04/11 05:09 AM

Wow, poor Dante has a simple rolled leather collar that he's had for....oh.....6 years probably rofl
He does have another fancier leather collar that I love but it's hard to buckle and unbuckle so he doesn't wear that one as much
Posted By: Chicago Canine

Re: Cool Collars? - 09/06/11 10:16 PM

I would suggest checking out
Lots of cool stuff there. I got an awesome dog collar from Paco Collars but they are more expensive.
Posted By: shepnterrier

Re: Cool Collars? - 11/11/11 02:25 PM

This one on Etsy has cool stuff:
Chip would like one with racing flames. For army members (who else would or should get those?) they also have collars made of ACU fabric.

For my own dogs, I stick to top quality rolled leather buckle collars. Hand rolled is better than machine rolled which are split and folded, leaving the end strips unfolded and wider, and are made of stiffer leather. Top leather, and the strip with the buckle as slim as the whole collar:

I love looking at my dogs best without collars, and the minimalist rolled leather in matching colors (dark tobacco for Feli, natural for Chip) come closest. I find that the quality and the initial investment pays off. I have had my current German Polizei- und Schutzhund leather leash for about 30 yrs. The stitches just ripped only now, after 30 yrs, and of course will be restitched. I do tack work maybe every other year, cleaning leather collars and leashes with saddle soap that also keeps the leather very pliable. made a custom leather leash for Chip, a Schutzhund leash for his size and weight. It is so well made, it will outlive me! They also make collars and harnesses.
Posted By: Harley120R

Re: Cool Collars? - 03/08/14 04:08 AM

I suppose nobody has any collar news in over two years. Lol.

I feel awkward posting this. You will see why later.

You have to check out

He makes the finest collars and harnesses in the world. Period. He is a one man show. Anything you get from him is crafted by him and him alone.
He will also make custom items that aren't listed on his site. Just ask him.

Who is he? He's my brother. Yea, it might sound like I'm pimping my brother's stuff. That's not the case. I'm trying to inform you about custom shop that you wouldn't know about otherwise. The best product for your dog.

This is why I feel awkward. I don't care for my brother and he hates me. I shouldn't be helping him. But I'm not helping him. I've seen his work and there is none finer. I'm helping you.

Just do your dog a favor and check it out.

Any questions PM me. I don't have a dime in this and I don't think he's in it for the money either. He has a true love for dogs.
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