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Yesterday at 07:03 PM
For me it is any time Gypsy is settled down enough to snuggle on the couch with her. These moments are few and far between as she is not a snuggler and she rarely relaxes. She is a busy, pushy girl with her own agenda of which I am still working on figuring out!!
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Yesterday at 11:41 AM
Abbey just looks at me with her head tilted when I sing to her. grin
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Suggestions and Comment Area
11/05/19 11:30 PM
Well you couldn't pay me money to ask a question about my pups on Facebook. There's just too many wacko's out there and with my dogs its personal. I'd be way to sensitive for some of the reply's I've seen there. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good people of Facebook but its just way too impersonal for me.

I feel at home here. Heck, I've got 6 1/2 years of fighting cancer on one thread alone.

I think we can bring back this forum but were all going to have to work at it. If we get more posts we can have more traffic and everyone wins.
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Weekly Discussion Topics
11/05/19 08:00 PM
I think dano said it well.

It's hard to say about Max, since he had had training before he came here and I didn't get to watch him grow up. (He would have been such a fun pup.)

I've always had a dog with some terrier or hound mixed in, and that certainly comes out in their personality. Jazz, being a dachshund/terrier/companion dog mix, she is one of the few dogs on our hikes that goes nuts over chasing critters - most of the other dogs are herding breeds. She's pretty well trained, but this is one area where i have some trouble with voice control in the mountains. Probably in times of heightened emotional states, breed characteristics are perhaps more obvious.

The herding dogs often show their breeds on the hikes - we have an established pack of core regulars and the herders often herd their handlers, or try to control the group.

As a side note, I had her breed DNA test done via a Wisdom Panel about 7 years ago. I recently got a deal on an Embark test and I'm curious to compare the results shocked
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Health Issues
11/05/19 07:45 PM
I would look for something kinda like Vaseline, but more natural based, like something with bee's wax or even just liquid vitamin E if you are looking for something to apply.

I do wonder if it's a bit like a viral thing. If that's the case, I might consider boosting the vit C in the diet. There is a virus that young dogs can get as their immune system is maturing, but it causes white bumps on the lips, so not the same thing, but vit C is also good for the joints and allergies, so it's not going to hurt anything.
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Weekly Discussion Topics
11/05/19 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by Shilohsmom
Originally Posted by Jan
Shelby is a special cupcake. She likes to play with pinecones.

Hi Jan and welcome to the boards
welcome Tell us more about Shelby if you'd like.

Thank you, Rosa! As you can see, I joined in 2012. I am a late bloomer. grin
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General Behavior
11/01/19 12:26 PM
Bedtime usually consists of Yukon following me into my room around 11-11:30pm. I light a candle and get on the computer while he lays down in one of three places: next to my chair, near the door or in his crate.

After I am done on the computer, I then turn to see where Yukon has dozed off. If he is outside his crate I gently wake him with my foot and watch as he slowly rises, stretches and walks into his crate.

If he is already in his crate, I take my meds, blow out my candle and crawl into bed. tired
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General Behavior
10/30/19 08:49 PM
She sounds like a great dog!!! I love it when we interact with them. Their personalities just shine when they know they have our full attention. So glad Summer is a part of your life.
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General Breeding Discussion
10/28/19 08:09 PM
Very cute!!!!!!
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General Behavior
10/28/19 08:03 PM
I do what Selzer does. One at time. lots of reward, make it a game.
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Current Dog Affairs
10/28/19 08:01 PM
These dogs were given to Jordan. They technically no longer belong to the US from what I understand.

The state department and the Jordanian government is allegedly investigating.

The situation is very sad.
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General Behavior
10/28/19 07:53 PM
You play more games than I do!!!
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Introductions and Welcome
10/27/19 03:39 AM
Thanks, everyone for the advice. I will consider a lot of things. I came from a "cat person" background. By adopting a dog at least could really change my lifestyle to a more active and healthy person.
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
10/26/19 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Shilohsmom
I still cry daily missing him.

That's because although they're gone they never leave us. I think I'm okay until I tell my story to someone and then I tear up all over again.
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Commercial Dog Food
10/22/19 12:03 AM
I just haven't had any time to read up on this lately. Does anyone know if there's been any updates? Has anyone ended up changing their dogs food? I changed way back when to Victors and I'm happy with it and the dogs seem to be doing great on it. Sasha is due to a physical soon but she's doing great.
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