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Follow me on my New Journey
09/12/19 08:41 PM
Sorry so long for an update.

Neilla still doesn't like Fuzzybutt, but I have a gate set up so Fuzzy can come up and go in our bedroom. Neilla doesn't like the grey and white feral cat outside, but makes no never mind of the black cat so she has preferences of color.

Neilla has some issues that we manage, she is very lucky that she ended up here not sure a lot of people would deal with some of this stuff. The biggest one is that if she is the least bit tired and the hubby stands behind the couch where I am sitting she comes up glued like she is going to eat him, as soon as one of us can break her haze that it appears she is in, she just wants to go by the hubby and make up. She is very defensive when she is tired, so we watch that and if I see a potential of her going off then I put her in the laundry room which is her area, so she can rest and decompress. She will occasionally go off at the hubby when I am in my office and she is guarding the door. So there is some crap in her memory that gets triggered in certain situations.

She is listening to me better and the hubby less, but that seems to be the normal with me and dogs.

We just figured out a problem we were having with her eating, she has always been a really good eater. Then she started leaving some food, then she started butt scooching, I figured she had an upset tummy so I home cooked for her and she wouldn't eat oatmeal and beef. The last few days she didn't eat anything, last night I made some chicken and noodles and she ate that down fast. So I went to town and got a different brand of dog food. I am thinking that her old food they changed the formula because that was the food she liked the most when she got here, so for almost 2 years she liked the food. I went with a Chicken and Pork Eagle Pack. She seems to like it but I am going to have to do a cold turkey switch because she won't touch the old food. I am planning on adding some chicken and noodles because I know she likes it and it agrees with her system. She has lost some weight over the last few weeks but she was chunky so the weight loss wasn't a big problem.

We have to take her to the Vet to have her nails trimmed, she won't let me do them, but is very cooperative at the Vet for them. Also thinking for dropping her off for a good bath, She hates to get wet but could really use a bath. Has anyone used any of that dry dog shampoo?
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Health Issues
09/06/19 12:41 AM
How's this fella doing now?
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General Info & Misc. Dog Topics
09/02/19 02:40 PM
I have to add a second response to this because we need to keep the "spend time on the net talking about crap" high on the list. Who would have guessed?
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Stories and Dog Chit-Chat
08/28/19 02:25 PM
That's great news. Sounds like she's lots of fun to be around. Keep up the good work.
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
08/28/19 04:03 AM
A fine photo to go with a great dog's tribute. My sympathy for your loss.
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Diet and Nutrition
08/27/19 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by Wisc.Tiger_Val
Would I use Forti Flora, NO. There are better products on the market and many are using selected probiotics that are specific to dogs.

As soon as I saw it's manufactured by Purina Pro Plan now it raised my doubts about the product. Thanks, Val.
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Commercial Dog Food
08/18/19 09:33 PM
8/5/19 Karen Becker makes some interesting points here about DCM
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
08/18/19 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by mjbgsd
Yeah I started when I was in 8th grade!

[Hat's pretty cool!
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
08/16/19 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by middleofnowhere
Here, it depends. When three dogs loose one to become two, when two dogs loose one to become one dog --- it is usually an opportunity to focus on the survivor(s). Sometimes, though, I have to have another dog. Sometimes the surviving dog demands another dog. Sometimes I get a push to take a second dog. Sometimes it is just that it seems the dog needs a home and their other alternative isn't good. Yes, to all of those situations. When one dog looses one so that there are no dogs in the house --- that just doesn't last long for me. In a way I see it as homage to previous dogs - recognizing how much they have meant to me so that I cannot be without a dog.

I don't know that there is any one path that's better than another. It's you and what works right then.

Agree about the different paths.

When Indy left, I am pretty sure max enjoyed being the only dog and having me to himself. Of course, as he became unwell, I couldn't have handled more than one dog at that time.

I think about a second dog with jazz, but she has so many issues and is so expensive to care for. She gets LOTS of dog dog interaction, so I think this works for us for now.
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