My dear sweet Kody

Posted By: Shilohsmom

My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 04:25 AM

I'm watching him as he peacefully sleeps on the floor next to me. Such an angel. Later I'll toss a treat into his crate and he'll run in all happy. The crate is on my bed. I like being close to him so its right next to my head. He settles while I go get the other two ready for bed. Everyone gets a cookie (or two) at bedtime every night. So I get those and pass them out, still all is well.

But before I can even turn off the lights all H*ll brakes loose and Kody starts howling out of control. He barks, he whines, he howls for what can last for hours. Honestly, he could be going on longer but after awhile my sleeping pill goes into affect and I'm out like a light. I doubt my neighbors have this same benefit. I mean this guy is really loud.

But anyway, nothing I'm doing has stopped this behavior. I make sure he goes potty before bed, he seems to like the crate enough that he doesn't mind laying in there and its still the right size for him.

I've told him to be quiet, but I'm still speaking a foreign language to him.

I've tried talking to him, telling him stories, etc... No affect

I've put my fingers through the door...he bites them (he's teething and were working on it)... I have to remove my fingers and he howls again

I've had Alexa tell him a story... had the same affect of me telling the story

I've taken him out hoping to comfort him... he wanted to celebrate his freedom, not be comforted.

I end up just ignoring it, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get him to stop this? We have night lights so its not dark in the room. My face is inches from him, he knows I'm right there. I don't get it. I think this started a couple of weeks ago when I changed his bedtime from 9 to 10 but you'd think he'd be even more tired then. He's tired, the little angel is sleeping on the floor right now. He's very active during the day.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 06:32 AM

How old is he? Might be best if you can ignore him (Easy to say, i know)

Does he get crate time in the day time or just at night?

How long has he been doing this? Takes a while for some dogs to get crate trained.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 07:53 AM

Obviously, your idea (crate on bed next to your head) isn't working real well. I'd stick the crate on the floor, the dog in it, and seriously shorten/compress/almost eliminate the elaborate bedtime ritual. Go with "no nonsense" on this.

If the floor doesn't work, find another area for the crate.

That's my take. You did, after all, ask! wink
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 01:59 PM

Rosa, you know we all care so very much for you. But if Kody doesn't have a problem with being in the crate on the floor during the day then the crate should be on the floor at night. You can put the crate on the floor next to the bed, but all of my pups have had a designated crate place close enough that I could hear them at night.

Also get some chill bones or make same thing that you can wet and freeze that Kody can chew on to sooth the gums. Just like kids things always hurt more at night when there aren't other things going on to distract them. I use to have some small cotton rope that I would cut in lengths and tie in the center. You could get a smaller cotton tug chew toy and use it the same way. Soak in water put in a bag and freeze.

I also would freeze bully sticks to help sooth the gums while they are chewing on them.

Of my 5 GSD's only the first one slept on the bed. He was fine the first few nights but wouldn't stop crying. I cut him some slack because he was about 5 weeks old when we got him, so he was use to the cuddle pile when sleeping.

You could also get some stuffed animals to have in his crate as cuddle buddies.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 09:19 PM

Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas! I'm thinking your right, it might be time for Kody to sleep in his crate on the floor. Perhaps being so close to me isn't such a good idea when its time for the little guy to get some rest. He does have a toy in there to snuggle with and is only 13 weeks old.

I have two crates set up for him. There's the big one in the hallway that I use when I have to go out. It's big enough for a full sized GSD. The one that he sleeps in is much smaller.

The howling itself really doesn't phase me, even being so close to me. Sometimes it can hurt my ears a bit but that doesn't bother me. I just don't like knowing he's so upset and also fear his voice is traveling a ways and can likely be heard by the neighbor. That can't go on.

He has a Pup Cycle that I freeze water in and give it to him. That helps some with the teething. I'll have to put his bully stick in the freezer. I'm sure he would love that. Thanks!!!
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/29/17 09:59 PM

Rosa, I completely agree with everything middle and Val suggested. thumbup It sounds like he is trying to get your attention by being so close to you on the bad and taking him out of the crate is obviously what he wants, i.e. as you said he likes his freedom. I know you will be able to nip this in the bud. Hopefully you'll be able to get some shut eye soon then look back on this and smile.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/30/17 12:56 AM

I agree. Paul will be here tonight so Kody will be in the crate on the floor. In the past he's been fine there. I'm not overly worried about anything Kody does. He's just a baby and I so love having him close. I think leaving him on the floor will help. I really do want him to get a good nights sleep so he has plenty of energy to play the next day. He's learning to fetch, oh my, its such great fun. fetch
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 09/30/17 02:39 AM

Originally Posted By: middleofnowhere
... Go with "no nonsense" on this.

Rosa, totally agree with what everyone is saying. I laughed out loud when Middle said the above. Not laughing at you Middle - I agree completely with everything you said. But Rosa and "no nonsense" just don't work in the same sentence!! rofl And yes, I AM making fun of you Rosa!!! But you know I love 'ya and I know you'll take it in the spirit intended!! It's okay for him to be a "dog". I know you are shuddering right now... But seriously, you don't want an obnoxious puppy, so as hard as it is for you, treat him like a dog during this time.

Do you really think he's teething, or just trying to get your attention? I thought they didn't start losing their baby teeth until about 4 months, but there is no hard and fast rule on that I'm sure.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 10/01/17 03:13 AM

Kris, It's OK to laugh at me. If I can't laugh at myself something is wrong.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 10/01/17 11:05 PM

Thanks everyone and Kris, you know me alright smile I do want my boy to grow up to be a well adjusted pup and dog. While Paul was here Kody slept in his crate on the floor. He whined a wee little bit but quickly settled. Guess he'll sleep on the floor from now on. Gosh, that floors gonna be tuff on this old lady!!!! LOL, I'm just kidding. I'll let him sleep on the floor with the other pups and me in the bed.
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 10/02/17 12:52 AM

Middle, I wasn't laughing at you - I was laughing at the prospect of Rosa taking a "no nonsense" approach! I thought your advice was excellent. If you knew what she does for her dogs for birthdays and holidays, I promise you'd be laughing right along with me! Rosa, I have a camera on you and if I see you on that floor with that puppy, I'm not sure who I'm going to call, but I'm going to call someone to come haul you away!! rofl2
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Re: My dear sweet Kody - 10/02/17 01:46 AM

Kris, I know you weren't laughing at me but it's OK if you do.
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