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Senior Dog Health Issues
2 hours ago
Thanks for the update. It is hard knowing that your dog has limited time left with you. I'm glad he's responding well. While some people think 6 months is a short time, in terms of a dog's life-span, it is really quite a bit of time. May his attitude continue to be great.
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Training & Behavior Problem Solving
07/20/18 01:14 PM
Sometimes just discussing training with someone is enough to help us remember what we have forgotten. smile

Pressure doesn't have to be punishment. It can be as simple as our standing right behind our dogs while tracking or light corrections (verbal or physical) for slow articles, sloppy corners or speed. It can also come from other areas of training or life. Tracking always seems to be the phase that shows the effects of stress outside of tracking.
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Senior Dog Health Issues
07/17/18 08:19 PM
Alrighty then! What good news for you.
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Suggestions and Comment Area
07/16/18 11:26 PM
Hi Val. Since the upgrade the text no longer automatically wraps according to screen size. When I read it on my phone, I need to "scroll" to the right to read anything. For example, what I just typed does not go to a new line until the word "anything". Is there something I need to change in my settings?

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Commercial Dog Food
07/16/18 06:53 PM
A friend of mine is feeding Victor dog food to his dogs and they seem to love it. I had never heard of it before this but it looks pretty good to me. Does anyone have any feedback on this brand?
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Senior Dog Health Issues
07/16/18 06:50 PM
Time for an Eli update. groovy We checked his bloodwork last week and he's good to go to stay on the steroids. The Vet thinks we should see the best results in another 8-12 weeks. He is walking better, he's pretty lucy goosey in the back but he's not criss crossing his back lets anymore. That helps a lot as he's able to get places without falling so often.

I'm still tackling his skin condition but I think we may be making progress. I've had to clip his hair a lot but I needed to get to where the areas will air out and hopefully heal.

His fecal incontinence has gotten worse, but all we can do is the best we can.

But his spirts are good. There are some days I wonder if I need to let him go but then (as they always seem to do) he perks up and we start over.
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Suggestions and Comment Area
07/16/18 06:08 PM
Middle, I will not disagree with you that even dogs owned by responsible owners may end up having dogs end up with Heartworm. I totally understand where you are coming from with regards to my statements/judgments. I am not making them lightly or recklessly when it comes to Bentley's former owners.

From the information I was provided by the rescue and in the shelter's notes, it appeared that Bentley's former owners were not responsible or careful or really gave a crap about Bentley's health. Bentley came into the SC shelter emaciated, intact, HW positive and with no proof of vaccinations (not even puppy vaccines). He was known by the shelter folks because he had been there two previous times. The last two times, the owners came in and claimed him. This last time, the shelter was told they could keep him after the owners were going to be fined for not having proof of rabies vaccine and a loose dog.

Unfortunately, because Bentley was beyond Stage 1 (he was diagnosed as being at Stage 3 by the rescue's vet), the slow kill method was not an option for his treatment.
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Commercial Dog Food
07/16/18 12:29 PM
Right now we are feeding Fromm Beef Frittata until we get to officially adopt Bentley. After that, we'll be switching back to raw. I fed Phoenix NE Pawfectly Raw but was just told about mOrigins by my holistic vet. She's been feeding this to her dog and has been pretty impressed with the product.
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Suggestions and Comment Area
07/16/18 04:21 AM
Thanks Val, I know I can enter two pics but an eon wil not turn up the other photo. I might have the negative somewhere (yes that one is that old). If I find another candidate, I'll try to get it in, too.
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Suggestions and Comment Area
07/15/18 01:55 PM
Definitely "Stock" - thanks so much Val, you made my day! thumbup
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Suggestions and Comment Area
07/14/18 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by Shilohsmom
I have to be able to share my babies pics!

You sure do need to share those pics of your precious Kody. Thanks for the lovely pic today and the beautiful landscape in the background.
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Items that Support this site.
07/11/18 05:16 AM
This is Sherry, a pup of mine with an inoperable heart condition, who is currently owned by a fellow who is helping folks with challenges to work with dogs. Hope it worked.
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Favorite Websites, Links, Books and Videos
07/08/18 11:29 PM
I've stolen the idea for a puppet of a donkey for a political booth at the county fair. AND that led me to this stuff that I have to share with y'all. This should be coming up as links but you may have to google them for yourself. I think you'll find them amusing.

Wonkey Donkey - Audio Book

Wonkey Donkey - Audio Book
Get the book here: Sing a long with the wonderfully funny and original best seller writte...


Wonky Donkey song unofficial music video Craig Smith animation

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General Puppy
07/04/18 05:12 AM
Congratulations, Rosa! Can't wait to see pictures of her!

party congrats
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
07/01/18 05:53 AM
Great who done it, but I'm so sorry for your loss of Milla. hugging
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Introductions and Welcome
06/30/18 03:01 AM

What venue do you train your dogs in? AKC and/or CKC Obedience, Rally or Agility?

ScH/IPO? I have never seen a white GSD doing IPO training or showing (not that I have a great deal of experience in this), but have never seen one and that would be cool.

Very cute puppy!
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Follow me on my New Journey
06/26/18 08:43 PM
Not a lot of improvement between the cat and dog, I think they like the game of just f'ing with each other.

Neilla is doing well. Hubby was giving her a bit too much freedom when he would take her out by not putting her on leash or in a fenced area and it almost cased a big problem. So now she is either on a line or in one of the two fenced in areas we have. I am really impressed on how smart she is, just like the Sheps she likes her routines. So times she will head to the laundry room on her own when it is meal time for us. I need to get some more pictures, he patches on her back are getting darker.

Meeting people is a work in progress for her, we don't get many visitors and I haven't had time to take her places.
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