Jack hates new puppy!

Posted By: zyp

Jack hates new puppy! - 09/01/17 12:11 AM

So Jack is 10 years old,

We got a standard schnauzer puppy ( I know, heresy). Jack weighs in at almost 100, the pup at 11.5 lbs.

It's been almost 3 weeks of keeping them separated by baby gates, Xpens etc.. Jack would eat him in a nano second.

Have had many dogs and pups, but this takes all.

Jack was one of my two GSDs.. Lost Sofie just a month or so ago.. Jack was not the alpha of the two.

any ideas.

I swear, if pup was a GSD, Jack might take to him more readily..
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/01/17 05:07 AM

Schnauzers are, well, yes Schnauzers. It's my understanding (and I am sure the board will have no hesitation correcting me if I am wrong) they are terriers and terriers challenge other dogs with a stare. Jack may well know what is coming. He's also got the guy thing going on. I've had a male dog that would have nothing to do with other male dogs. So far two females have worked out fine for me.

OK so that's my ideas... Not very helpful but... (your signature says "attitude is everything" and Jack doesn't like this pups attitude.) OK so that makes my post even less helpful.
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/01/17 06:31 PM

Anne, I hope you can get to a comfortable spot with these two.

I am not sure Jack would accept any puppy. It might be that it is a breed thing or it might be that Jack is feeling his age and doesn't want to deal with a jumpy biting puppy. Maybe Jack just thought it would be just him in his golden years.
Posted By: zyp

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/01/17 11:52 PM

yes, Val, there is truth to your comment.

Yes, after losing Sofie, the world hasn't been normal for Jack. He was the younger of the two and Sofie could put him in his place. I cannot push too far since there is a big difference in theitheyr size.

And, Middleofnowhere, theyre technically terriers, but without the typical terrier personality. The Standard Schnauzer is the original Schnauzer and in the working dog class. Unlike Poodles each size of Schnauzer is a breed of it's own.

They have been Schutzhund dogs, herding dogs and used for protection. The minis were bred down using Affenpinscher, and the giants bred up with Great Danes and or Bouvier des Flanders.

He's willful and not at all daunted by Jack (currently being separated with xpen and baby gates), and he'd just be a mouthful for Jack. At 10 weeks Red weighs in at 12lbs to Jack's almost 100lbs.

I've had lots of dogs but never a situation where I cannot have them together. Sofie would have trained him, but Jack wants to be rid of him.

And Val has a point.. My GSDs are always a bit biased.. toward other German Shepherds

Posted By: zyp

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/02/17 12:40 AM

PS.. at my age , thought I'd get a less demanding breed.

Warning, that is not the Standard Schnauzer
Posted By: Kayos

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/06/17 07:19 PM

Havoc hated Mayhem. I thought he was going to kill her. We kept them separated for months but made sure we did side by side walking every day. At 6 months Havoc decided Mayhem was okay. Havoc does not like puppies. Now that we know this we know how to integrate a new puppy in a few months. Very carefully.

It could be that Jack does not like puppies.
Posted By: zyp

Re: Jack hates new puppy! - 09/08/17 12:11 AM

Thank you. will try that.
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