Advice needed

Posted By: Zisso

Advice needed - 12/21/17 07:57 PM

Zisso has become restless. It started last night. Almost like he just isn't comfortable. Or able to get comfortable. This 'could' have to do with it being too warm in the house. I am 99% certain it is not bloat. He is breathing perfectly, has no abdominal swelling-his tummy is soft. He is urinating and defecating properly. This could also be that he has some arthritis so laying on certain surfaces might be tough on his joints. Either way, his pacing, wanting under my desk (where electrical cords prevent him from being) and constant discomfort have me concerned. I have opened windows, like the bathroom window-he used to lay in my bathroom all the time, but not so much anymore (since I changed the rug in there)

Last night I gave him turmeric for his joints. He limps fairly regular now after playing fetch. He continued pacing and being restless, so I finally gave him 10mgs Melatonin to help him settle down. I also gave him a GasX in case his tummy was upset(still, no symptoms other than being restless). He did settle and actually slept through his last potty trip out last night.

Today I just took him for a walk (about 8 blocks), came home opened bathroom window, gave him the regular rug to lay on and still he tried to get under my desk, and is just plain restless. At the moment, he is outside cooling off from our walk.

He has never been like this. He has always settled nicely, accepted whatever we do or don't do.

Any ideas?
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Re: Advice needed - 12/21/17 08:07 PM

I think based on his discomfort level that it might be best to take him to the Vet. Are his gums nice and pink? When you feel him is there any areas that seem uncomfortable or painful to him? I'd keep the Gas x strips going just to be on the safe side. Can you put a fan on him to see if that helps cool him off?
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Re: Advice needed - 12/21/17 09:51 PM

Rosa, Good advice!

I always make sure I keep Gas X on hand and I am still giving it. Makes me feel better even if it is funny how he drools when I give it to him. I have poked and prodded him all day and nothing seems amiss. No noticeable pain, tummy is a little tight but not hard this afternoon. He is very clingy, and that is not really him. I will go get the box fan in a bit and try that tonight.

Thank you for responding do quick!

PS We were just at the vet last week because of one ear. He had been acting like it was infected again (Had an ear infection last May) and I have had to clean with with special solution, every other day and put steroids in it daily. I stopped all treatments yesterday. It was very dirty but not infected this time. Of course he wasn't acting restless when we were there last week either so of course we couldn't address it. Ughhh, I hate it when something is wrong! This is the exact reason why I decided against getting a pup right now though. Older dogs can get expensive!
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 01:11 AM

You might want to take in a urine specimen. Skye never presented like most dogs with UTIs, but would start acting strange. Her vet learned to just run the test and would sometimes be surprised how bad it was. Seniors in nursing homes react strangely to UTIs as well,and their doctors more routinely check them.

And, of course I'll mention Cholidin. The description of Zisso trying to get under your desk concerns me. For Skye, the smaller the space the better and she would even try to squeeze under chairs. Cholidin was a life saver for her the last couple years of her life.

I hope things get better quickly.
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 01:25 AM

Well that changes things a lot, Bonnie. I never ever thought of a UTI. Guess I will get him in tomorrow. Dang it!
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 02:00 AM

Might be a long shot, but is there bad weather near or not so near to you? Maybe he's sensing some type of environmental change???

I know what you mean about Vet bills for our lovely seniors, they seem to add up really quickly as there is always something. One thing I did with Kody was to get health insurance for him. So at least if something goes on with him I won't be hit with a big Vet bill.

Please update us as time allows.
Posted By: Kris

Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 03:06 AM

I think that's a great idea Bonnie had to check for a UTI. They do make humans act very strangely and from what I've heard, can do the same for dogs. Just wanted to mention Golden Paste since you're feeding Turmeric. If you are on Facebook there is a group called Turmeric User Group. It's run by an Australian veterinarian who developed the paste and several scientists. It fascinating to read the things that Turmeric can help - in humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Anyway, here's the recipe for the paste. They explain in the group why this paste is more effective (for animals and humans) than feeding straight Turmeric. It's easy and inexpensive to make. I buy the organic ground Turmeric in the spice aisle at the health food store. It's about $3 and it makes several batches of the paste.
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 04:58 AM

Well, here's my most recent experience with dogs on my lap, under my chair, under the desk, laying on top of me.

High winds.
Next morning I discovered coyote foot prints in this area of the place (coyotes have been staying out of the area the dogs have access to)

Neighbor screaming curses at someone (in the middle of the night, in the morning, in the afternoon)

Way back in Wyoming
Starlings moving about in their nest in the wall.....

Since this is persistent - trip to the vet.
If that solves nothing, have your house checked for carbon monoxide levels. Or critters.

Re trip to the vet - BTY2 tore a toenail nastily last night = trip to the vet today = lighter wallet.

So if he isn't sick, there's something wrong at your house.
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 02:51 PM

Ok- so we managed to get into the vet last night. Last appt of the day. No UTI. Vet can't find anything wrong. I checked the house and all seems to be well. We do get a lot of wind here and the day this started the wind had howled during the night so bad it woke me up once. Usually when he tries to go under my desk there is fireworks or thunder going on, but there isn't any right now.

Z howled or cried out at 5am, but that is usually him dreaming-nothing unusual.
He seems to be more comfortable when the house is warm, until his coat makes him too hot so I tried the fan, and he was still restless until he wasn't. The walk didn't seem to phase him earlier and we went farther than we would normally, and into unfamiliar territory for new smells.

This morning he is quiet. Relaxed. Resting in his crate. Like normal. If anything here is normal, since my brother is here indefinitely. Z would sleep on the couch or dad's spare bed before my brother came, but now he gets neither one. Brother keeps couch occupied with his computer at night and Z isn't allowed in the bedroom any more at all. Maybe he just aches more from sleeping on the floor? LOL

Either way, my wallet is lighter and we have no answers. Maybe I am just going crazy!
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 03:23 PM

You do have a lot on your plate hugging I'm glad you took him to the Vet. I know its hard but it does give us some peace of mind.

It sounds like there have been many changes at home there and maybe he's not feeling as secure as he use to feel. Can the couch be cleared so he can sleep there again? As Shoshi got older she was much more upset when it got too windy. It scared her so maybe that's what's going on with your boy.

I'm glad he's better today. Please keep us posted.
Posted By: Mary Jane

Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 04:17 PM

I'm glad that Zisso checked out well at the vet's, but then that doesn't solve the current problem. He really deserves some comfort at his age, but you explained well how that is more complicated than before.

Worrying about sleeping on the floor-can you get a softer cushion for his crate?

Anyway, good luck with your guy,
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 04:39 PM

I have tried a bed in his crate, but he won't sleep in there with one. I think it's too hot with all his winter coat. He has that bed in the living room if he wants it. And my bedroom door is open for him to go where he wants.

That said we are going back to the vet today. When we were there, they checked his gums, etc, Overall he is fine, but this morning....

He payed great this morning until I couldn't take the cold any more, but in the process, I noticed his breath is worse than normal. I am now thinking he may have a bad tooth. He always has The Worst breath, even right after a cleaning, but this smells almost like he just ate a pile of poo. So back we go to have it checked.
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 05:10 PM

Ooops! He *played* great....

Vet appt at 2pm. Pretty sure this is going to be a bulls-eye. Not sure how they missed it yesterday. In my defense, I was fresh out of the dentist myself, when we went, with my lower jaw totally numb. Can't begin to count how many times I bit my tongue. LOL
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 10:16 PM

Its so hard sometimes trying to figure out these things. I remember one time I had Shoshi to the Vet several times, she had x-rays, bloodwork, you name it, it was done. As it turned out there was a small piece of harden mud shoved way up in between the pads of her foot. It was hard and no doubt sore. The thing was I knew something was wrong but she didn't give me any good hints. I finally just happened to discover it, but once I did she was fine.

I so hope you get an answer soon and that its nothing serious.
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Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 10:46 PM

Thanks Rosa!

This vet trip also yielded Nothing!

When I took him in last week, he had been shaking his head a lot like he did when he had an ear infection. This time his ear was just very dirty and had a lot of wax in it, so the vet re checked his ear. There was something small and hard in there that he pulled out-no clue what it was- and I will continue to clean his ear for another week.

His temp was fine, no grumbling in checking range of motion, nothing when applying a bit of pressure to his back, legs, etc so overall, there was nothing at all. He did give us 6 tabs of Carpofen as an anti inflammatory. Z's teeth are fine although a bit dirty.

Only other thing I learned is he is a solid 76 lbs.

Vet and I talked about always watching out for bloat, talked about arthritis, talked about the Carpofen affects in the liver, etc. Basically covered our bases. This vet is new to the office. Luckily, because I was there just last week, he was able to call this a recheck and it was cheaper. Of course Z is never happy about being there, but I feel better knowing there is nothing serious going on.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Advice needed - 12/22/17 11:00 PM

I'm so relieved. Perhaps he's just having some rough times right now. I think it can be hard for our pups during the Holidays with all the goings on. I just hope that is all it is. I know they drive us crazy sometimes crazy I'm just so glad he has you and I know he is too!!!

Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Advice needed - 12/23/17 01:59 AM

Well, the new info since I weighted in -- bro in, dog kicked out of bedrooms and off couch === he's protesting by telling you about it - making sure you know about it by crawling under the desk (and tangling wires and frustrating you so you will feel his "pain"). If I remember right, bro = causes stress for you. So figure in that he thinks you need to know bro is there and that may be part of the "telling you about it" that's going on.

And MC to you. What better way to spend $$ than at the vet? That is in part jest but in part serious - it at least reaffirms "not that" so far as a health issue goes.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: Advice needed - 12/23/17 02:11 AM

Merry Christmas to you all! Especially you crack me up. Z's Christmas gift was a few trips to the vet. I am not so sure that him acting up now is over the eviction from couch and bedroom though-bro has been here since Oct 28. I do think that perhaps the cold and a bit of arthritis is causing some discomfort though. Either way, I can rest easy knowing there is nothing major medically. Also, I just ordered my own ear scope (Otoscope) so I can see in his ears. That will be helpful in keeping this ear clean. I am so not comfortable doctoring it 'blind'. Plus when he has future problems with this ear, I can look first before going to the vet. It was only $7, and will pay for itself the first time it saves us a trip to the dreaded vet. I am grateful he didn't have a problem with a tooth since that could prove to be extra spendy.

In other news, I guess my mom has been doing a good deal of traveling in her world-Disneyland and Florida last week! It's getting hard to keep up with such a busy lady smile We will have her here for Christmas dinner, and then maybe she will settle down for awhile. Dad is fat and sassy, bro has given up on his house ever being ready to move in. It is very discouraging that the builder worked hard all summer, but as soon as he came back here, the builder slowed to a snails pace. I know he wants to go home so badly!


Hope you all enjoy the Holidays!
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: Advice needed - 12/24/17 04:33 PM

Just checking in to make sure your boy is still doing well. Happy holidays.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: Advice needed - 12/25/17 02:28 PM

Merry Christmas Rosa!

Last night he was up to his restlessness again, driving me crazy. After all the poking and prodding, I found what looks to be a large scab on the inside of one knee. I think it was a hotspot. Dark, and parts of it coming loose in his hair. I couldn't get a good look at it-someone was being difficult and I wasnt ready for the struggle.Will check it out more today. I applied witch hazel to stop the itch. Finally gave up around 10pm and gave him Melatonin and he finally settled down around 11. It's like he does not want my door shut at night.

I never closed my bedroom door when we lived alone, but I do now, for obvious reasons. I don't latch it, just in case Z has an emergency to go out. But all of a sudden, if it is closed he will keep pushing it open. Maybe this is a result of him being 'displaced' by my brother but either way, I am so over it!
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Re: Advice needed - 12/25/17 06:59 PM

Iím sending very wellness vibes for your dear Zisso. Iím hoping you can find out what is bothering him, and what he needs. Perhaps it has to do with the area on his knee, but perhaps not. Itís so hard to know, so our quest to Sherlock Holmes an answer continues. Iím hoping the answer to what he needs comes to you soon! Grimmi and I are sending best wishes for Zisso to feel better, soon! Sending you positive well-wishes, also! gsdbeggin crossedfingers hugging
Posted By: Karin

Re: Advice needed - 12/26/17 08:02 PM

Sorry to hear about Zisso's problems. I second Bonnie's comments about Cholodin. Zisso is 10 now, so CCD (canine cognitive disorder) could be a possibility. Heidi (age 12 now) was (and still is) often restless at night, wandering, squeezing in corners, staring at walls, and sometimes getting really scared. Cholodin did wonders for her.

A couple of months ago, she seemed to be getting much worse in all the above behaviors, plus she would get panicked out of the blue once (sometimes more) times a day and would shake, pant, pace, and try to get behind our chairs, almost knocking a lamp over in the process. She also lost her appetite and was down to 52 lbs. And on top of that, she started having what looked like small seizures. The vet couldn't find anything wrong so we took her to a veterinarian neurologist (who we weren't impressed with) who recommended an MRI and spinal tap. No way were we going to do that at her age. I started researching hypothyroidism and had her blood levels checked and found that her thyroid levels were low normal. We put her on a low dosage of thyroid medicine and the results have been pretty amazing. Better appetite, no more seizures, more balanced, and sleeping through the night most nights. She still has her moments but she is MUCH better than she was before.

I hope you can find out what is happening with Zisso. It's so hard to figure out how to help them with their issues when they get older because so many things can go wrong. Keep us posted!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: Advice needed - 12/27/17 06:47 PM

Sweet Patti, thank you so much for your kind words! Karin, I agree that if I can't find the root of his troubles I may need to look into Cholodin.

Night before last, he was up to no good getting into the garbage, which is something he has just started doing around Thanksgiving time when he stole the ham bone from the trash. He got into it again night before last, and I caught him red pawed wink so threatened to beat his butt as I opened the door, providing his escape. I had been moments from deep sleep, yet found myself out playing at 10pm o run off some energy.

So last night I tried a new approach, and it seemed to work best... late evening romp in the snow! Exercise! One of the reasons we don't play a lot this time of year is that he gets those dang ice balls in his feet, so I found a way to control that. I picked up a little personal trimmer for guys. The kind that is meant to trim nose and ear hairs. Using that, I can trim the hair on his feet without a major fight from him and it helps to keep the ice balls from forming with less hair.

I also picked up an ear scope so I can see for myself how his ear is doing for wax and dirt and save myself money going to the vet. I have the ear cleaner and steroids, so now can treat as needed without paying $60 for the vet to tell me his ears are dirty smile

Overall, those 2 tools cost me about $15 and will pay for themselves in no time and we will both benefit greatly.

Z loves to play in the morning and I tend to get busy in the evening with dinner, dishes, floors to mop up after long days of us all tracking in snow and mud so afternoon/early evening play was omitted. I think now by controlling the ear problem and hairy feet problem, we can get out more, play longer, get more exercise and rest better. Last night it was Zisso who headed for the door first!

I want to thank you all for your kind and caring hearts and advice, suggestions and love. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Advice needed - 12/28/17 04:08 PM

So problem solved. Change in routine = restless dog or change in dog behavior. Do I know that one. Bev, you withheld information from us! (because, of course, you didn't think of it... been there.) It seems to me that the guys are much more sensitive to activity level changes than females. If the shave/trim doesn't do it all consider -- Snow boots, musher's secret and a warm rug to lie on when coming into the house can all help with snow ball control. Get this figured out and we'll have a short winter. I'm for a short winter.
Posted By: Woodreb

Re: Advice needed - 12/28/17 05:51 PM

Amen to the short winter. Are you all getting the Arctic blast? NH is around 0 today with major wind chill. Even Caleb and Ciara don't want to stay out very long.

Hope some extra play time gets Zisso to settle in the house.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: Advice needed - 12/31/17 05:42 PM

Middle, yeah, my thought process is slow...takes me extra long to pinpoint things these days. Sometimes I feel like I headed the same direction as my mom...then I get mad and determined to not let myself go nuts wink anymore than I already am, anyway. LOL

It is warmer here than last year. Snow is nearly melted in yard. Z is much better with the shorter hair on his feet. We got an excellent game of fetch in yesterday and had I Not binge watched a scary show last night, we would of had a great night. I dread tonight with fireworks since he is so terrified of them, but hoping Melatonin will help us both.

My brother is getting his house in about a week! We had a chat with the builder the other day to pin him down on the progress and get a rough date. Carpet and appliances, and plumbing all go in next week. So then Z will get his bed(s) back...the spare bed in dad's room and the couch.

Happy New Year my friends!
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: Advice needed - 12/31/17 07:52 PM

This sounds good. The bros house, the play/exercise, the warmer weather - I can still see snow on the mountains bright and clear so the snow pack may be just fine.

On the "not thinking of it" -- well, that's just the way humans operate. Long after the fact "oh yeah, hmmm." At least sometimes I have a sudden dawning of something I should have figured out much sooner.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: Advice needed - 01/01/18 05:29 PM

Happy New Year my friends!

Last night was the most Amazing one I have had since bringing Z home in '09!

I gave him 20mg of Melatoin at 10pm, and let him out of my room. I took some also and went to sleep. He woke me up shortly after midnight freaking out, I let him up on the bed and turned TV back on. He settled down very fast, and at some point in the night he was too hot and I let him back out. That was the best New Year's Eve sleep I have ever gotten!

I think it was helpful to have it so cold last night that people stayed in and that I was already zonked out so maybe that helped him be calmer. We had a good day and a good night. I couldn't be happier. Now I look forward to a good year. Who knows what 2018 will bring but I am positive it will be great !
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