Proactively making friends

Posted By: jarn

Proactively making friends - 09/28/21 09:36 PM

So. Agis is pretty good (not perfect, but generally friendly/neutral) with strange dogs if Xerxes isn't around. If Xerxes is around, Agis will often get his back up.

Dogs Agis has met without Xerxes Agis will generally stay good with. Dogs Agis has met with Xerxes he remembers as 'bad' dogs.

So. We have a new neighbour next door. He loves dogs, and has a doodle of some damn sort that lives with his ex-wife. I've always wondered if it would make an appearance.

All day today there's been barking next door. I'm wondering, geez, are we going to meet in the hallway? Not conducive to neutral or positive meetings.

So I popped over and knocked on the door - poor guy thought I was coming to complain. He said she's only staying one night because of the barking, I said, I was actually coming to see if you were interested in a play date tomorrow. Oh! Yes! (He thought I was coming to complain. But, I mean, it's not like our dogs are mutes)

So Agis and the doodle (forgot the name already) have a playdate tomorrow in the park across the street. Agis generally ignores other dogs when playing fetch, but hopefully they can interact enough that he decides she is a nice dog and then it's just Xerxes to worry about (Nebbers always likes other dogs, no matter what...except for the St. Bernard mix. He's got beef with her).
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Re: Proactively making friends - 09/28/21 10:36 PM

That sounds like a great idea, Jenn. Not just for Agis but your new neighbors doodle too. Fingers crossed all goes well and Agis makes a new friend. crossedfingers Please let us know how the play date turns out.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 09/28/21 10:54 PM

Well that's just it SRM. I would like to avoid open hostilities (from Agis, anyways - Xerxes will take some more doing) as we leave our apartments and this seems the best way.
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Re: Proactively making friends - 09/28/21 10:55 PM

But I felt so bad for our neighbour - he looked so harassed when he came to the door, and he brightened up (such as one can see a smile beneath a mask (required in common areas)) when I said I wanted to see about a play date.
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Re: Proactively making friends - 09/29/21 01:21 PM

Sadly Agis's playdate was cancelled. Terry (our neighbour) brought the doodle back to his ex-wive's last night because she just wouldn't settle. I told him it took our guys some time to get used to noises in the hall (and they still react sometimes). Anyways, the doodle might be here next weekend, so we'll do a playdate then!
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Proactively making friends - 09/29/21 03:40 PM

You are really doing your neighbor a good turn. I can imagine the doodle is a bit confused about owners in separate places, not even thinking about all the noise/smells in a residential building.

New friends

Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 09/30/21 12:28 AM

Thanks MJ.

Yes, I expect there's a lot to adjust to for the doodle. When we moved into this building (smaller unit), Luc had an adjustment period.

I hope they have fun on their playdate when it happens!
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Re: Proactively making friends - 10/01/21 04:43 PM

Well, the boys will have a lot more friends to make.

Our neighbours across the hall are getting a dog from Mexico in November. We're planning on doing some introductory walks.


My bestie is a conservation biologist who was living/working in Costa Rica for years. She adopted a dog there. Came back ~18mos ago, a month before the COVID shutdown. I picked her up from the airport, with Lupi (her doggo), and she stayed with her brother (who lives a 10-minute walk away) overnight before driving to her mom's 4.5 hours away where she lived for a year (she was applying to do her doctorate, which she's now started, but is ~3hrs from Toronto doing field work. She'll be moving here in a month or so, so she apartment hunted to be near us and her brother. She's moving in a 5min walk away so we are going to do our best to have Lupi and our boys be fast friends.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/02/21 07:06 PM

That's wonderful news Jenn. I kind of wish my pups could have friends. I have a neighbor that wanted to see if the pups got along but I just didn't feel too good about it. Good thing, as the dog turned out to be dog aggressive. I later found out he attacked another dog and has had many problems with others. Not saying the same would have happened here but I won't take chances.

Our living situations are completely different here. Where you are it's more important that your dogs are able to go places and visit with other dogs. My pups can get plenty of exercise just running around out property. I don't have to worry about meeting other dogs on the way out to potty.

You're doing a great job with your group.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/03/21 01:16 AM

Thanks Rosa.

Really trying to be proactive with the dogs on our floor as Xerxes doesn't like strange dogs and if Agis meets a dog with Xerxes, well, he's likely to hold a grudge. So fingers crossed all that goes well.

With my bestie, well, we'd like our dogs be able to do stuff together. So I am especially hoping that goes well.

I would worry with a neighbour dog like that too!
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Re: Proactively making friends - 10/03/21 01:41 PM

I admire your efforts for being a friendly, graceful neighbor and planning ahead for smooth interactions in the future. I hope the playdate goes well!
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/04/21 01:51 AM

Aww thanks DE! Me too, for all of the new dogs that will be entering our guys lives.
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Re: Proactively making friends - 10/05/21 11:58 AM

A bunch of dogs that get along together- it's a beautiful sight to see.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/05/21 01:01 PM

It is. So here's hoping. Xerxes will be a little butthead, but he did greet a dog in the park Saturday without reacting and didn't bay at any dogs on our run yesterday so I will cross my fingers!
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/07/21 09:36 PM

So how are all the pups doing? Was the doodle able to return to the building? I hope so, sounds like a great friend for your pups. I bet you're meeting some really cool people too.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/13/21 09:59 AM

Sorry Rosa, I missed this.

The doodle hasn't been back as far as I know. Hopefully soon. There are already...5? dogs on our floor. One they all hate, one a door down across the hall Agis and Nebbers like.

I was happy this morning though, off topic, Toby's hours have changed (he's doing inventory now; they asked him how they could support him helping me, so he now works 7-3, M-F so we have more time together. It helps. Yesterday I was depressed but pushed through because I knew he'd be home soon). So, we are waking up at 5am and I walk the dogs Today we passed a homeless man sleeping in a bus shelter - Agis popped in before I knew the homeless man was there - but he didn't react and we continued on our way. Agis has been bad with homeless people, which I find upsetting as I wish he'd be neutral or friendly. Anyways, so even though he was sleeping, I was glad of his reaction.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/14/21 02:01 AM

Wow, that's a lot of pups on one floor smile Glad to hear Agis did so well on his walk the other day wub

That's great about Toby's new hours. Sounds like he has an amazing boss. I so hope the business does well going forward, it seems like a really good company.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 10/14/21 10:39 AM

I realized 6 dogs! The doodle would make 7. So yeah. There are a lot of dogs in this building.

He really does have a good boss and it is a very good company. I hope it stays that way, right now it's owned by a venture capital company or something and eventually they'll sell it. But the culture is similar to when it was still a co-op.

Another nice walk this morning, if you don't call Xerxes baying three times as we walk along and also picking up a flattened squirrel (thank goodness for 'drop it' command, am I right?). One skunk forced us to change our route. We went by the same homeless man (pretty sure) sleeping in a bus shelter which they popped into again (I didn't see him until we were there) but he didn't wake up so that was good.
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Re: Proactively making friends - 12/18/21 08:40 PM

Agis FINALLY met my BFF's dog. We took them to the big park today in the snow and they ran around on off-leash trails and played in the woods on a giant dirt hill. Had a great time.

Tomorrow we're hiking and then later likely going for a walk with the dog across the hall (Max has taken awhile to settle, so we waited. Agis has seen him in the hall and been neutral).
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Proactively making friends - 12/19/21 05:26 PM

That's wonderful news. Have fun on your walk today.
Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 12/20/21 12:32 AM

We didn't do the walk after the hike - but we met up with bestie and Lupi in the field near our place to exchange Christmas presents (waiting to open) and ALL the dogs were there, Xerxes was very good so all four dogs are getting long! Thrilled smile
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Proactively making friends - 12/20/21 05:45 PM

Wonderful that human friends share dog friends.

Posted By: jarn

Re: Proactively making friends - 12/20/21 10:23 PM

Oh all three of us were so happy MJ! We spend a lot of time together after all. We did try to introduce the dogs strategically, leaving Xerxes for last and once he knew the other two.
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