I know that my timing should have been better for this year's calendar, but I am disappointed in the sales amounts.

I am not sure I am going to go forward with having a calendar for 2016. With only 5 Sales and a total income of $25.00 it is a lot of work for that little of return. I use those funds to support the form. I have about $500 in hard cost per year to maintain the forum in hosting fees, domain fees and Tech support.

The other form of income I use to support the forum is Affiliate Sales and for some reason those have dropped down to pretty much nothing. That is something I will look at next month after I get though getting all my tax stuff done. I think I have a way to make it easier for you to buy though Affiliate links, I just need to work on that.

Am I complaining, just a tad. Is the forum going to go away, not if I can help it. But to be honest the $500 I spend on this does take away from Kontent K9s and being able to launch new products.

I just wanted to let you know where things stand. I have always been open and honest with you guys in regards to the financing and funding of the forum.

If you have any ideas feel free to post them here or PM me. I know quite a few other forums have gone to the Paid Membership model, I really don't want to do that. We as a group need to figure out how to make this at least break even. I may own the forum but you all have a vested interest in it. This is our cyber family and I don't want us to not have a home.

I probably won't have much time until Feb 4th to read and respond. White Paws has been kind enough to let me set up Kontent K9s in their booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo on Saturday. If it wasn't for White Paws I wouldn't have this opportunity to promote Kontent K9s because the cost to this with booth and flyers would have been about that magic $500 number.

If Kontent K9s starts making a profit then I wouldn't mind supporting the forum, I am just really struggling trying to support both of them right now.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but again I want to be honest with you guys.

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