Free Bacon Flavored Training Treats

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Free Bacon Flavored Training Treats - 07/29/14 09:15 PM

I finally have my product on Amazon. It took way longer than I expected.

But now I could use some help. Amazon ranks things on purchases and reviews and searches. So for this group only I am going to offer Free Bac'n Strips.

To keep control of this and not do a coupon that could some how get loose in cyber land. How I am going to handle it is if you are interested send me a PM I will send you a link to my product (makes it easy to find), you purchase at full price, you PM me your Order number and your PayPal email address and I will send you the full price of the product. You will have free shipping if you are a prime member, if not prime member you will have to pay for shipping which is still pretty cheap for free treats.

I would appreciate a good product review.

Here is what the Amazon Product Page looks like:

I tested these out on Cheyenne and Raya when she was still with us. Raya who had more food issues than Cheyenne didn't have any problems with them. Cheyenne has been getting two full strips every day for over a month and hasn't had any problems.

I need to get this going so I can add my next product. I am researching two different products another treat which would be minimal ingredients or a supplement that looks promising.
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Re: Free Bacon Flavored Training Treats - 07/29/14 09:17 PM

These images are on Amazon also.
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Re: Free Bacon Flavored Training Treats - 07/29/14 09:32 PM

I just thought about this...... Max I will give away is 20..

If you like the treats I will be creating a money off coupon soon.

If you want to purchase please use this link.

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