Moving to New Server - some pruning

Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Moving to New Server - some pruning - 01/21/13 03:24 PM

HI All.

SD the tech guy for this forum is wanting to move the forum to a different more robust server. Before the move I need to prune the General Chat back to 1 year and in Games I need to lock the older LONG thread like the Word game and start a new one.

I will only be pruning chat type stuff, all the health, training, remembrance threads and pictures will remain intact. Down the line I might done some Archive files by year.

Also there will be an update to the software that might help with some of the log in problems.

I am going to try to get the threads pruned today so SD can get us moved. I will try to post a notice. If you come to the forum through a bookmark it might not work and need to be updated.

I will try to check in on FB when the server switch happens so you can also check there for information.
Posted By: Wisc.Tiger_Val

Re: Moving to New Server - some pruning - 01/25/13 02:52 PM

SD the Techie guy asked if on some of the longer threads I could lock them and make a continuation. The old thread will be kept. When you have a really big thread and someone opens it the server doesn't know that you only want to read the last page or two, so it has to open all of the pages.

I really do love the way this board helps and supports each other. This is a great community and I want to thank you for making that way.
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