I have been informed that photobucket is now charging to share pictures on other websites. They want a crazy amount of $40 per month. If people are seeing a bunch of X's on the board, this is the reason. If you host your photos with Photobucket, you may want to find another host or start uploading the photos directly to the site (this is what I do though I also have my own website).


Lisa Clark
Zu Treuen Händen
SG1 Deja IPO3 AWD1 KKL1 B/HOT, SG Elena IPO1 KKL CGC B/HOT, LB IPO2 KKL B/HOT (the ugly little sable), Donovan IPO1 TR2 AD and gone, but not forgotten: Vala SchH3 AWD1 FH2 CGC B/HOT, Nike SchH1 OB1 TR3 AD HOT, Treue SchH3 CD CGC HOT