I Hired a Trainer

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I Hired a Trainer - 05/10/19 11:42 PM

Today Gypsy and I met with a trainer. These are individual sessions. One on one. $325 for 5 sessions.

First let me say, I enjoyed meeting her! She was here a couple of hours, we talked about Everything, she made NO attempt to pet Gypsy, fed her a lot of treats, and Gypsy was an Angel! That sounds like an exaggeration, even to me...well she was awfully nosy about Jeanette's purse/bag. But she was all about this new lady with yummy treats! She was up on the couch, nosing as close as she could to that bag of goodness. Jeanette was not a threat, but the bringer of good things, the dispenser of good things. Gypsy laid her head down while on the couch, quite close to Jeanette. She also laid next to me and fell asleep at one point. Very relaxed and at ease. We talked about .about the fear aggression with dogs & people, exploring the world, about being an adolescent, about my methods, about time outs, about rewards vs punishment, about managing vs training. You name it. We talked about commands and collars.

I am excited to begin this journey with Gypsy. To be able to teach her how to get the best out of life. Like I told Jeanette...I don't want or need Gypsy to be best friends with all.the.dogs. or all.the.people even, but I want her to be able to see a dog and move on with no outlandish reaction, and I want her to greet people politely. If I were pressed for a 3rd thing to work on, I would say recall, yet I know GB is young and that takes time and the maturity that comes with it.

Jeanette gave me a lot of praise too! For my determination, and for the things I am already doing with Gypsy. Since Gypsy has been such a handful so far, I know I have to do the work to get her where I want her so I don't have to just manage her like I did with Nadia. So Jeanette didn't have any immediate assignment for me...told me to keep doing what I am doing and she will put a plan together for our other 4 meetings. Just to be able to talk face to face with someone who truly gets this whole thing was awesome for me. Seeing my baby relax like she did was even better smile
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/11/19 01:29 AM

Good luck with your training.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/11/19 03:28 AM

This sounds like a win-win for everyone! thumbup Can't wait to hear about your next session and Jeanette's plan.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/12/19 12:11 AM


Sounds like a very forward looking plan-and you seem to have found a partner in Jeanette.

Please keep us posted about those next sessions-I can surely learn something.

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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/16/19 03:44 PM

Jeanette the trainer was here yesterday. She caught me off guard by arriving a little early. Dogs were barking up a storm, Gypsy was terrible. As soon a Jeanette came in, Gypsy seemed to remember this lady was the dispenser of yummy treats and settled down quickly. We basically did a lot of talking again, about things I need to do now to connect the dots for Gypsy. This will be done with clicker training and lots and lots of treats.

We also went out in the back yard. Jeanette stayed on the deck while Gypsy and I went int o the yard and did a few things so J could see where we are in obedience. She was impressed that Gypsy will do a sit/stay while I turn my back and cross the yard with a toy. Gypsy will wait for me to throw the toy, or I can call her to me and she will come sit at my feet in front of me, Schutzhund style.

Next time will be in about 2 weeks, and we will go for a walk. Jeanette will call and let me know she is here and we will go out to meet her on the sidewalk. That will be a challenge for us because she doesn't greet people in her space well, then trainer will follow us on a walk and click then I treat, ending with trainer walking Gypsy while I click and she treats. Not sure how well that will all go, but I am in this for the long haul and will do as she says.

We just played in the rain, but no walking today- not my favorite thing to do is getting drenched. Maybe I will take her to go get Z's food and more treats.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/17/19 03:59 AM

Hey Bev,
I enjoy hearing about the trials and tribulations Ms. GB offers you. Keep up the good work!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/17/19 02:24 PM

Thanks Middle!!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/18/19 04:23 AM

Now that I am 'connecting the dots' with clicker training a certain youngster won't do anything without treats crazy

Well, she will do a sit/stay and let me walk with my back turned across the yard with her toy....and then come when called for her toy.

But if she has the toy, she won't drop it without a click and treat. Or anything else without clicks and treats.

And it's hard to play fetch to get her tired when it takes forever to drop a dang ball without clicks and treats.

We went from 3-4 games a day to ONE ... the rest of the day she was pacing and unsettled without sufficient exercise.

Connecting the dots is hard!

(In her defense, she could be feeding off my negative energy- a lot has been going on, as I had to put my mom on Hospice this week)

However, yesterday, I had a meeting with a lady here at the house. Gypsy made friends with her in a very short period of time. And before this lady left, Gypsy had given her kisses and shared her toy with her. That is HUGE for this little girl!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/18/19 02:48 PM

Can you not use clicker training when playing ball. I would play Two-Ball, have two balls or toys of equal value to Gypsy. Throw one when she brings it back let her see the second ball, normally the dog will drop or even spit out the first toy to have the second one. I use play to teach things like sit or down, I ask for the behavior and when it happens the reward is you throwing the ball.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/18/19 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by Wisc.Tiger_Val
Can you not use clicker training when playing ball. I would play Two-Ball, have two balls or toys of equal value to Gypsy. Throw one when she brings it back let her see the second ball, normally the dog will drop or even spit out the first toy to have the second one. I use play to teach things like sit or down, I ask for the behavior and when it happens the reward is you throwing the ball.

That is what we used to do. Until she figured out there really were two balls. Then she would go after the 1st about halfway , turn and have a stare down with me waiting for the 2nd. I frequently went back in the house because she never went to get the 1st ball. I have been doing clicker training with the ball for a couple days, however I lack the fine motor skills to treat at the right time because I am holding her still, clicking, treating and trying to get the ball picked up before she gets it. So I was trying to just have the treat in my hand down low, where she could drop the ball, get the treat while I grab it. Problem there is she holds the treat in her mouth (I think...she doesn't eat it anyway, no matter how long I wait.) until she is after the ball again and comes back slower looking for what fell out of her mouth. We were so close to her coming back and just dropping it before I started clicker training....and today she was fair. She has come to understand apparently that if I say 'alright', we are headed back in and Then she will drop the dang toy.

After a good game of fetch, she naps. I need those naps times so I can get other things done. Or to just have a little me time to gather my thoughts, etc
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/20/19 07:10 PM

Oh Bev, it is great entertainment for her I am sure. (and for me but likely not so much for you.) Been there.

Have you tried sitting down? Now this can also get problematic as in I have two dogs most likely to out when I am sitting... But it did work for out & two ball. Then I eventually switched to standing and throwing hoses - two hoses. This is basically what Val had to say ----- Have doggo focus on me, throw one hose to my right, dog comes running back with that hose & as soon as she drops it in anticipation of the other hose (Aus! & throw the second hose to the left) repeat. I also have toys - two close to alike. I might play a similar game with them after the hoses. Both these toys have rope handles (for the handler - they don't do anything particularly good for the dog) and the dog prefers one over the other no matter how identical they look to the human. First throw is the least favorite, if she drops it before she gets to me, the other ball does not get thrown. She gets a "get that!" order. When that toy is dropped close enough for me, to prolong this a bit, snatch it up and throw it again (keeping favored toy tucked away). This may happen a couple of times (I use Aus as she drops it and follow quickly with a yes as I do the re-launch.) When I'm thinking close to enough, I will launch the favored toy rather than the one that was just dropped. If she brings it back and releases it, we can do another throw. If she doesn't release it, we tug for a bit and she gets to carry it inside.

OK enough of that --- Don't know if it is helpful or not but there it is.

The ways they find to frustrate their handlers.....

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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/20/19 08:34 PM

I am trying to figure out how to get Gypsy to bring the first toy back to you. Try a short throw with number 1 and then start walking backwards as she starts coming towards you, or throw the first toy and before she start coming back to you turn you back on her and see what she does.

I can't remember having that problem or if I did what did I do to fix it. All of my GSD's had pretty good ball drive.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/21/19 12:01 AM

Looking at Val's response was a bit of a dope slap.

Whew, OK this is an old problem with throwing the frisbie for Barker the Elder the First. Like 1990s. Long line on doggo. Long line on doggo. How could I forget that? Especially when it saved the relatively expensive, nice soft gummy frisbies from being reduced to rubble. You don't need to hold the long line. Your throw can go out further than the line reaches. You can , however, pick up the long line and call doggo back with success. That is how you get the retrieve to work when it has become keep away.... Maybe that will work for you Bev.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/22/19 05:28 PM

I have gotten to the point that it easier for me to let her walk about sniffing and when she drops it I go get it. Not exactly good training, but keeps me out of the cold and rain for so long. Half the time with her, and of course that long again with Z. I have a 30 foot leash- however can I throw the toy ony 20-25 feet? LOL Nope! It bounces off the trees, she gets tangled, and reeling it back in then clicking and treating...I am not all that haha coordination has never been my strong suit. The least favorite toy works the best. I hold onto the favorite, but I still end up fetching the least fav as she drops it about a mile away (it feels like a mile) because she is so focused on me having that favorite toy. Even if I keep it in a pocket, she knows I have it.

It will all come together eventually, but the first thing that needs to happen is better weather!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/22/19 09:50 PM

I have been trying different things with G, and over and over again, if she doesn't drop the toy I say "alright let's go in the house" and she instantly drops the ball (I should say Spits.It.Out. ) Too cute, and proof she knows what I am saying.

Meanwhile we are still lacking walks, but her time is filled with marrow bones so keep her busy and prevent misbehaving.

Feels like a win win to me. grin
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/24/19 03:53 PM


I don't want to start a new thread for this since a have a couple going on....

I am giving thought to having Gypsy spayed. shocked

I know it is preferred to wait until they have their first heat cycle and they are matured around 18 months to 2 years. I know the risk of the growth plates not completely closing this young and....

But...she might be better off being spayed young. She is simply not accepting people or dogs, not calming down when needed, not behaving or learning much of anything She is Soooo defiant. I know a lot of this is because she is still a baby, but these bad habits are becoming ingrained in her and will be a ton more difficult, if not impossible to train her out of later.

So, I need some input. Have any of you spayed young due to behavior issues?
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/24/19 04:37 PM

Spaying her early will not solve the issues you are dealing with, it might actually make it worse at this stage of her life. You are dealing with a young dog that has soft nerve and fear issues.

You need to change your thinking, there is no magic cure, but a lot of work and trial and error to find something to help her.

Here are some of the things that helped with DeeDee.

Thundershirt, example at the vets office DeeDee was a trembling dog trying to find a corner to crawl into. With her Thundershirt she was super doggie jumping up on the bench then stepping over to the exam table.

It helped center her so to speak, so we could do things, she was more focused less hectic. I could get her to follow command better.

Tranquil-Tabs Herbal supplement that can help calm some dogs down. some times with DeeDee it was just Tranquil-Tabs, some times just Thundershirt and some times both.

Gypsy is hectic because of her nerves, so you need to work really hard on things that can help her. With dogs, I would work on focus on me and leave it. Work the Leave it with the best of the best rewards. She can't learn when her brain is going 110 miles and hour. Make sure she understands "Leave It" before you add the stressful situation. She needs behaviors ingrained that she can go to.

Also get the "T-Touch" training, there are things that can help her. DeeDee's was ear work, it calmed her down.

These aren't the easiest dogs but once you can help her it is very rewarding. DeeDee was very loving and sensitive, so you don't want to get frustrated with her out bursts, she just doens't feel brave enough to deal so she gets tipped over the edge of what she can handle.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/24/19 05:33 PM

Bev I didn't mean this to sound bitchy or harsh, it is just there is no quick answer.

Also you need to be her rock and the strong leader. She needs the strong leader, it is your job to protect her. If she is reacting to a dog, step between her and the dog.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/25/19 01:05 AM

Originally Posted by Wisc.Tiger_Val
Bev I didn't mean this to sound bitchy or harsh, it is just there is no quick answer.

Also you need to be her rock and the strong leader. She needs the strong leader, it is your job to protect her. If she is reacting to a dog, step between her and the dog.

Val, I didn't take it that way at all and as a matter of fact you said exactly what I needed to hear. I wasn't sure the spay would help or hurt, and way down was fearing it would be harmful to her behaviors....that it could intensify them. I will admit and own this with every fiber of my being....I get frustrated...I grasp at straws. Dang it....I want so badly to have the easy going pup that learns easily, isn't stubborn, has no fears, and got just the opposite. There are times I am just plain exhausted from her constant on the go, pacing, bugging to do something. She gets more and more time outs these past few days for misbehaving than she does rewards for behaving nicely. She gets Plenty of exercise....plenty of food.... so I try with all my might to think of more things we can try.

Tomorrow begins another challenge that I DREAD. My daughter is coming to town. And staying here of course. She has her 1st dog now, that is 2 years old and this dog has made my daughter an expert. Go figure. She will try telling me what I should do, etc, but things are different for this pup than they were for her pup, so we are bound to clash. Ughh!

Other stress factors going on with me regarding mom and my job seem to hit at the same time G gets out of control so I am working on controlling my own anxieties so she can't feed off them, and yukky weather has been the final straw in the order of our ever so busy days ...
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/25/19 01:32 AM

Hey there, I'm pretty late to this thread. I was reading on Gypsy and your challenges with her. She sounds so much like my Abbey. Abbey was so tough to train. I spent the first few years of her life basically exercising her for a good hour before putting in any training. I'd exercise her for an hour followed by about 30 minutes of training, twice a day. The first years, she was being exercised and trained for 3 hours a day! Whew... and she wasn't even food driven, so I had to come up with something else to use as a reward, which was play.
With Abbey, I learned that a tired dog is a good dog. She's pretty anxious and she has severe anxiety with her yelps and screams if she thinks someone is being left behind or if she's being left behind. Abbey is very smart and can easily outsmart people.
Abbey was spayed about 11 months old, before her heat cycle came in. I can't remember why, but it was something to do with reducing cancer risk. I don't if that is true. I do know it didn't help her nerves because she was an anxious psycho dog before she got spayed.

I will also add... that Abbey is turning 11 years old next month and she's still a defiant smartass dog. But she's so sweet and loves us, and protects my kids if anyone gives her reason to think they will harm my kids. She is still hyper, and doesn't act old although she is on supplements and pain blocker medicine because she developed hip dysplasia. I stopped giving her 3-hour exercises when I got pregnant with my first and it was a slow descent from 3 hrs to 2 hrs exercises, then smaller walks twice daily, sometimes once daily if schedule is too hectic.

From an owner of a hyper, psycho, "all strangers are dangerous", endless ball of energy dog to another, I wish you best luck and can say that things will get better, you've got to keep doing your best.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/25/19 01:40 PM


Thank you for your words of encouragement. Much appreciated and taken to heart.

I know there are days that I feel like giving up. I am almost 62 and I think that plays a role in this...I am not a spring chicken LOL I knew getting a puppy at my age would be harder, but I also didn't expect what I got. The constant hyperactive, get into everything, barking for attention- actually more of yipping at me when she wants attention because she is bored....nipping when I get a little playful with she gave me a bruise on my wrist as she was nipping at my sleeve rather rambunctiously.

I make sure she gets a lot of exercise and try to do some training after that. We walk, and now that the weather is getting better I even walk in the evening on my days off. Gypsy yelps and shrieks when Z gets to go and she is left behind. Last night we went for our first evening walk and she was faced with passing a group of people on the path. She did Very barking, and immediately got a click and treat. So people are getting better for her. She met that came to the house last week and almost immediately was her friend. I was super proud of her making by the crowd last night!

Dogs are a whole big deal. I strongly believe it has a lot to do with the yappers next door. So rather than try to block her all the time, I picked up lumber tarps to attach to the fence (chain link) so she can't see them. They might end up being up there for a long long time. But it will help to prevent the aggression that she shares with one of the yappers.

On top of her issues, Z has one or two, like he doesn't share toys nicely, so I have to keep his toys picked up when they are out together. She just doesn't know the difference and will try to take a toy from him. It was a fight over toys that caused a fight between him and Nadia-who in turn, looked me in the eye and bit my leg really bad.

So in the long run, I know this is going to be a long road and not an easy one. I will take all the advice I can get in her care and training to help her reach her full potential.

Again, thank you for your help and kind words!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/25/19 01:58 PM

Bev, really, you are making good progress with this pup - I know she came with an already earned PIA title but you have done a lot. All I can add, is remember to award the good behavior for quite a while even after it is learned.

Now: . Gypsy yelps and shrieks when Z gets to go and she is left behind. ------- My youngest who is now a bit over 5 yo still does this when I take my older dog out. She also has an excitement attack when I go to the door to let them out never mind that she came in moments before. What I'm saying is you may not get over this one.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/25/19 02:07 PM

Both of mine play the "deprived dog" if one goes for a walk and the other has to stay behind. And both of mine do the let's bark our fool heads off when they are let out together and you step outside with them. Caleb is 10 and Ciara is 7 and they've been like this forever. Every now and then I can get them to "quiet" when I step outside with them. It seems to be a tough battle to win. But they don't do this if you let them out but don't come out with them. In part it's excitement because Mom outside usually means we're going to have a Chuck-it session.
It sounds to me like she is coming along, although not as quickly as you may want her to.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/26/19 02:20 PM

Hey ladies!

Both of my daughter's are here to visit and go see my mom. They arrived after I was at work, and so they met Gypsy without me being home. She seems to really like my youngest daughter, and have a love hate with the eldest. My eldest also thinks she is a dog expert because she has her first dog ever. LOL But it seems to have gone well at least until I got home from work. Then she displayed signs of disloking when they got up and moved around the house...going to the kitchen or bathroom. The trainer told me before this was because Gypsy is not in control when they mover around the house and it causes her to be insecure.

We will go see my mom and then I believe the girls will go to a semi local flea market. I am not going- just not into the crowd up there! Waiting for the girls to get up and the ruckus from Gypsy to begin.

I will be walking the dogs while the girls are gone, doing our regular routine to the best of my ability to help her be calmer. She keeps looking down the hall now like she is hearing them stir. I dreaded their visit on one hand because I knew she would show her a**, but on the other hand it is good for her to have other people around.

Johanna Gypsy won't stay out without me! Z doesn't share toys well, so they get individual play time, one on one with me. Same with the walks of course.

Middle, thank you for the words of encouragement! She definitely has proven to be a challenge. Lots of hard work going in with hopes on the other side she will be a damn good dog. I hear the girls getting up. Talk later ladies!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/26/19 03:57 PM

I do walks one at a time, mainly so we can walk quietly instead of being buttheads. Play - Caleb has gotten to the point where he just takes one throw of his ball and then takes it to chew on in the shade. Ciara is the one with crazy ball drive and it's by far her most favorite toy and game. So I can take them out for play together without problems.
I've been fortunate that these two are not overly possessive of their toys. Mostly I get the "I don't care that you just gave me a toy, now that you are playing with another one with the other dog, I want that one.

Are your girls staying long? Perhaps Gypsy will settle a bit more over the next few days as they become a part of her routine.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/26/19 06:40 PM

Johanna, the girls will be leaving tomorrow. That is probably a good thing, at least for me.

Rochelle has a terrible habit of bossing me around and being very negative towards me. One f the first things she said is she doesn't think Gypsy is a full blooded German Shepherd. Because she is too tall. So she might be part Greyhound.... first of all I know where this line comes from and it is a line a large, working line GSD's. I can only shrug off her opinions as lack of knowledge and move on. I knew she was going to come in with her know it all attitude and basically treat me like I am stupid, which is why I dreaded the visit to start with. She is the reason I will never move back to Washington. I love her, but I don't like her all the time. We clash.

My younger daughter, Brigitte is usually self absorbed, but acting more adult than Rochelle, There is only a year between them. They have left to go to the flea market and I stayed home to spend some time with the dogs and have some quiet time. I would walk the dogs now but it just started raining and I am tired anyway. Gypsy is very reactive when either of the girls are up and about the house as opposed to just sitting and visiting. Rochelle says don't leash her but when G gets wound up R says stuff like I'm gonna smack you to the pup. I want to smack R, because she really Doesn't know what the hell she is doing and her ways are all wrong for this 7 month old pup! So time away from her is best for me. Plus I refuse to leave G crated all day- that is not fair to her. I do not know how G acts with the girls when I am not home, or how the girls are with G and that part bothers me! What if R does smack my dog when I am not here to protect her? Ackkk!

It will all be a distant memory tomorrow morning and I will deal with the fallout in regards to Gypsy's behavior. That is the bottom line.

We all went to see mom. Rochelle grew up having a close relationship with mom. Brigitte was adopted out at birth so knows mom only vaguely. It was a good visit. Mom has recovered from her last seizure enough to be close to her baseline, although it took her all of the last 2 weeks to get there when it used to only take a few days. I could tell that mom was getting tired and knew the girls wanted to go to the swap meet so we left after about an hour there. Now that I am home and they are gone, I just might take a nap!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/26/19 09:06 PM

thumbup Here's to Sunday afternoon naps while it's raining.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/27/19 04:28 PM

Ayeeee.... friends/family...... and just those who don't listen, don't respect your house rules. And I'm not talking the young GB here... May you reclaim your home soon & may GB appreciate it for a couple of hours anyway.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/28/19 05:08 AM

Originally Posted by middleofnowhere
Ayeeee.... friends/family...... and just those who don't listen, don't respect your house rules. And I'm not talking the young GB here... May you reclaim your home soon & may GB appreciate it for a couple of hours anyway.

We All appreciated having the house back to ourselves after the girls left. The dogs ran and played hard together, with GB jumping into the rain filled wading pool, spinning in it like she was a frantic fish a total of 3 times through the morning. When I went out to play with GB later, my brother showed up for an hour. She barked her fool head off at him, and I braked my fool head off at her. I was just over the barking. I finally got a good game of fetch in with each dog and we all relaxed the rest of the day. GB is getting super good about going into her crate when it is time for me to shower and go to work and gets huge praise for being sooo good. She gets marrow bones at times when I want to be online or watch TV without her in my face.

Tomorrow we resume our normal routine of walks every morning, fetch, training, etc. I will know how far back this weekend set us then. It might be pretty far or it might not. I am afraid of a big set back at this point because of all the hard work we have put in to get where we are.

My cable receiver started acting odd, doing frequent power cycles on Friday and I called Dish right away. They said they were sending me a new one and should have it Saturday. BS...tracking now says Wednesday. I use it for background noise to keep GB quiet when she hears things outside and when I am at work. Ughhh! I miss watching it as I go to bed too! Companies brag about fast shipping, but fail to calculate travel time for the merchandise to actually reach us in rural areas! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime movies!!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/30/19 05:50 PM

Yesterday was supposed to be a day with the trainer but she rescheduled. I allowed it this time because I would rather not have Gypsy feed off of bad energy, but this gal needs to get with it here- for us. I paid a lot of money and am getting little for it. I paid $325 for 5 sessions and have gotten 2 so far, both of which have been no more than hanging out at my house.

However, I stepped up my game today.

First of all, I took Z for his walk. When he goes first, I am free to do more with G, and more did we do!

Took our normal walk; about 10-12 blocks. I made sure my house keys were in the garage before leaving, so as soon as we got back to the house, we jumped in the car and went to the feed store. Spent about an hour there. When she wanted to leave, we turned around and walked the store again. everyone she met, gave her treats. She was clearly still nervous there, but staying was a good choice because she calmed down.

Leaving there, we went to my brother's house. She likes it there and was fine. Got a drink of water, jumped in and out of the back of my car, got treats from my brother, helped me take his trash out. It was wonderful. We didn't stay more than 20 minutes.

Once home, she got the Zoomies, jumping in the wading pool, and played a bit of frisbee. We came in and she even let me dry her off. I mean without trying to steal the towel from me. That's a first.

I am happy to report that she is laying at my feet now.

Soooo! What this morning has taught me is that G needs a LOT more exercise. She needs every day trips to meet people and explore the world. She needs longer walks, more play time, and more car rides smile

I am not sure who to be more proud for actually doing all of this.... or.... her for being the best she can be right now!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/30/19 06:10 PM

Well let's just go with congratulations to both of you! It sounds like all three (including in here Mr. Z) had a good morning.

So far as the trainer goes --- maybe lay out what you want for the next session. If you'd like an out and about with specific issues to work on, maybe talk about it before hand? I dunno it's hard to know what to expect from one on one sessions. I did this once with a man I'd trained with before. We'd be visiting friends in town (I lived in Wyoming, the trainer was in the Willamette Valley) and I'd schedule three or so meetings in a week. That worked for me because what there was in Wyoming wasn't much at that time. But I was working for AKC obedience stuff rather than general behavior issues. From the sound of your morning 'though I think that the delayed session with the trainer is going to work in your favor. I'd follow your ideas on this one and repeat this routine a lot - maybe throw in a different location after a few trips to the feed store -- then see if you need to see the trainer just yet. I think you are stepping up your own game & by doing that you will be stepping up the trainer's game.

Good job Bev! I'd give you a treat except I can't throw that far.... (and I don't really have anything you'd want in the house anyway...aka ate all the chocolate).
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 05/30/19 06:48 PM

Good Job Bev. goodjob

Some times it is trial and error finding what works for an individual dog. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/04/19 09:00 PM


We haven't seen the trainer for going on 3 weeks. However, Gypsy is making major improvements. She has learned how to settle down in the house which is Huge for me. I enjoy being able to just surf the net or watch TV. She is enjoying catching the Frisbee so much that I haven't had to break out a Cuz in a week. She Loves splash in the wading pool or bite the water from the hose; if it's the wading pool, she has no problem of laying in the water. She is no longer counter surfing, or needing to be bribed to come in from the yard.

My daughter's were here Memorial weekend, and Gypsy was not good with them. She is so insecure about strangers, especially when they move around the house, and barks and tries to herd them,basically. Today was different though. Friends of dad's came to help me get one of my AC units in. Gypsy was in her crate, and barked briefly when they came to the door. After that, even though she could hear their voices, she was quiet. It was a first for her. She did not come out to meet them this time (they are basically not interested in her)and she was perfectly quiet until they left via the front door at which time she barked again, but short lived.

We are not working on her dog problem due to lack of trainer. I got a couple of lumber tarps and put them up on the chain link fence to prevent Gypsy from her continued aggression towards the little dogs who charge the fence. It is working perfectly. As soon as I can afford to, I am planning on getting fence tarps that are prettier to cover the entire length of the fence. Since putting up the lumber tarps, there has been no response to hearing the little dogs barking.

Gypsy weighs 64 lbs and is as tall as Zisso. They play so well together that I am in awe. It melts my heart to see them together, with Z being to careful with her, giving her lovin's and instigating the play. They are both happy dogs. Gypsy is still a bit rowdy with Z and he puts her in her place, then the play continues.

When they are outside together and Z barks, she runs for the house then proceeds to bark out the window. It is hilarious to watch. She will not stay outside and bark with him...always runs in to the house and then joins in on the bark fest. She is a silly goose for sure.

So my many Thank you's to ALL of you who have seen us through these first 5+ months! I felt like I was losing my mind many a time. You have all helped to save my sanity and saved Gypsy's life a few times too LOL I am relieved to have gotten this far and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And yes, I realize there will be more trial and tribulations in our future. My now 7 month old little girl is going to be such an amazing furbaby for years to come!

Here they are playing to

[Linked Image]
gether this morning. They are normal dogs! Oh and I can't tell you all how good this is for my Zisso...he is acting like a pup these days!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/05/19 10:17 AM

This is great! I can say from the experience of my hyper, anxiety dog that it will probably never end... but so long as you do reinforcement training and plenty of daily exercises, she's going to be a great dog! You will have days when you want to take a break, and that's ok, as long as it isn't longer than a coupe of days. Reinforcement training would be your best bet on top of the daily walks. She's going to read your demeaner when it comes to strangers. You've just need to show her you got this. Remember, don't correct the barking because she's just warning them or letting them know she is there. My dog does that, and often she just wants to come get the smell of them, give 'em a small woof, and go back and watch. My husband doesn't let her do that and he just have issues keeping her controlled. I just let her get the smell, she lets him/her (usually a him) know she's watching, and goes back to her bed. She's very protective and is an alpha dog, but also the type that will quietly watch you and do nothing unless you give her one reason to think you'll hurt her family.
Every dog is different but Gypsy reminds me so much of Abbey when Abbey was a pup!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/05/19 09:22 PM

Thank you DarkEyes!

Your insight and experience with Abbey gives me hope that our challenges will be fewer and easier to manage. When the friends came to help with the AC, she barked at the door being opened and I didn't say anything to her. If she gets carried away in the other room when she's crated, I tell her Quiet. She is doing soooo much better than even a few weeks ago.

We do meet up with the trainer on Friday to go for a walk. Now that it is getting hot here, our walks are not as frequent, but she is able to settle after short games of Frisbee. I won't let her run hard in the heat and get too hot. That clearly makes it harder for her to settle. We were just out for 10 minutes, and she already has laid down. Z wants nothing to do with the heat, probably because of his thick coat. I will be brushing and blowing him out tomorrow.

Gypsy loves water and I really wish there was someplace nearby to do dock diving with her. She would rock it! I need to find a bigger pet proof pool for home. She snaps at the water from the hose, and lays in the water in the wading pool. I finally had to empty the pool because the water was mucky from weather- dust, rain, and just brown yucky dirty. It was empty out there a couple of days, and yesterday she started dragging it around the yard. Cracked me up. Z didn't know what to make of that LOL

My lumber tarps are working just as intended. I found fence tarps on Amazon that are made for chain link fences so plan on doing that next month. They will be more pleasing to the eye and cover the entire 80' of fence. My theory worked and makes the investment worthwhile. 6' by 80' is only $140!

I can't wait to see how she continues to progress! Month by month, I can see her changing, mostly for the better. My heart goes pitter patter every time I see a new improvement. The best times are yet to come!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/05/19 10:32 PM

Ah Bev, This makes me happy. I'm so pleased with what you are coming up with, how you are working through this Ms. GB phases.

Only thing I have to offer on the pool/pond deal is consider a small stock tank. I got a 25 gallon one - green plastic. So far so good and this is probably year 4. Plus it doubles as a horse trough when I need it to.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/06/19 05:28 AM

Thanks Middle!

I put up a post on FB classifieds here in town for one. Z won't be able to get in it, but I really want it for GB. I can't afford to buy a new one. The fence tarps come first. It is amazing how well the lumber tarps are working.

I am anxious to see the trainer again, but looks like it's going to rain so our planned walk might not happen. That's okay too since we haven't been on a walk for close to a week. I swear a switch went off in GB's head or something because she has mellowed out quite a bit. She wanted to play just now and I ignored her, so she got up in the big chair and is laying down. She has been crated a lot today so I expected her to be going bat shit crazy tonight.

So I might have a bit of a grasp on a lot of her problems, but the fact remains that she needs work around people and dogs. I need more company, and new ways to take care of the dog thing. I can't shield her with tarps forever (as in out in public)

I have a short weekend that starts with a good night sleep ...right now smile
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 01:08 AM

I always say... A tired dog is a good dog. If she goes bat shit crazy after being created so long, that just proves she has high energy drive that needs to be burned. Plus, she may listen better and get along with people better if she is tired from her exercise. She won't be overthinking every little thing. If you have room for a treadmill, invest in one. She can be trained to go/jog on the treadmill for those days you are not able to walk her.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 02:54 AM

I wish I had room for a treadmill. My house is still full of things from dad that I can't find anyone to take off my hands. My brothers don't want any of it, and no one is interesting in buying the 'junk' because dad stuff was all older. As in from the 70's and 80's. I could take out the beds in the other room, but about the time I do that someone would be coming to visit and need to stay here, like my girls did on Memorial weekend.

Update on the Trainer....

We were scheduled to meet last week, which was to give me 2 weeks time to connect the dots on a few things we had talked about on our last session. During that two weeks, we had crummy weather, and I didn't get to connect as many dots as I wanted. Last week she cancelled due to personal drama going on in her life. We rescheduled for tomorrow. Now she has cancelled that too. I paid this lady $325.00 for 5 sessions, got 2, and haven't seen her for a month. I want my money back- at least $175. It is ridiculous that there is always a reason she can't make it. I totally get that her son is sick- but she owes me, and now with a month in between 'training' where we sit on my couch and talk or barely go outside for 10 minutes in my yard...$150 is a lot of money for someone to talk to about my dog. Having her meet with us now would feel like starting at ground zero. All over from the bottom....I am not willing to go there to be honest. Gypsy seems to be getting better as I said in my earlier update post, and I am starting to think that it is a matter of needing to grow up and hopefully with age she will continue to make progress, but a 'trainer' who doesn't train is a waste of my hard earned money.

Am I being to harsh?
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 05:27 PM

After a discussion on FB messenger, I told her this long delay is not helpful to Gypsy;s progress and that I would like a refund on my remaining 3 sessions. Once I asked for a refund, she asked how about then I was already fed up and tired of waiting for a trainer who isn't committed to do what she was paid for. I turned down the offer for Sunday. At first she had wanted to wait until next Wednesday or Friday, and simply put, I am not waiting any longer. She made a commitment, cashed my check and has now cancelled twice. My patience ran out with this last cancellation.

The good news is, my own work with Gypsy is paying off. I have taught her to touch my hand, and am now connecting the dots for her to touch when she sees another dog. Rather than going ballistic over the dog, she needs to touch my hand and center her attention on me to get a treat. It worked a little bit today. We saw a poodle walking across the road towards us, and I got her to touch and fed her a treat, although as soon as she had it her focus went back to the poodle. The poodle was outside of Gypsy's bubble at all times, but closer than we usually get to strange dogs. Gypsy did not bark or act one bit aggressive. Then we saw another dog across the street walking the opposite direction and again no barking however getting her to focus on me this time didn't touch, no treat...just watched the dog across the street who was with a lady and a stroller. Both of the dogs we saw today were wearing Gentle Leaders just like Gypsy was.

So on the dog aggression I hired the trainer for in the 1st place, we have been on our own working on the issues anyway, so I might as well get my money back and use it for the fence tarps I want for my back yard chain link fence. Which by the way, the lumber tarps are serving their purpose extremely well! They are an eyesore though, and fence tarps are made for covering chain link, easier to put up and less expensive than privacy slats and much more pleasing to the eye.

I will update as I know more from this trainer lady- I haven't heard back from her since I insisted on a refund. I know there is a chance that I will have a fight on my hands, but I am prepared to take it to small claims court if need be. Yes, that would be an unfortunate hassle, but so is paying for a service and not getting it.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 07:13 PM


I certainly don't think you are being too harsh with this trainer. I thought when I read your last couple of posts about the trainer that it almost seemed like a scam, especially since you paid up front for 5 sessions. I hope you are able to get a refund without going through too much hassle.

With Gypsy, what you are doing sounds like a version of the "look at that game", i.e. look at that whatever, look at me and get a treat. They need to be the highest value treats so it's easier (sort of) to get her attention off the other dog. I did some things like this with Caleb when he was a puppy and made some progress, but then work and such got busy and I did not keep it up. He still barks at other dogs and is a royal pain when on leash, but off leash, with the opportunity to meet the other dog, he goes and sniffs and is fine. With him, it's a leash aggression/frustration kind of thing.

Good luck with her and your new approach.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 09:33 PM

Thank you Johanna! Thank you a million times over! I needed to hear that from someone!

This trainer and I have shared many messages on FB this morning. She has offered to meet Sunday but I declined. She wanted to mail the refund at that point and I declined...she could take her sweet time sending it and I am fed up with her so not an option. Now I am waiting (2.5 hours) for her to answer me on how much she is refunding. $325/5 session, $75 for single sessions and I got 2, means I should get $175- anything less is unacceptable. She gave me a couple of song & dance reasons why this is happening, being a single mother and running her business alone. Neither of these are my problem. She has now said she can drop it off on Tuesday or meet me.

Yes, the Touch and Treat is like 'look at that' or a focus game. Letting her touch my hand seems the easiest point of contact between us. She is adorable when she does the touch here at home! Now I am adding it to play time to reinforce it more. I am using a Halti/Gentle Leader on our walks so I can redirect her easier...lead her nose back to me when she sees a dog to focus on. It seems to be working better than a prong collar. Today was good for her and our walks are bound to have new challenges as weather improves.

Gypsy saw 2 dogs on our walk today and did not over react. No barking, no lunging. The touch game sort of kind of worked with the 1st dog, but not the 2nd. Neither one were close to her bubble...they were a safe distance away. She saw the 1st dog before I did and was still good about it.

She is in time out and I need to get her out of there so Thank you again Johanna!
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/07/19 09:49 PM

Bev, Standing up for our dogs and standing up for our selves can be tough to do. So congrats on that front, too. As I see it, you shouldn't be charged for more than $65 ea for the two "sessions" -- If you settle for getting 175 back, that's generous of you.

Your "touch" is pretty much my "looky!" for focus - if you translate it to focus, it would be useful in overall obedience routine. Maybe as touch, too. though. Just not competition (which I really think you should do with this pup--- more advise you didn't ask for...)

Bev - on the stock tank --- the one I got is maybe 18 inches high - green plastic, I think they make short metal ones, too.

Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/08/19 08:36 PM

Awww thanks Middle! I would be willing to settle for 175 just to have it over with. I have a feeling I will be lucky to get that much, and will have to fight for it. She strikes me as the type to try short change me since 'she is a single mother and the only one running her business. I won't accept any less than $175.

Yes, the touch is a 'looky' for focus. I wish I could do something with her like Schutzhund, or better yet, Dock Diving. I had a blast with Zisso and Nadia in dock diving and I know GB would rock it, but Junction City is too far away for me given I don't care for driving long distances any more. Heck, the trip to WA is likely my last long distance trip ever! I put up a post on the Baker County Classifieds on FB for a stock tank and got one recommendation for a kiddie pool at walmart rofl

BIG NEWS: Well big to me... On my walk with Gypsy today, we went a different way, that brought us onto our own road where it has always been fairly safe. I spotted a blue heeler/cattle dog coming from a yard (where he was visiting-I know the people and they don't own one) and he was in GB's bubble. I turned away with her, crossed the road, and she never even knew he was there. BIG kudos to me girl for not noticing and making trouble, because he didn't look friendly at all. That is one breed I have issues of my own with, having had a bad bite from one some 30 years ago. I don't trust them.

MORE BIG NEWS: Dads cousin Ernie is going to stay with the dogs while I go to my granddaughter's graduation in WA from the 14th to the 16th. I was getting worried because he had not been over to let GB get used to him. He stopped by today though and by the time he left, she let pet the top of her head & walk around the house without barking and being all sketchy acting like she would bite. I told him he would have to be firm with her, when she is misbehaving or acting all baddass towards him, and that if she didn't settle down when he said to, to put her in a time out in her crate, as well as all the other things, like closing doors, garbage can content shredder, etc. Crate when gone and at night. All the basics. But I was impressed that she stopped acting badly when he got up and walked around. This is a Major step in the right direction for her! Whooohoooo! (Maybe the high value treats helped wink )
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 11:10 AM

This is great, Bev! Did you advise him about getting her exercised? If she's exercised well, she will not overthink things. You're doing so good with GB! From1 fellow owner of a super-hyper dog to another, I'm proud of you!

I've been in a few situations where a loose, territorial dog came running after me and Abbey. I've learned that Abbey likes to take the fight AWAY from me, to keep me from getting hurting. So holding on to the leash in a fight would only get worse on ME (but maybe that's because due to my nerve-issues, any jerk on my limbs cause me too much pain). Territorial dogs, I think, just wants to show dominance. I was able to step between the two dogs or yank on the offending dog's tail to snap it out of it and realize I'm there, while I'm yelling at Abbey "LEAVE IT!" and I tell the dog to git.
It's a tough situation but control over your dog helps so much.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 01:59 PM

Dark Eyes- everything changed overnight. But first, Thank You! As you know, this has been a hard road and figuring things out for G's best interest has had me reeling.

I will not be going to WA after all. My granddaughter is super busy, between getting ready for prom, working and preparing for a trip to California right after graduation, so will likely not really have little time for visitors, including dear old Granny. My daughter realizes that the trip is hard and expensive, and that I have a lot on my plate between taking care of mom's fragile condition in the home, my dogs, job and home. She also knows that I was stressed out about the drive and the mass traffic up there. So Ernie won't have to dog sit, my brother won't have to go when he doesn't want to, and I can use my 5 days off at work to get more stuff dome to prepare for a tool sale (selling dads tools). I won't have to worry about what if something happens with mom while I am gone (she is on hospice but back to her baseline and doing as well as can be expected), or worry about Ernie and the dogs. He is not the kind of guy at 70+yrs to go play Frisbee or ball with her and would doubtfully be able to walk her either.

I have to say, it is a relief. I will send a nice gift and my love and let my daughter off the hook on trying to entertain an old fuddy dud like me. She will have a hectic house with other friends and family so I think it is nice of her to let me stay home.

The territorial dog: I am glad I caught him in my sights before he caused trouble and scared the crap out of Gypsy and that she didn't see him to exasperate the situation with her fear aggression. With my 1st pup 20 years ago, we were attacked by a Rottie and pittie. I managed to scare the pittie off, but the rottie got ahold of my girl but I wouldn't let go of her leash. I had her on a choker chain collar, and literally nearly choked her to death. It all happened so fast (felt like an eternity) and she did survive, and was even okay, but I was traumatized for life. Hence my major fear of other dogs around my dogs. I have always been okay with my dogs not being dog park kind of dogs. People - yes, I want her to accept people I approve of, and there are few here. It's not like I am a social butterfly anymore like I was back then. So, as long as I remain aware of my surroundings, we will be okay. I will keep working towards having her ignore other dogs, so we can enjoy our time out and about.

All of the above puts me at peace.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 07:18 PM

Bev, another advice. You'll need to be aware of your demeaner. If you start to get nervous, or concerned, GB will pick up on that too. Your trauma can be relayed to her as "My person is showing fear or insecurity, I should feel this way too" and act accordingly. I learned this with Abbey, she's very perceptive and will pick up on my husband's moods or mine easily. If my husband shows guard or puts on a "don't mess with me, better watch what you're doing" mood or feeling, Abbey will do the exact same thing. With me, I put her on a lay down/stay position while I greet the stranger. This shows Abbey I am in control and I will call her when she's had time to get a feel of the stranger being there and see that I'm not worried.

We've been attacked by 2 pitbull mixes, a heeler mix, a boxer, a different pitt bull mix, and a herd of ankle-biters following a territorial medium-sized mutt. All of them was because the owners didn't have control over their dogs and Abbey and I was just walking down the street.
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 11:19 PM

Thanks DarkEyes,

Yep...always trying to be aware of the vibes I cast off. In the route we take we rarely see other dogs, but I am always on the lookout especially as the weather improves. So for instance, I will be getting a treat out as I scan ahead, or I will walk backwards and tell her come come come baby girl all happy to check behind us. She also checks behind us like she's worried someone will come up on us and I just glance back quickly when she does. I am doing everything I can to keep our walks happy and upbeat, creative and fun. So far it has worked nicely. I am also changing up the hour that we walk, sometimes early sometimes later. I think otherwise it gets too boring and too easy to let my guard down. Gypsy is getting better every day at checking in with me...looking to me to see what and when we are changing things up. Today we had no encounters and a very happy walk smile
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 11:55 PM

thumbup fetch
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/09/19 11:59 PM

Sorry to hear of the problems with the trainer. I hope it gets settled soon. Your doing a great job with that little girl. I especially liked the picture with Z being a pup again and playing with her.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/10/19 12:32 PM

Originally Posted by Shilohsmom
Sorry to hear of the problems with the trainer. I hope it gets settled soon. Your doing a great job with that little girl. I especially liked the picture with Z being a pup again and playing with her.

Thank you smile He sure is a happy old guy these days!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/10/19 07:15 PM

I finally just heard back from the trainer and she sad she is refunding $195!! Good call on that Middle!!

I just got back from the butcher shop where I bought 10 dog bones. Well worth the money for days I don't feel like walking/playing/training! It always makes me feel like garbage that Z can't have them, as it upsets his GI, but it sure is nice to have Gypsy settled chewing on a bone. It gives me a chance to get things done!
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/10/19 08:25 PM

I am glad you got a refund. Exercise before training was a must with Cheyenne, I needed her energy level a bit lower so she could learn things and not just burning off energy.
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/11/19 02:01 PM

Way to go Bev! I think the one "benefit" you got out of this expensive experience was confidence in yourself with GB. Not that that benefit was directly from the trainer.... but hey!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/11/19 06:48 PM

Originally Posted by middleofnowhere
Way to go Bev! I think the one "benefit" you got out of this expensive experience was confidence in yourself with GB. Not that that benefit was directly from the trainer.... but hey!

You are right again Middle! And the determination too! Now there is no stopping what we can do together. Hopefully I can do it without too much whining on the forum or private messages from here on out too LOL
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/11/19 09:00 PM

Well well welllllll!

I got my refund! $195 in cash. She was supposed to be here between 3 & 4:45 but showed up at 1:45. I guess schedules really do mean nothing to her. She sent me a message on FB saying she was on her way, but believe it or not, I wasn't online. The dogs and I were trying to take a nap.

I took the money straight to the bank, because I wanted to get the fence tarps ordered ASAP. I was hoping to have them during my 5 days off since I am not going to WA (I am not going because it is more important to be here if anything happens to my mom, like another seizure, etc and because my granddaughter who is graduating is super busy between work, graduation and prepping for a trip to California, which she will be leaving for very soon after her ceremony anyway. ) Anyways, I ordered the tarps and will have them to put up by the end of the month.
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/11/19 09:08 PM

Originally Posted by Wisc.Tiger_Val
I am glad you got a refund. Exercise before training was a must with Cheyenne, I needed her energy level a bit lower so she could learn things and not just burning off energy.
Yes! Gypsy also needs the exercise before training. She is too scatter brained to focus and truly learn otherwise. After exercise and training she can settle sometimes, and other times is ready for more play/exercise. When I am burned out, I give a bone to chew on. Sadly Z can't have them due to his GI, but by then he has had his exercise/playtime and is resting in another room.
Posted By: Shilohsmom

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/11/19 10:53 PM

I'm so glad you got the refund congrats cheers
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/12/19 05:25 AM

Thanks Ladies smile

I am officially on a 5 day hiatus from work! That means 5 whole days of doing whatever strikes our fancy here. Wading pool fun frisbee catchin' walkin' trainin' stayin' outta trouble with my dogs staycation!! I can't help but be excited. Last time I took any time off was when dad passed away in December, and then it was only because of the shock of it all.

I am looking forward to a lot of things and dreading a few too. Lots of work to get done around here, but this is my big chance to refocus on our training regimen. There is so much to do around the house like yard work, house repairs, tree trimming, deck to paint. But these next few months is going to be the start of an easier financial situation for me and I plan to hire help. I simply can't do all these things on my own. These 5 days are for fun with my dogs....Period! Oooh and Sleeeep! Yes, that too! haha!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/12/19 12:03 PM

Sleep...I guess I jinxed myself. Guess who woke up at 4:30 in the morning with the birds? And guess who couldn't get back to sleep after letting a certain pair of dogs out to potty? Gah! LOL
Posted By: middleofnowhere

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/12/19 04:19 PM

Perhaps an afternoon nap says someone in your time zone who is still in her pajamas....
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/12/19 07:21 PM

Originally Posted by middleofnowhere
Perhaps an afternoon nap says someone in your time zone who is still in her pajamas....

happyboogie Yes, an afternoon nap will definitely be in order.

I got brave and bought this cabinet at BiMart that I just spent 3 hours putting together and I only got half way there. I have needed an armoire kind of cabinet since I moved here to put between the dining room and kitchen to hold overflowing 'stuff' and this was on sale. Of course, it was built in China, which irks me to no end, and of course it is press board which I hate, but it is easier and less time consuming to put together and than building one from scratch.

I think now that it is picked up and put away, and the dogs have pottied, it is time for that nap!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/19/19 06:43 AM

I got the cabinet put together all by myself on Sunday. It enabled me to reclaim my counter space, and feel normal again. She was counter surfing all the time, so I put everything in metal baskets that took up space. All of that, including the baskets are in the cabinet, plus everything from the microwave cart.Results are no more counter surfing at all.

I also bought fence tarps. (Used the money refunded from the trainer)
Tarps specially made for chain link fences. I put one up today, and must say, they look nice. I used wire I have, but noticed the wire rusts so am going to get metal all weather zip ties and change the wire out for them. II have noticed a HUGE difference in Gypsy's behavior since putting up the lumber tarps. Not nearly as much bickering with the neighbors little yappers AND ignoring other dogs out on our walks too. Last but not least, the fence tarps are half the cost of privacy slats and Much easier to put up!

Gypsy has calmed down soooooo much! We play frisbee (I throw them low) 3-4 times a day for maybe 10 minutes at a time and go out often for just roaming the yard, potty trips, water play, etc. She LOVES water! Today she was in the wading pool at 6am, and laying in the water. Goofy girl. Our morning routine, so I can have a peaceful cup of coffee and check my email, she gets a marrow bone (frozen) and they are worth their weight in gold in my opinion. She does like to test her boundaries with me, and when she won't stop after X number of times, she gets time outs in her crate. She will be 8 months old in a week! The time has flown by.

Zisso still loves her. He nibbles behind her ears, especially when she is in the pool. They play, romp, run, and sometimes he still corrects her, or like today, he got her as they played and pulled a chunk of hair out. She barely noticed. She can be wild as wild can be, running circles around the old guy. He is smart and just waits for her come back in

They keep me busy! We still walk but not every morning. A few times a week now, because it is getting warmer. If we are not out by 8am, we aren't going. I stopped trying so hard to socialize her. I am letting her work on that in baby steps. Always take treats & a clicker on our walks, use the Gentle leader, and distract and praise. It is working! She is not so nervous when meeting other people outside the home now. Strangers gave her treats the other day and a pitbull walked by at the same time, and she ignored the pit and took the treat from a stranger.

She is a work in progress, and progress we are making!
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/28/19 04:52 PM

Gypsy turned 8 months old on the 26th! I can't believe how fast time has flown in a way. I do remember clearly the feeling that we may not make it this far. She is getting better with people we encounter on our walks, will take treats from them, investigate them, and even let a guy walk with us last week for a short distance. She is still terrible with other dogs, which breaks my heart in a way, because we live between two houses that both have dogs. She is willing to fence fight with any of them, any time. When I fired the trainer for not keeping her appointments with us and got the refund, I bought fence tarps and got them hung up. They look great, however they do leave a little gap at the bottom where Gypsy can still see the noses of the little yappers on that side. I priced pavers that are scalloped on top to put along the bottom of the fence tarps to block that 'view' and the potential of more fence fighting. It will be a few months before I can get them, but it will be worth every penny. They are just grey concrete, so to spruce them up I am going to paint them-spray paint in bright colors. Or maybe the same color as the fence tarps, or black. I can't decide! Our walks are peaceful. If we happen to see other dogs I work on her focusing on me, and treats and praise when another dogs goes by while she ignores it. I keep my eyes and ears open always on the lookout for a potential problem. I need my neighbors on the other side of the yard to at least reinforce their old dilapidated wood fence before their dogs manage to break through it like they did last year before Gypsy joined us.

These are not my fence tarps but mine look exactly like this. I did 2 tarps and covered 70' of 6' tall chain link fence.

[Linked Image]

pavers I want to get
[Linked Image]

Zisso got to go to the vet yesterday to get his ears cleaned and nails trimmed. He can no longer get into the car unassisted. At home, I have a big wooden box to use as a step to give him the leverage he needs, but I found out at the vet that the box needs to travel with us from now on. He also kind of drags a paw now and then- I can hear the top of his nails drag on the sidewalk. Not often, but noticeable. And of course he has the limp, likely caused by arthritis. He will be 12 in September. I cannot imagine losing him despite knowing eventually I will frown He and Gypsy are so bonded, and I wonder how she will handle his loss as well. These are things for future days though and we live in the moment, taking advantage of every opportunity to be together and enjoy each moment.

Training with Gypsy on my own is evolving too. Early on she learned 'touch' where she is to bump my hand with her nose. She does it so eagerly that it is with an open mouth, but it is cute and I love it. I am now teaching her to ring a bell- the kind you find at a service counter in motels and places like that. This is something we work on when it is stormy out. She gets a marrow bone every morning to occupy her while I have my coffee, and knows her 'place' for that- on a towel in the living room. Leave it is well known too. During our walks, we stop at every road crossing- she automatically & treat. She knows my mom and take me straight to her when we visit there. We had a storm the other day that knocked branches out of the trees out back, and she 'helped' me to clean up by debarking and detwigging them in areas I had cleaned up. Goofy Goose!

That's about all for now. She is waiting to go out and play....again smile
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Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/28/19 06:57 PM

Bev, you've done great with your two dogs! Just for the record, my quite dog friendly dogs, especially BTE2, will fence fight. There's just something about fences with another critter on the other side, especially if one has been rude to your dog as a pup. (my experience anyway).

Keep an eye on Craig's list and free cycle for pavers. I got a great deal on them from CL out here. In Arkansas, I could pick them up for free as people threw them out. I've used the scalloped ones by turning them scallop side down (easier mowing for me). Bi-Mart can be a source for these cheaper than some other outlets, too. Then again I think places like Lowes & HD tend to place stuff like this on sale near the end of the season. Your fence looks great. I'd have never guessed that the fence tarps would look so good.

I love hearing about adventures with Z & GB...

Another thought for helping Z when you're not at the house --- maybe if you don't want a ramp, one of those small plastic stools would be portable enough? (veteran of many old dogs here).
Posted By: Zisso

Re: I Hired a Trainer - 06/29/19 02:58 AM

Thank you Middle!

Oh yeah-the stool! Great idea! If it is sturdy enough. He is still a chicken on some thing LOL The box is big enough to get all 4 feet on it for good balance. The stool would be perfect though for simple trips. Thank you!

I have a bad habit of doubting myself and my ability to do right by these two. Thank you for your encouragement smile I am looking forward to seeing how Gypsy does as she gets older. I can't imagine life being any kind of mellow for a few years LOL
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